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Moderate? I don't even know anymore.

I'm American, up until about 4 years ago I voted mostly Dem with some exceptions. Then they lost their damn minds and I'm wandering out here alone, in the wilderness.

I'm pro-choice, pro-gun, anti-mass immigration, favor small government, freedom of speech, anti-totalitarianism (never thought I'd have to explicitly spell that one out but here we are), believe some drugs should be legalized, and in preserving single-sex spaces for women and safeguarding for children, as well as protective environmental policies. Otherwise the government should stay the hell out of everyone's life and only exist to protect it's population from crime and foreign invasion.

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Are...are you me?
But no, seriously, it's strangely...comforting to see that my stances aren't really all THAT radical. When someone else lists them, they seem downright sensible.

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I think I'm politically nonbinary

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What was called the "left" before 2018 :)

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Like Serpens, I'm kind of politically homeless right now.

On the one hand, I support the ACA for healthcare, laws to protect the natural environment, the right to choice on abortion, and things like that. I own (inherited) guns.

On the other hand, I oppose teaching gender identity to and promoting gender transition of young kids. I oppose what I see as divisive policies on race. I don't think people should lose their jobs because they didn't "respect your pronouns." And I think Democrats are doing terrible damage to public education with a multitude of policy initiatives they've been pursuing for years.

So, one the one hand, I can't get on-board with the Republicans, especially the far-right Republicans, nor can I entirely support Democrats. Both sides seem committed to doing awful things.

So I guess I'm a moderate.

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Yeah that is pretty much where I've come to land on things.

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I'm not a Liberal, a conservative, or a moderate. I am a minarchist, which means I want as little government interference as possible. I want a small federal government which deals with defence and foreign policy, and I want healthcare and education decided by provinces and counties. Also, tax should be decided by counties, and only VAT/sales tax should be charged, like in Dubai. No property or income tax, though I support making those taxes optional to pay for services provided by the government by people who use them. I believe in free markets.

I don't believe in welfare. I would like Ireland to copy Japan's approach to immigration. I want Ireland to double down an a neutral and independent foreign policy. I am against gun control. I support the death penalty for extreme crimes. Drugs should be decriminalised but certain drugs are dangerous so importing those particular drugs should stay illegal.

I don't like abortion being used as a form of contraception, but I also believe it is a personal decision. So I am fine with allowing it on request for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and in emergency cases up to viability, but I don't like that it's being celebrated in some woke circles. I fully support contraception though.

On family issues, I believe that a couple should not have to marry in order to obtain the rights of marriage. I support gay couples adopting children, but not singles. I think that adoption should be a last resort, with the child preferably going to the custody of relatives if the parents die or go to prison. I am against surrogacy and IVF for everybody. I also believe that parents and guardians should get final say on what their kids learn in schools.

On gay rights, I believe that sexual orientation should be included in nondiscrimination laws if these laws exist. I support gay people in the military and the police. I oppose affirmative action quotas. I support banning conversion therapy for minors who are gay or bisexual. I believe you should be allowed to donate blood regardles of orientation, as long as you've been monogamous or celibate for the past 12 months.

I have reservations about democracy, because a lot of people are either dumb or easily fooled by the media. So I am against universal suffrage. I believe you should vote only if you are over 25, are a citizen of your country and no other country, and you are not on welfare.

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You are very conservative and more on the far right side, actually.

But I agree on voting age at over 25 Brain isn't fully mature till 25 of age

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The far right wants centralized authoritarian leadership. They're also pro-welfare and against any protections for gay people. RedEyedWarrior sounds like a conservative-leaning libertarian to me, but definitely not far right.

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Yup maybe far right was not good definition, but definitely conservative right. He been gay friendly is just self-service, Probably wouldn't be if he wasn't gay

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That’s what I am. I don’t like the far right. They are authoritarian and reactionary. They look at statistics and treat them like gospel without bothering to understand those statistics.

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You realize Kavanaugh and Gorsuch wrote the Bostock decision, right?

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I'm not talking about Republicans vs Democrats or conservatives vs liberals, but about the ideology of fascism vs that of libertarianism. When I talk about the far right or the right wing, I'm talking about fascists.

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Is a “fascist” anyone right of the Clintons to you?

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No, and I have no idea why you assume that I think so. I'm not using "fascist" as an epithet; I described the ideology faithfully and without bias in my above comment.

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I think he's more center-right. I'm further to the right than he is and still identify as center-right, though I can see why someone might classify me as far-right.

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You’re right wing than me? That’s cool.

I used to be a part of r/rightwinglgbt until Reddit banned it. Were you also on that sub?

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I was occasionally but not very often.

