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I looked through her Tiktok, she says she's Jewish but also her parents are Evangelical Christians. So I guess she converted to Judaism? But she also doesn't like religion and is not religious.

Went from straight to lesbian to aro/ace pansexual nonbinary queer. Always uses words like "became" and "labels" when talking about sexual orientation, so probably just a weird straight girl.

She has three eating disorders.

Diagnosed with 5 mental disorders

Everyone in her family hates her (supposedly)

Has ADHD, abuses her ADHD medication, takes all four of them at once which can fuck you up.

She kins Hannibal Lecter. Has a fixation on him killing and mutilating his victims. Her friends have asked her to calm down on the Hannibal obsession.

Said she was homophobic before

She gets into fights with everyone.

Idk how old she is, but I feel bad for her putting her cringy phase online for everyone to see. Hope she gets some actual help someday.

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So a whole bunch of personality disorders have come together to create a perfect storm identity rooted in mental illness. Sums up the QT+ beautifully. Social media is doing so much damage to already fragile minds.

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The only sliver of hope was that she doesn't (so far) want to go through any medical transition. She's made several videos on having ED and having hyper-fixation, just hasn't made the connection yet