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I support people who want to flee their theocratic nation and pursue a secular lifestyle in peace, but cannot support anyone who wants to expand a religion that actively murders people for petty crimes or no crime at all. Ex-muslims get 100% support from me, especially since they may be in danger if they stay in a religious area, but people actively practicing their religion and with no intention of adapting to the lifestyle of a secular nation get none.

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Exactly my opinion. I'm honestly welcoming all the ex-Muslims and atheists, I have many friends from the Middle East and they are all very progressive, they are just victims of a shitty culture built on religion, it's Muslims that are the problem spreading another violent Abrahamic religion in the west.

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I totally agree. I am not supportive of Islam as a religion, but have a lot of compassion for refugees and asylum seekers. I do think it's a serious problem that the left overlooks the major problems of Islam and paints it as racism rather than criticism of a religious and political ideology.

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I have to agree with this and add that while Muslims may or may not be pro gay Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus can sadly be the most sexist. I've had many from those religions actually threaten my friends and family because I wouldn't give them the time of day. One Muslim on an app actually tell me point blank he didn't have to listen to Me and my preferences because he was Muslim. Sorry but that to me makes you no better then the woke. But If you want to practice your faith and be respectful and understand your not going to get all the friendships/relationships you lust for then I'm ok with you but sometimes they don't do that.

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Muslim Immigration

As a Greek,oh hell no. I am not even a theist. But I support democracy and above all science and secularism. Islam is not compatible with those.

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As italian, same. We're in the same boat, literally invaded by hordes of arabs and africans whose mindset is polar opposite of western values. And specifically for islam, there is the amount of fanatism and blind irrational unfair repressive thinking that only comes with religion brainwashing and very hard to change as people are literally brainwashed since birth to think a certain way in fear of an imaginary being getting angry and no other religion is as fanatically dangerous as islam,due to the content it has.

Here the left supports ius soli which would mean any woman coming from Africa in an illegal way can give birth here and their kid will be italian, how isn't it a way of cultural and ethnical raplacement (from majority white european country to african). Supporting the left in this day and age is basically supporting Europe turning into a continent dominated by third world repressive backward culture, ruining all decades of fights and progresses we have done until now, and women and homos are the first victims of this

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The left has lost it's marbles long ago.

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Yup, when I was younger I thought only the conservatives were irrational and repressive, but turns out the woke left is the same, and in the end ends up supporting the increase of extremely conservative culture, much more backward and repressive than the mindset of the western conservative, with their stupid identity politics. We forget that the west is just a minority in the world, and vast majority of the world is way more repressive with little or no respect for things like equality and civil rights and freedom of expression, and these are the cultures with much higher birth rates meaning they will just become more and more, by allowing them to mass immigrate you just ruining the small heaven of tolerance and freedom in the world.

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I can't imagine stats in say, Minnesota showing that Somali Muslims are not homophobic. Happy to be proved wrong. The biggest difference between the US and Europe/the UK with Muslim immigration is that the US has not taken in huge numbers of poor, backward peasants (for want of a better word) and especially has not taken in large numbers of single males. Australia is in reasonably similar position because they represent a small percentage of our immigrant intake. Recent events in Ireland and Sweden are an unfortunate reminder that immigration needs to be well managed and that has not been the case in Sweden, France, the UK, Belgium and most recently Germany.

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Usa has not taken those cause they aren't close to Africa. US got the mexican illegal migrants, which is way better illegal immigration since their culture is still similar in core values and style. The liberals did use some survey of USA muslims being more pro gay marriage than evangelicals to prove muslims were more tolerant, but the muslims coming there are a very small percentage of more secular selected people. Europe has far higher percentages of muslims because of geographical location and they're way more bigoted cause they represent average people of their culture and not the more upper liberal class.

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This is sort of a weird topic for me, as I am part Arab with Muslim family. My Muslim family members are loosely Muslim in the same way a lot of western Christians are loosely Christian, they've also adapted to life in the west pretty well.