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There are things I agree with the left on. Like leaving gay people alone (old left) and reigning in corporations. I see myself as all over the place politically, lol.

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Why no IVF? just curious

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You throw a vast majority of the viable embryos essentially in the trash with IVF, IIRC. It’s something akin to the shotgun method of conceiving, playing a numbers game of fertilizing as many eggs as possible and hoping that eventually some (of hundreds) will implant into a viable pregnancy to full term. Critics have a point when they call the disposal of the remaining embryos ‘abortion’.

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Was under the impression there aren't hundreds of viable embryos left over, that it isn't all that successful. But yes I have heard of the Snowflake Babies. It does seem backwards given they have been created by couples desperate for a child

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I have reservations about bringing a child into the world only to severe ties between the child and one of his or her parents.

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Similar (though I'm an American), with some exceptions where I hold more right-leaning views.

However, your views are more center-right, which is how I identify.

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I don’t place myself on the political spectrum. I find it too restrictive. Though I suppose you could say I am centre right. Especially by Irish standards.

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Honestly, Warrior... you DO sound like a conservative. The genuine article, that is, not the bastardized version we have here in the U.S., where "conservative" has somehow come to mean "radical reactionary" (or even, increasingly, flat-out fascist).

An ACTUAL conservative has respect-- within reason-- for tradition, and scorns knee-jerk embrace of the new; he or she finds fads, and novelty for its own sake, unappealing. Such people are sensible, practical, and responsible; the "pillars of society". They have no use for extremism. They won't accept new ideas without kicking the tires first.

While I'm not a conservative myself, I can certainly appreciate their virtues, you know? And there are famous examples of this viewpoint whom I admire (American historian Andrew Bacevich comes to mind). If only THEY'D been the ones who had to sign off on this gender-woo shit! It would've been DOA. Since it's precisely the kind of trendy, disrespectful, immature garbage that a true conservative would have no patience with.

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Good point. Thanks for your comment.

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You're welcome, Warrior :)

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I'm a registered Democrat and, honestly, used to just voting the party ticket all the way down. It's been only recently that I've had to say, "Okay, I guess I have to actually look at things and decide who the right person is to vote for without regard to their political affiliation," I'm somewhat ashamed to admit.

For one, the political divide here in the US is just too much. It's basically team sports nowadays, and you can't NOT cheer for "your team" regardless of what they're doing. Which is just the most stupid way to decide on our government.

For two, I'm not going to lie and say I won't vote Dem because of all the gender woo-woo. I just can't in good conscience be a single-issue voter, but at the same time, I'm going to be taking a good hard look at any options I have going forward rather than just voting Dem because they previously had my personal best interests at heart.

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Really, though, I’d agree with the sentiment mentioned several times in this thread that I feel politically homeless. I’m American and think both our left and right have lost their minds. What I want is a transparent, streamlined government that bases policy in reality, values debate, and puts the good of the people above ideology and party lines.

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Moderate. Was pretty mid/far left when I was younger, I grew out of it even though I feel a lot of my peers have only doubled down. I like to think of myself as left leaning but it's become weirdly subjective these days.

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Most people who were liberal in the 1990s and who maintained their view are considered conservative now. You’re not alone.

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Democratic Socialist, but I don't do any activism with DSA anymore (their trans/woke central). I'm a materialist in my ideology and a pragmatist in my activism; I used to canvas and phonebank for Dems in state and national elections and do the same for Socialists and other Leftist candidates in my local elections. I was an active volunteer both during election season and for campaigns and other issues during the off-season.

Now? I'm politically homeless; completely disillusioned with my fellow "leftists" and the woke, anti-materialist crap they push but also no longer even able to stomach working for or supporting Dems because of their support for child transition and grooming of kids in schools. I'm terrified of voting Republican or wasting my vote with a protest write-in but I just can't in good conscience vote for a Dem :( This may be the first year I don't vote...

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According to the political compass I’m liberal left wing and sit close to where Gandhi and Nelson Mandela would be located on the axis. Nevertheless I have no plans to nuke any of your settlements (Civilisation 2 joke for any nerds out there).

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Glad to see other Civ fans out here :D

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More left on social issues like gay marriage, abortion, prostitution, soft drugs , gay adoption ivf (but not surrogate= welfare,public healthcare and education isn't a left or right thing in europe but just a normal thing that everyone with a brain supports, and general individual freedom, more right for immigration . Politically moderate.

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I love guns, social freedoms, and weed.

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Left-Libertarian in da house! :)

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IDK anymore. I tend to lean more to moderate right wing parties though lots of stuff I disagree with them on. The right in general in the last few years hasn't been inspiring.

I lean more towards populism. Fairly anti corporation but I still largely believe in capitalism as a way of allowing individualism. I still believe in regulated capitalism.

