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There are some horror stories with heterosexual parents. Torturing their own children, abandoning them, and even selling them off into human trafficking. If a same-sex couple can give a child a good and loving home, they can face any troubles that surrogacy and adoption might bring. Every single family on earth has issues, so let's not single out same-sex parents when it comes to this. I think that user is experiencing what they call internalized homophobia.

I believe adoption or taking care of kids in foster care are great options, there are many children that are already here in need of a good home. Most of whom were abandoned by straight people, but let's gloss over that. At the same time I 100% understand that many same-sex couples aren't willing/able to go through all the legal stuff, aren't able to financially go through all that, or it's illegal where they are. If they want to have a kid they can pursue that however they feel is best.