So I guess my stance is: I don't mind legal Muslim immigrants as long as they're willing to adapt to the host country's culture and not try to turn it into Arabic country 2.0. Oh, and no mass immigration. Basically the same way I feel towards any group of people.

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Only women, children, LGB, and other people who are suffering under that horrible religion should be allowed to immigrate. The big problem is that the wave of Muslim immigration in Europe is almost entirely young adult men. They benefit from the suffering inflicted on others because of their religion so are largely going to be unwilling to change it.

As for Islamophobia, I don't think religions should be placed on the same level as race or sex or sexual orientation. A religion is fundamentally something someone chooses to follow. It should be treated the same as any other hateful ideology. I'm not naziphobic for not liking nazi ideology, I shouldn't be Islamophobic for not liking Islam.

And no, I don't like Christianity either.

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A dangerous ticking time bomb that could destroy Europe.

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Well the concept of race is hard to define. White as a concept used to only apply to Northern Europeans and then it was expanded to other groups. While Arabs technically could classify as "white" genetically as a caucasoid culturally they evolved entirely differently because of Islam. If it hadn't exist yeah the ME and Europe were pretty interconnected through "Christiandom" but after the split culturally it's entirely different. Plenty of European or White nationalists do see them as an other and oppose them on that ground. Ultimately though Islam is not a race it's an ideology. Ideology to me is what matters not race.

There are a lot of as previously mentioned cultural Muslims mainly in the West today who do not take their faith very seriously. Knew one dude in University from Morocco who as soon as he came over started going out to the bar lol. Those people usually are not a problem. Still you do have tons of people who do take it very seriously and I am just going to be honest are basically enemies of Western Liberalism.

We can believe in different things policy wise but your social contract of society has to be agreed upon by all. If there are religious nuts who want to turn our state into a theocracy rather than a free Liberal democracy they shouldn't exist in our society. Left Wing parties need to stop letting racism dominate literally every single perception they have of the world. A lot of people outside of our Western periphery do not like our values and hate gay or bisexual people. It's actually kinda insulting to ex-Muslims, ME religious minorities, Atheists or LGB people when you constantly go to bat for Islam. Those people are not our friends nor should we care about them at all personally beyond how to mitigate them as a danger.

This isn't because of "European Imperialism" you only have to look at what the Quran or other Hadiths say. It's not some feminist religion that likes gay people. Women are pretty much inferior (and make up most people in hell) and gay people burn in hell simple. Islam itself could be argued to be a proxy for Arab Imperialism. People need to stop trying to whitewash religions or history just because they oppose the "Man" or Western Civilization or because they think we can actually include everyone in the world. If Islam and Muslims largely reformed like the other two Abrahamic faiths and just kept their views to personal practice maybe it wouldn't be as big of an issue but they haven't. Until they do it's safer to just cut them out of people we allow into our nations.

So to just answer the question Women and Children fine. Middle Eastern Christians some other minority groups like Baháʼí or Druze sure. Atheists yeah and LGB people obviously but I don't want Sunni/Shia men. They have their Islamic ideal theocratic states they can live in.

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The US is huge, so while it may not be a country-wide issue yet, it is certainly an issue in cities such as Minneapolis. FFS, they are allowing the daily Muslim call to prayer to be broadcast throughout the city starting this year, and a recent report stated there was a frightening amount of young male Muslims based out of Minneapolis that have attempted to join Muslim extremist groups.

I am anti-mass immigration, and as a gay woman it is extremely worrisome to me to allow a large influx of a culture that is the antithesis of Western values into the US. A smaller percentage of immigrants should be allowed, which will provide an ability to assimilate, and there should be pathways for women, atheists, and LGB people fleeing the oppression inherent in their countries.

Islam, at its core, does not allow for freedom of religion, and anyone who truly believes that is not a smart person.

