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She's really sticking her neck out now. The TRAs have bitten off more than they can chew I suspect in thinking they could cancel her. I hope she never gives in. Heck, I'm busting for the next Strike novel to come out so I can buy half a dozen copies for some queers I know.

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Definitely not, she has "fuck you" money. She can say whatever she wants.

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I hope not either.

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This is one of the things getting me angry the most about this movement. How suddenly all trans shit overshadows the still existing problem of homophobia - including countries, which don't even have same sex marriage legalized yet. These days I see more whining about transphobia and if I ever seen homophobia mentioned then it will be always accompanied by words on transphobia. How did we move on from the focus on legit homophobia to crying about how opposing transing kids is hate?

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It's not just overshadowing homophobia - it's actively endorsing it. Where are the western LGBT groups speaking out against the transing of gay men in Iran, or the 'ladyboy' communities in South East Asia who are just gay men forced to transition and prostitute themselves? Transactivists don't want to ever acknowledge that 'trans' can be forced on people, because that opens a Pandora's Box....

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I'm honestly really happy that people like JK Rowling exist. She handled all the hatred like a champ standing up against this madness and stupidity.

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Personally as an autistic I'm surprised no one addresses that issue. Not all autistic are lgb but many of them do interact with their world in non traditional ways. I myself am no exception. Growing up I loved games like contra and franchises like 🥷 🐢, running my toes in the mud under the swings after a rain. Yes gettin dirty. To a trans rights activist or wrong thinking school employee I might have been a prime candidate for puberty blockers, hormone blockers, and ultimately hormone replacement therapy. So lucky I grew up in the 80s and 90s. Yes many so called transgender are possibly asd but like an article posted pointed out we struggle to make friends and build our own version of a community. We're preyed upon like fresh roadkill at times. Seriously. Many of us view those in successful relationships whether is same sex or opposite sex as successful. Our parents seem thrilled if we master cooking and picking up after ourselves.

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I would've been in the same boat had I been born later. One of the major issues too is that autistic kids (and parents) will jump on the bandwagon of an explanation for why autistic kids feel different, and some parents would welcome the idea of sterilising their chil- I mean affirming their child's gender through 'gender' reassignment surgery.

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Yeah and it disgusts me God forbid autistics have children and families. God forbid we take up for ourselves. Sorry can you tell people tried to I can't think of the word right now. But can you tell they tried to do it?

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I guess overprotective/helicopter parenting would cover it, or Münchhausen's By Proxy (a bit of a stretch)?

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Well for my dad it was hands on hands off hands on. He was really controlling especially when I reached My 20s and they had their last break up. It's like asshole you had years Even leading up to me to learn how to be a parent. Even prior to my sister's birth. You took over my projects because tools I'd already learned how to kind of use were suddenly deemed dangerous for me to handle despite my silliness around them from time to time. I show I can do stuff then he'd cancel what I'd just shown I can do. My ex was similar. I understand his worries around the antique stove at his aunt's former place but then don't say in the next breath you want a wife that will help you cook or do cooking when you can't or don't want to. We can't live our lives on food from Chipotle or little Caesars.

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I guess from their perspective, they're not sure what you're capable of, and don't trust you as an adult to let them know when you need help and when you don't, even though you're aware of your limitations and would let them know. It's frustrating, to say the very least.

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Totally it also didn't help that my loving boyfriend could be sexist

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It's rage inducing especially when it's a loving romantic partner who's already shown signs of sexism

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Well just use unnecessary shelter till I figure the correct word out. Parents and people are fucking sick. Many autistics are so high functioning you'd never know we had it unlike many narcissistic transgender who'll tell you their transgender.

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I'll note my mum is GC, so she wouldn't have let me transition, but still, there would be a ton of social pressure on her regardless.

And you're right. Most people, especially if they're women, tend to manage well enough not to get diagnosed until adulthood. My rule of thumb are people who put autistic followed by a plethora of other conditions in their Twitter bio are usually not autistic; they might've felt socially awkward once in their life, but that's about it.

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That's my thinking to. All those things have done is made autism worse. Seriously. Many autistics despite many being high functioning are now afraid to "come out". We're afraid of the stigma then the larpers. I mean everyone preyed on Chris Chan EVERYONE. I have to even make this statement after what you just said I could say I also have ocd(both diagnosed by a real professional) and now thanks to tik tok and Twitter my autism/aspergers is probably invalidated because I have one other condition. Buzzfeed, Twitter tik tok and to a lesser extent Facebook were the worst things ever created. BTW yes I know Chris Chans family didn't help his situation I won't deny that but neither did that Isabella or anyone else.

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Comorbidity is common (most autistic people have some degree of anxiety/depression at the very least), but I'm sceptical when everyone and their mother has autism, especially when I'm unable to see their full body language and only see exaggerated TikToks (always fascinating that they always have their camera on and filming when they're showing overtly autistic behaviours, hmmmm). Someone like Chris Chan was closely monitored, so it was easy to pick out that there was something different about him.

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Me I don't want my overt behaviors filmed. But I do have a transcript of my diagnosis in the bedroom

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She's been very strategic about all this. TRAs have stupidly drawn lots of attention to her, and now they can't spin her tweets anymore

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