Foreign policy wise I lean more to realism. I also have some ethnocentric beliefs that mainly crop up in regards to immigration. I don't really care what race immigrants are but I don't really think it's a good idea to have tons of Islamic immigrants since they butt heads with our cultural norms. At the same time I would throw the gate wide open to ME Christians, atheists or LGBT folk because I believe they would do better in regards to assimilation. You can have diversity of food, clothes, music, types of people etc but you can't have large ideological differences. Multiculturalism only works if everyone in large buys into the same universal contract we all live under. We don't need idiots that want to live in a theocracy but are coming here because we are more prosperous economically or so they can live off welfare.

Pretty liberal/moderate on a lot of social issues though of course with some trans issues it goes too far for me. I still think we should be pretty lax in regards to media censorship and that most other vice goods drugs, prostitution whatever else should be legal but regulated. I think Gays and Lesbians relationships should be entitled to any other right straight couples have. Social spending I go back and forth on. Some services like Universal health care are good in theory but at least where i live the quality can be very mixed especially compared to private care systems. I believe in fiscal responsibility and people are way too okay with large forms of government spending when it often is lost in pork and corruption.

I am very much against social groups that promote really basic tribalistic thinking through identity politics. Vast majority of issues in society usually revolve around class rather than say race. Some groups are more or less disaffected but policy making and activism shouldn't revolve around it. Honestly it just causes more divisions in society than helping it heal from the wounds of the past. I guess the closest thing I have to a conspiracy theory is I always wonder if a lot of these social movements are there supported by elite members of our societies to intentionally divide people so people are less focused on government failings and serious economic issues.

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Liberal. It frustrates the hell out of me that no liberal politicians in the US seem to recognize the sexism, the homophobia and the child endangerment brought on by the transgender movement. At the same time, there are a couple of other political issues that more strongly influence my voting-- particularly healthcare. (I'm from the US... our healthcare system is absolute garbage. Wish we had an NHS like the UK.)

Like other people in this thread, I have been feeling increasingly politically homeless.

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It frustrates the hell out of me that no liberal politicians in the US seem to recognize the sexism, the homophobia and the child endangerment brought on by the transgender movement.

I don't know if you consider her to be liberal (I'd say she's center-left), but Tulsi Gabbard is on Team TERF.

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Oh god lol... I mean, I guess I'm glad someone's talking about it, but... she's really put her foot in her mouth on a lot of occasions. I used to follow the election cycle pretty closely and my read of her was that she was a very typically insincere politician-- change her tune every time it's politically expedient. I appreciate the suggestion, though, thanks.

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Liberalflexible? Demiliberal?

In all seriousness, I don't know since I don't seem to fit into modern notions of conservative vs. liberal and certainly not within the U.S. I guess I would say post-woke liberal trending toward moderate. I do feel politically homeless. I was very liberal and peaked in how leftwing I was in 2019 when I realized what I had been supporting was not what I had been led to believe it was. It forced me to take stock of my values and make sure I don't throw my support behind things that contravene them. I try to take everything on an issue-by-issue basis and I'm not so concerned about what it adds up to these days. My family is from the Soviet Union and has seen some shit, so I'm not blindly idealistic enough to think that communism and Marxism are the answer. So while I don't love the excesses of capitalism, I'm resigned to it providing a better baseline than communism. I am against corporatism, treating corporations like people, and corporate welfare. I am disturbed by how corporations are powerful enough to render the First Amendment futile. I'm trying to get away from tribalism, authoritarianism, and having an "anti" mindset. I despise postmodernism and its hellspawn. I prefer building to destroying, cooperation to divisiveness, problem-solving to complaining, and open discourse to censorship.

On dating apps I select "Moderate" and hope to scare off the leftwing reactionary types.

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Left-leaning. Anything on the right I will mostly disagree with. When it comes to the views on the left my biggest issue the TQ+ push and identity politics.

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Liberal, I guess, at least in the broadest sense of the term, and have been a registered Democrat since I was 18. But even before gender-woo infected the American left, I always felt like a bit of a heretic. Have completely disagreed with my party on various issues since forever (illegal immigration; "Islamophobia" & the excesses of "multi-culti"; cops = the devil; etc.), and, even when we come out in the same place (abortion rights; gun control), I often get there by a very different route. (Can pretty much guarantee that my arguments in favor of gun control will be ones that you've never heard before, for example.) So my sense of alienation has been building up for some time now.

Basically, my politics are the result of being both analytical and very interested in history, culture, psychology/biology, and ethics/fairness. I don't like stupidity, but I don't like meanness, either.

In sum: I try to be open-minded... without letting my brain fall out.