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I'm wondering if there's even such a thing as Western culture or at least- 'values' anymore. Every time I start to believe I identified one, some born and grown Westerner who should know better comes along to show me exactly how they couldn't care less about preserving and advocating for that value save in some ideologically biased or superficial and virtue signaling way(e.g Free speech, Sex equality and autonomy). The spirit of the value was in effect long DoA in their minds and the words being vomited out of their mouths are only worn as a skin for appearances; It's only mentioned at the same time you are being manipulated into redefining that value to their selfish ends or relinquishing it completely. When it really counts, many of these people will collapse under the weight of their monetary greed or social desires and pull you and all their purported "Western Values" down with them into the moral abyss.

tl;dr- What does it matter anyway when people already here don't seem to care and will forsake their own parents for some voluntary social credit score or gibbs?

Edit: Relevant

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I do agree with what people are saying about the subject, but with that logic, you guys also say fuck homosexual people stuck in those countries who wants to fuck off too. Or just people who can't stand the mindset of heavily religious places and wants to get the hell out to live freely. There's probably a middle ground to find.

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There is legal immigration and asylum of protected classes. But allowing hordes of young men whose culture is incompatible to western values is extremist take on immigration

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I do agree that their mindset is a problem but I don't think the solution is simple as "close the gates". People don't run away from their countries to solely bully homosexuals.

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They don't run away from their countries to do that, but they have a very anti-gay sexist and fanatical religious mindset and by allowing an huge amount of them, you are just allowing these types of thinking to become influential in the country culture, basically extremely damaging the tolerance and freedom that the west has fought decades to achieve, setting the country horribly backward.

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Even witout those fanatics as you say, those said advanced countries have their trans bullshit going on for us so at the end of the day, running left or right ends up at the same place.

And to clear things up, I'm not for massive immigration. Nor do I like Islam. I just think things are just more complicated than just saying "stop coming to our countries", but that's just my opinion.

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Yeah, so let's not add even bigger bullshit from others culture? Legal immigration is right, but mass immigration is a disaster, totally dangerous. And it is just very naive not to understand how long term this is going to massively change the country for the worst, cause culture is just people thinking, and the more people think a certain way, the more that kind of thinking become a defining cultural feature. I really dont want fucking islam to become a defining cultural feature of western europe

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Maybe you're right I don't know. I don't want men to beat up women/think they're inferior or hurt LGB people either.

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I don't want to ruin all the progresses we have achieved and go back to dark ages repressive thinking either, and that' why I'm against mass islamic immigration

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People come to the West for a higher standard of living and not to live in a war torn hellhole, however, there is an uncomfortably high amount of Muslims who bring their oppressive mandates with them and expect the host culture to adhere to them instead of the other way around - Minneapolis is a great example, as well as Sweden as of late. I don't see another solution that is not a burden to the host countries, to be honest, although I am all for providing pathways to immigration for women, atheists, and LGB, of course.

Allowing too much immigration of a culture that is the antithesis of our values is a direct conflict and no good can come of it.

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Yeah I agree with you.

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Unless you have a mind reading machine at hand,I see no other way.

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I mean I don't know I'm not a politician. It's just that people run away from war and shit like that too and it seems pretty harsh in general out there. There's no perfect solution either so, I don't know.

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There is no perfect solution,but I do not think sacrificing Europe or the West/Western civilization in general,will be in the benefit of anyone in the long run.

And lets face it. Most of the so called "third world" refugees,are actually illegal immigrants. They are mostly men of fighting age.Compare them to the Ukrainian refuges who are mostly women and children. Maybe you do not need a mind reading machine,just common sense.

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Uh, Ukrainian refugees are mostly women and children because Ukraine uses men as war fodder and doesn't let them leave the country and forces them to fight, that's why.

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Men are the walls of the city.They are the defenders of women and children.

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They shouldn't be. These "walls" are not walls, these are people with lives.

