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I would put it down to a mix of

  1. the type of person a volunteer moderator position attracts (extremely online activist shut-ins), and

  2. actively recruiting minority representation, and

  3. once they're in a few of these positions they have the power to appoint others from their own social circles

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This is a good short summary. Lol, I just wrote a comment that basically said the same things but way more wordy.

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The numbers have never added up to me. Not just how many are mods, but how many trans-identifying people there are online generally. They far outnumber LGB people online and they make it hard to discern our own numbers when they colonize our spaces and hijack them to serve their roleplaying. I wonder how many of them are only "trans" online. I've suspected that for a lot of them it's kind of an online RPG that they compartmentalize from IRL and that they devote most of their time to their RPG rather than real life. Kind of like how some people get addicted to the Sims, Second Life, and the like. So many of them claim to be in relationships, but they're online-only relationships.

Maybe some of them are "trans" when they're at work too because so many of them work in tech remotely from home and likely have little to no "face time" at work. Then they get the benefit of work discrimination protections to hold over employers and colleagues since their actions as Reddit mods show how much they love power tripping and playing the victim. Even better, they get to claim they're "closeted" out of fear of "transphobia."

I live in a very gay area but there aren't actually a lot of trans people in the gay establishments, which are overwhelmingly populated by gay/bi men, and which are not very "queer." I see some trans women but nowhere near with the degree of frequency as online. Same with the few times I've been to a lesbian bar in the last few years. They've been there but they're far outnumbered by women. And in the lesbian bar that I went to that was overwhelmingly black, they were non-existent. Their footprint is still huge though. They have everyone catering to them, they get put on LGBT boards and use them to grift, they and their fellow queer/non-binary opportunists hijack organizations, events, and charities, etc. I've come across a high concentration of them in a therapy setting (overwhelmingly female) and they were pretty much all pre-everything pronoun people. I see way more trans women in online dating than IRL but they're all so low effort it's very easy to imagine they just go about their day-to-day lives as men, you know, as cross-dressers generally always have.

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I wonder how many of them are only "trans" online.

This is such a good point, especially with the overlap of trans-identifying teens and teens who fake mental conditions on TikTok/Discord for attention, it's probably a significant amount of them that are also only trans online.

It's funny, the news has actually talked a lot about social contagion in teens this year because of how many girls have magically developed Tourette's in a short period of time but somehow it's impossible that social contagion could be why so many of these girls are trans now.

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I've thought this is the case too. I know a few trans people that exist out in the world but the concentration online is like 10000x higher, no way they actually live that way IRL. I think these LARPers make life miserable for the actual transpeople I see around too.

Take away the LARPers' power online and in orgs and these issues would massively decrease.

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These people have no lives. Which is why they become Reddit mods.

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Might seem like splitting hairs, but it's worth mentioning:

Most mods on Reddit aren't trans.

Most powermods on Reddit are trans.

Anybody can go be a mod, but transgender ideology is extremely popular on Reddit (and most other social media platforms) right now. People who support and advocate for transgender ideology are awarded praise and social support. So the most extreme gender identity zealots move up the power chain faster. Most people don't want to moderate, and the few people who are eager to push their beliefs on others really want to moderate. So those people end up having a highly disproportionate amount of power over the site.

Why? I rarely if ever find a lesbian or a gay or even a bi person in the mods team but for some reason, transgenders invaded most subreddits.

Another reason why that is, IMO: There are way more transgender-identified people than there are actual LGB people.

Finally... here's my best guess. Reddit originally gained a lot of attraction as a site because it was a host for CP. My understanding is that when the admins banned CP, they didn't ban the people distributing it, running those subs, etc. Those people stayed on the site, and likely continued to bond and communicate because of the other paraphilia subreddits still existing. Paraphilias are extremely common among male transwomen... so there's the trans-paraphilia overlap. s/itsafetish Graham Linehan has done several articles about this on his website, including this one about Aimee Challenor, who was actually briefly hired by Reddit. It's really fucked up.

Worth emphasizing, trans powermods aren't representative of the average trans-identified person.

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Worth emphasizing, trans powermods aren't representative of the average trans-identified person.

I think this is true but they are representative of the prominent subset of trans people that are responsible for setting the tone of trans discourse and lawmaking. They're not representative of trans people generally but that's also because "trans" isn't one thing. There are many pathways to having a trans identity in 2022. There's not really anything that unifies "trans" people except that they call themselves some kind of trans (transgender, transexual, etc.). And then commonalities emerge when you break them down by their sex, their age at transition, who they're attracted to, paraphilias, etc.

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Yup, absolutely. All of that you described is like a giant asterisk on the phrase "average trans-identified person." And sometimes I struggle to find the energy to describe it, lol, but it is important context for understanding what's going on!

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Their entire lives are online and in the real world their facades crumble, the head tilt and oversized glasses fail to signal their womanliness and they run a great risk of becoming the victim instead of the bully.

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Everyone on reddit should transition their account into at least an NB one. You'll be untouchable then

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Terminally online people in California. LGB and real people got phased out YEARS ago, it's all about virtue signaling in the major cities now. Even the Castro district in San Francisco is a hollow shell of what it used to be.

Capitalism and political narcissism has and continues to influence our world - even the digital/internet version of it. Reddit is just a virtue signalling tech bro playground.

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It's very deliberate, and it's not just Reddit. Becoming a moderator or administrator is a way to gain power over people's speech. Remember my story about the formerly gay male group I used to belong to and how trans people maneuvered themselves into moderator positions until they made up a critical majority? As soon as they were all in position, they issued an ultimatum that anyone who complained that the group should still be for gay men only would be BANNED, and they carried through with their threat for a few men. And anyone posting events for gay males only would also be banned. They destroyed a community that had been around for almost 40 years.

The whole T mindset seems incredibly focused on controlling and policing other people's behavior, far more than anything the LGB ever tried to do.

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Its because they don't go outside

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