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Weeell ... short men are told to embrace it, be their authentic selves and definitely don't make it an issue! They don't get much sympathy lol. And she's a man so ... 🤣

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Except when we're doing this or this of course NSFW.

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All I could think while scrolling through that was how disappointed every single one of their parents must be.

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Besides being extremely confused at who is what and where and when and strikes me that these are not real problems. All she needs to do is leave the cult and all of her problems will not be problems. But I guess this movement specifically preys on those with mental health issues so...there's that.

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So, she doesn't like these features of her body because she thinks they aren't socially acceptable for men, and people are saying that these things don't invalidate her identity as a man, and that men can have these uncontrollable feminine features, and that's wrong? What does this woman want us to do? Magically mold her body to fix all these things that she points out cannot be fixed? Does she want people to agree with her complaints and say that she is invalid because her voice and body aren't good enough to be a man's?

There is no right answer with these people. You tell them the truth and they cry and call you a murderer, you play into their lie and validate their identity and they say you're just faking it to be woke. What ever happened to "any body can belong to any gender and that's 100% valid" and all that bs?

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so what does this person want people to tell her???????