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They are the most physically suited for the role and most men understand this.Members of a species compete for the available natural resources,there will always be war.

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You can keep your arrogance to yourself.

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My arrogance....Let me tell you about my arrogance. My island was one of the many Greek isles like Lesbos and Samos and Ikaria and Leros which accepted "refugees" and I have witnessed with my own eyes the entitlement and their ungratefulness.My peaking point came when they occupied our main port for six days,demanding free entrance to other European countries (and the leftist goverment let them,until my usually mild people had enough and were ready to remove them themselves). Lets see...You arrive illegally from a SAFE country,Turkey* via boat and we rescue you from drowning and offer you shelter and food and you behave like this? F you.

PS. Not to mention the thefts and the damages they caused (despite the fact they were provided food and clothes).

*Turkish people have similar tales.Also all European countries who have taken refugees from those countries have similar tales.

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I'm not talking about your arguments when I said you were arrogant, but about how you judge me as an idiot because I'm not agreeing with you 100%.

And I don't think any of what happened to your country is okay, sorry that people abused you guys hospitality.

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I am not judging you as an idiot,how in the world did you come to this conclusion ? There are many highly intelligent people out there who arrive to the wrong conclusions,because they lack sufficient data,or used the wrong methodology,or were affected by their own bias.

And thank you for your understanding regarding our suffering.

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Middle Eastern victims (LGB people, atheists, women...etc) are more than welcome in the west, we shouldn't deny freedom to people who genuinely need help to survive a toxic culture.

However, people like Muslim men shouldn't be allowed to enter, they are the ones who are causing the whole mess. I'm aware t's not exactly practical, just an idea.

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but with that logic, you guys also say fuck homosexual people stuck in those countries who wants to fuck off too

I am sorry,but I 'd rather see them go,than lose Europe to the barbarians.

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Not going to lie, why the fuck is this shit here? This post has nothing to do with LBG community or the problems we face as a result of transgender issues. My thoughts on Muslim immigration are that women and children should be prioritized but some of the comments here about “ethnic replacement” and calling them barbarians and beasts is Nazi dog whistling lmao.

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If you have a place with a lot of illegal immigration and low birth rate, when the illegal immigrant of another continent easily get citizenship, you literally have an ethnical replacement. This isn't nazism, that's a fact. It's because in the name of modern left speaking positevely about anything white related is considered racism, but nobody would criticize asians or africans valuing their country asian or black identity, despite the fact white europeans are the minority race in the world.

And the real issue is that everyone is concerned about is islam not ethnic, islamic fundamentalism is barbaric and oppressive,so calling islamic fundamentalists barbarians is a fact. As is a fact that mass immigration of young men from sexually repressed culture also pose a safety risk.

The pathetic accuse of nazim for anyone who express facts which doesn't agree with open boards multicultural immigration mindset, and want to preserve the cultural identity of the country (because european cultures do have a very old identity, both cultural and ethnical, and aren't a country of migrants like USA) is just silly and complicit of huge harm.

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I posted this because it's related to LGB (homophobia coming from Muslims) and the mods didn't delete it yet so I guess it fits lol

I agree that some of the comments here are making me super uncomfortable though, I couldn't care less about "ethnic replacement" either. I don't care if Italy or France becomes a non-white country, as an example, I just don't want Islam to be a dominant religion in any place.

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I do care about my country maintaing its identity and not dramatically changing into a different one because of illegal mass immigration. Remember Italy and France aren't USA, they're not migrants countries, they're countries with very old history and cultural and ethnical identity. Italy and France ethnic identity is white not more than Kenya identity is black, China is asian and Mexico is latinos. Of course what I worry about is islamic and backward culture very different to european modern one becoming dominant. That's the real issue. But it is more a whole issue: having people from others continent mass illegally immigrating into others countries (not ordered legal migration), it is very wrong and very damaging , it is a real invasion, and a country has the fundamental right of defending its borders, population and identity.

