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Lesbian dating app turned into an app for straight male rapists to try to prey on lesbians. I hope every lesbian deletes it or at the very least makes sure the woman they're meeting up with isn't actually a man with edited or fake photos.

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I think a lot of people don't realize just how far photo editing technology has progressed, and I've seen it utilized on a self-declared pre-op trans woman's dating profile. The first pic was very well edited. The rest were not. It was kind of terrifying to see.

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Yeah. They put up heavily-edited photos and try to take advantage of social niceties or use social blackmail when meeting in person. (This happened to a friend of mine.) It’s bad enough that when my now-fiancée and I first matched, she felt the need to state, “I was literally born a woman and I’m not interested in anyone born a man” a few messages in.

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My god. How terrifying for your friend. It's good she has you to confide in. And your fiancée is based. I would be thrilled to receive that message, and it's sad that lesbian dating has come to that.

I used the singular in my previous comment because I was referring to a particularly impactftul recent occurrence that really freaked me out. That same person liked my profile on another dating app a few days later and had an even creepier profile (including a gif of himself dancing suggestively in a thong while flashing his bare ass and covered groin). But I've seen it waaay too many times to count. Including today. I am very picky about who I'll meet in person, and I research people extensively before I even consider interacting with them. So I thankfully have not been successfully catfished. They also tend to disqualify themselves with really off-putting profiles. Overwhelmingly hyper-sexualized and male gazey. Even the less porny ones are just off.

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Yeah, dating apps seem like an absolute nightmare now with predatory men catfishing. You show up to the date and some man is there and if you try to leave he screams transphobia. Nightmare.

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How is it possibly Trans Day of Visibility again? I thought this was April Fool's Day, not Groundhog Day.

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Was just making a joke that every day seems to be #TransDayofVisibility.

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Im pretty sure it was yesterday, not today. You can see that the tweet was posted at around noon on 3/31

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lol why the fuck do we need Trans Day of Visibility anyway? Given that they make such a massive spectacle of themselves 24/7 that you can practically SEE THEM FROM SPACE

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I’m all for it if they make Lia Thomas the poster child. But they certainly don’t want the trans women competing in women’s sports to be visible.

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Aaaaand another lesbian space gone it seems.

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OP here.

The context for this can be seen by DickFreeBacon's post on this: (

These are just a few responses to "Her" pushing trans"women" onto lesbians. It's all negative, their comments are just women making fun of transbians lol.

If you want to see the full Twitter thread here: ( Try to screencap as much as you can. Maybe comment a lil something yourselves.

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Wow, this is pretty bad for Lesbians. I really feel bad for you guys, but I think this is a great chance for you to voice your concern and disapproval at this by not using this app again. They're gonna know when they notice all the real lesbians and women leaving.

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