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Surrogacy is disliked by Radfems because they believe it is abusive to women, and to them it's a type of prostitution. A woman is being paid by the couple to use her body. I'm generally ok with a woman that happens to be pregnant, is unable to take care of the child or just doesn't want a kid and at that time comes across a couple that wants to have a child, to me this is just adoption. I do get weirded out when it's a couple (same-sex or not) paying a woman to get pregnant. (Not a radfem btw, but being a trans-exclusionist lesbian I come across them a lot.)

Furthermore, many radfems are anti-natalists. They consider procreation to be morally wrong. Some for reasons such as eugenics, overpopulation, the negative health effects pregnant women face, and because pregnant women will be in some way tied to the father.

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To be honest, Radfems could channel their energy to heterosexuals, who are the lifeline of the industry. In true heterosexual solidarity they will never do that however. For gay men, surrogacy is a near impossibility unless you're famous and have a lot of money.

1) Be gay. (2-5% chance) 2) Live in a country that does not kill gay men for existing. (70 countries kill gay men) 3) Live in a country that has marriage equality. (Only 30 countries have gay marriage) 4) Live in a country that has adoption / parenting rights for gay men. (27 Countries) 5) Have enough money to pay for a surrogate and all the medical costs. (Gay men are overrepresented at homelessness / poverty)

Like if you can do this, congrats, you're one of the very, very few gay men who can even access this kind of thing. For me heterosexual surrogacy is even worse, because its about women refusing to get pregnant and relegating that to another poor woman. Last time I saw criticism of the heterosexual surrogacy which is the overwhelming majority of surrogacy, was like last year. Meanwhile slatzism and tumblrinas go buckwild on random gay men lol.