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Yeah yeah, this is honestly becoming some kind of a Nazi shit not gonna lie. This is the type of bullshit I see in Stormfront.

Why do you care if France becomes an immigrant country? I do not care if any country becomes non-white, non-black, or any of this shit, people are people and they deserve to live in whatever. The problem isn't this, the problem is the integration of the religious people, Muslim men tend to be much more religious and sometimes aggressive which is an issue to deal with. It all ties to religion, I don't care if Germany becomes full of middle-eastern mixed with white people or whatever, and as much as I dislike Islam, I would never call them "beasts" or "animals" or "barbaric" especially when Muslims in the USA and Canada are the least homophobic out of any religious group.

I'm starting to worry that this place is kind of connected to some alt-right group, some of the comments here are truly worrisome.

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Except not. People have the right to live in their country and to proceed with legal migration, but they have not right to mass immigrate illegally into another, that's not a right, that's invasion, and it is very destructive. My values are very far from the right, let alone far right. You're displaying the same habit of woke leftist , thinking ayone not supporting mass immigration and wanting to maintain historical identity of one country, must to be a nazi. It's so stupid and dangerous thinking

You're american right? You live in a country of migrations, USA has not ethnic identity except the native, that europeans turned into a marginal group into their own land, it is very different from an old country with a strong cultural and ethnic history and there is nothing nazis in wanting to defend and maintain it. Its only seen as nazi cause it is related to europeans, and in this day and age saying to support anything specifically european is considered evil, people wouldn't have the same reaction if an african population wanted to maintain their identity. That's the real racism,

And again, muslim in USA are much fewer, richer and much more selected, USA hasn't had the mass muslim immigration leading to self-segregation like Europe has. You cannot compare, they don't represent islamic cultures like the more normal people in EU. Islamic fundamentalists support killing for gay sex or changing religion, how is that not barbaric to you? How is oppressing people, their freedom and injustily discriminate them, in the name of some arabic middle ages ideology not barbaric.

By thinking anyone can live anywhere, you just support very fundamentalist culture gaining influence in the minority of liberal countries with western values and ending up destryong those values. The left does support far right in the name of identity.

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USA has not ethnic identity except the native, that europeans turned into a marginal group into their own land, it is very different from an old country with a strong cultural and ethnic history and there is nothing nazis in wanting to defend and maintain it. Its only seen as nazi cause it is related to europeans, and in this day and age saying to support anything specifically european is considered evil, people wouldn't have the same reaction if an african population wanted to maintain their identity. That's the real racism,

Oh my god. I literally see this kind of argument in EVERY single Nazi place and from any racist right-wing conservative, I 100% bet that you actually hate mixed-race children because it "helps exterminate and corrupting the white race"

As I said, I don't care about race, I care about culture or religion. I advocate for stricter immigration rules in Europe for Muslim men, but that has nothing to do with their race, if they were as civilized as Muslim Americans then I would have literally 0 problem. Your reasoning is very dangerous and I'm actually done with this website, I'm thankful that I made this post because now I see that there are some Nazi wannabes here. I will still support dropping the T and LGBA but not gonna step into this website anymore, goodbye. do not bother to reply

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"I 100% bet that you actually hate mixed-race children because it "helps exterminate and corrupting the white race""

This type of thinking culdn't be more far from me, but thanks for behaving like the usual emotional dogmatic person making horrible accusation and strawmans to anyone not agreeing with your thinking.

Of course the problem with islam is ideology not race, arabs are white too and any race can be a muslims, even though the wokes don't get it and defend the muslims are they were a specific rate.

There is a different between caring about the individual race (which is something americans are obsessed about more than anyone else in the world) and actually caring about the native ethnical identity of a country. Ethnic identity is more than race, it does include particular genetic traits ( but as said arabs are white too and they aren't europeans), but also history, culture, tradition , it is a whole thing.

