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Many of them believe homosexuality is a choice, or that gays are "made" from trauma, that lesbians are just very strong willed feminists (usually women that were abused by men. Glad to see classic homophobia making a come back...) and gay men are just very committed misogynists.

WTH?! I'm shocked, seriously. I'm glad I left the radfem online community.

That is seriously depressing.

I think they do have some valid points, but in the end, I do NOT like anyone telling me (or anyone else for that matter) that I MUST think a certain way.

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They're very authoritarian. The homophobia and horseshoe sexism is "shut up lesbo I know what's good for you!"

It's why we need to grow the LGB drop the T movement, so we don't have to rely on any outsiders. I just applied (and was accepted) to volunteer at an LGBT organization to help the LGBs in my area, and to hopefully passively change minds. Find some fence sitters and help steer them away from the homophobic sexists gendie stuff. See how it goes.

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What can I do as a straight ally?

So far, I've been telling people in real life what is going on.

Most straights don't realize how crazy it is, unless they're online.

So flipping AWFUL!

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I thought you were bi because of the symbol next to your name so I was confused for a bit lol. I guess keep doing what you're doing, spread the word, and if you're able support any LGB Alliance group. Thanks for your allyship! I not used to straight people caring unless they're related to a LGB person

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Fist bump.

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Stay amazing friend ❤️