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And to answer the general question, they will start invading single-sex private spaces such as parties and orgies because dopey white knights will bring them to be "inclusive."

Next they'll go to do this in straight people's spaces lmao. See how well that works out. We're just a test run, we're a smaller and more vulnerable group, when they get bored they'll hyper focus on another group to cry bully. But, as we all know trans people don't know when to leave people alone, and when they take things too far.

Do these women ever consider that gay men have been trained to be nice to them even when we are uncomfortable? Christ, the number of times I've had women thrust sexual shit on me and I've had to pretend I'm okay with it only for them to later think I'm secretly bi is too many to count.

Of course not they're the women that do it, they have no idea what gay men have to go through. Sorry you've gone through that btw.

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They will never do this to straight men. Because unlike gay men, heterosexual men are dangerous, and they also run the entire show. Thats why despite all their claims of a 'trans genocide', they never advocate for anything that might actually harm heterosexuals. Hell, even the most random supersexual stuff blew up in a single day more than anything radfems, gc or drop the t could achieve in years. Supersexuals never had any ideology, any rallying cries, anything at all. But look at the cultural capital they had. The backlash was so visible that it was for a long time the first time i saw gendies afraid of losing their hegemony over the discourse. Talking over gay people is easy. Gay people are marginalised, and distanced from the sources of power. Heterosexuals? They're would tear apart the entire house of cards they built in a single day. Not that they care about women or gay people, they would do it for their dicks or something, hence why the issue is always 'gay men don't eat my neovagina' and never 'heterosexual men don't allow trans people into their porn subs' or 'heterosexual men do not see us as real women'.

They were able to talk over us because unlike heterosexual men, we were kind and open minded, and they took advantage of our desire to be open minded. There exists no other demographics other than women and gays that they can pull something like this. Its the reason why transracialism do not exist, while race, when compared to sex, is less of a material reality. So in the end, it will end up like how all rot ends: they will ruin everything and then will be unable to find new hosts to plague.