The different between an historical old population with strong cultural identity, and a place made by migrants who oppressed and robbed their native as USA, it is immense, and there is nothing nazis or racist in respecting the preservation of a population and historical identity.

I support controlled migrations because a country has right to borders control from invasion, and mass immigration just destroy a country identity, culture (especially with culture incompatible) and pose a lot of safety and fuctional risk, unlike legal ordered one.

The only dangerous thing is the leftist emotional and extremist view on migration, which will only lead to destruction of european civilization, because you think anything related to preserve land of european descents is evil and nazis.

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Elvira95, I would like to add that, unlike how it is in the US, most countries don’t see moving somewhere as magically making you a part of the culture or local ethnic groups. I’ve considered moving to Poland in the past. I can learn to speak fluent Polish, I can adopt Polish culture as my own, I can attain Polish citizenship, I can even marry a Polish person and have half Polish children. At the end of the day, however, I’m an American of majority German and Irish heritage who has lived in America all my life. I will never really be Polish. I don’t think a lot of Americans (let’s be honest, most of the people who are for mass immigration into Europe are Americans or Americanized Europeans) realize that.

[–]Elvira95Viva la figa 6 insightful - 1 fun6 insightful - 0 fun7 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Absolutely I will move a different country but even if I would take the citizenship of that country, it would just a paper, I will always be italian and sicilian this is my ethnic and origins you cannot change it by moving and earning a piece of a paper, ethnic is something made in thousands of years, you are born with it, you take after your parents. Not even being born in that country makes you ethnically part of that country, only in citizenship sense.

Americans who are for mass invasion of europe and call a nazis anyone who care about the ethnical preservation of a country are insufferable. It's insane being accused of being for white purity or against mixed races people simply for supporting the identity of a country, because for them is all about race and skin tone, while ethnic is more than that, it is the origin and history of a population (both cultural and genetics)and it is linked with a land. I get is hardto get when you are from young country fomed by european immigrants, but it isn't about skin tone

[–]Athelhilda4Questioning 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

You claim to care about culture, and I presume that includes your culture. What makes you think immigrants are going to adopt your culture? They already have their own (and in many Muslim countries, the religion IS the culture), why would they become culturally German or French?

[–]Inoki 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

The problem is when you question the left's dogma, it attracts a lot of the crazy right wing too. More moderation is needed for sure.

[–]Athelhilda4Questioning 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

If France or Germany becomes an immigrant country, it stops being France or Germany.

There used to be an ethnic group in the Baltics called the Old Prussians. You might wonder why they’re called the Old Prussians, and not just Prussians. Well, that would be because ethnic Germans invaded their lands, claimed their ethnic name, and completely outbred them. These Old Prussians had their own language, culture, and history, and none of that exists today because the new Prussians replaced them.

Now image that, but with the French and Germans. If immigrants outbred the indigenous Germans, then there is no Germany. If there is no Germany, there is no German ethnicity. If there is no German ethnicity, there is no German culture. If there is no German culture, eventually there is no German language. Mass immigration into your country isn’t a strength, it’s a slow suicide of a nation, culture, and ethnicity.

[–]Elvira95Viva la figa 6 insightful - 2 fun6 insightful - 1 fun7 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

They don't get it. Americans are a country of migrations, many of them don't get a country being more than a citizenship but an actual ethnic because of the land representing an a population evolving there for thousands of years. And they seem to fail to understand this is isn't about skin tone, as as ethnic is about origins which does come with particular general phenotype but this isn't the point

[–]automoderatorHuman-Exclusionary Radical Overlord[M] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)


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Muslims in the United States have still done honor killings and genital mutilation. The good news is that a quarter of them leave the religion when they move here or grow up here. I don’t think all of them are homophobic. It is their right to practice whatever religion they want. It is also my right to speak up against homophobic religions and beliefs.