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If the person I kissed turned into someone else when I closed my eyes, then I'd have bigger worries than whether they were male or female in this new form

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We constantly talk about trans people here but someday we're all going to need to have a serious discussion on those sneaky shapeshifters. They have zero respect for people's boundaries.

[–]HelloMomo 20 insightful - 11 fun20 insightful - 10 fun21 insightful - 11 fun -  (0 children) have heard of blind people, right?

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Yes, if you close your eyes during sex you have literally no idea if the person you're having sex with has a vagina or a penis. That's totally how this works.

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This is similar to the whole "you're attracted to someone new when they're clothed so genitals don't matter in attraction" argument, that only things that affect your attraction are what you can actually physically see in the moment. They choose not to understand the idea of mental image and assumptions because that takes away their ability to claim to be the same as 'cis' people until the pants come off.

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That's a good point. This is just the natural extension of "you can't tell someone's genitals when they're wearing clothes, so how can you be attracted on the basis of sex?"

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I have a working sense of touch.Also,I do not suffer from memory loss.

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You know how some comments are so good you just want to do something nice for that person? Like the one who brought up object permanence. I'd like to buy their groceries for a month.

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Yup, I feel the same way. Lol.

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Voice, smell and touch are all different between men and women, hormones or not. I’m sorry but no amount of testosterone will make you sound like anything other than a squeaky 14 year old boy, you won’t be able to touch me like a man and you certainly won’t have that man smell. Its almost as if recognizing a person’s sex is hardwired into our brains, and we all see past the hormones, clothes and makeup and just pretend not to notice

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These responses give me life. Hemingway's code heroes have grace under pressure. Anita Hill talked truth to power. And you guys conjure up sharp wit when confronted with crazymaking.

The comment about "object permanence" is particularly keen. Most of us don't need to have the concept of object permanence explained to us because we figured it out as toddlers through normal cognitive and emotional development. But there are people with developmental disorders whose inability to internalize object permanence/object constancy is at the core of their dysfunction. Yes, another connection between belief in gender identity ideology and having a Cluster B personality disorder, particularly Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

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