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Radfem motto is "The personal is political" so no matter what, everything is political. A person is a political statement, their actions, beliefs, existence, etc. Because everything is a political statement, they may be acting in opposition to another political viewpoint, which is also an attack on them. If lesbians aren't human beings that can believe in a variety of different things, they're just a political group that means all lesbians (a political group in their eyes) can be opposition to their politics, since it's a choice they're choosing to be anti-whatever radfem beliefs. You can see lesbians going from human beings that just happen to be homosexual to 'lesbians' being "anti or pro certain political beliefs." Or:"Gay men are just misogynists so gay men are anti-women." Instead of: a gay man can just so happen to be a misogynist but there is nothing inherent to being a gay man with being misogynistic, because gay men are human beings therefore can vary in beliefs and so on.

"The personal is political" If used excessively, it can be very dehumanizing. You are no longer a person; you have become a political statement. You're more of a billboard than anything at that point. Because radical feminists have a long history of politicizing lesbians (see political "lesbians"), this commonly happens with us. Lesbians are just mega radical feminists that sleep with women because f•ck the patriarchy. Instead of just lesbians being homosexual.

Of course, all parties are guilty of this, putting their politics above humanity. They become so engrossed in politics that they lose sight of the fact everyone's a person not an walking ideology. We must fight oppression, erasure and trans people forcing themselves on others, but we must all remember that not everything/everyone is a walking political statement. It's sometimes just about basic human decency, being able to say "no" to sexual advances without being called a bigot, lesbians and gays not having to constantly "unpack our genital preferences," and real women having our own spaces away from males. Some things shouldn't be made into political statements.

and most radfems are straight. Heterosexuals don't have a great track record of being respectful to homosexuals.

Sorry for the long post, I just find all of this to be very interesting.

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Sorry for the long post, I just find all of this to be very interesting.

So did I :)