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When will these idiots understand that attraction, relationships, etc. are not based on what you can prove about yourself?

It literally does not matter what he does or doesn't do, lesbians will never find him attractive. It's not a goal for him to push towards or some barrier for him to over come. It will never happen. These people really need it drilled into their fucking heads that no fucking means no. It's literally just incel logic, but it's suddenly acceptable because he's pretending to be a woman.

And the irony of him calling lesbians freaks.

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How long before blue haired non binary aro ace demigirl teachers are telling them in primary school that they’re entitled to other peoples bodies and affections?

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That's why I will personally pull my kid from school if they try to pull any of that. I had bad teachers to be sure but never one that thought it was cool to lie to my parents.

I did have one that everyone loved that didn't let me write a story with gay characters so... Fuck that guy! Best part was he was super liberal this was just the 2000s when you could and did get harassed or your ass kicked for being gay. We only had a few openly gay kids in school at that time.

Can you imagine now? Damn I would have never finished school if I had to deal with all this bullshit!

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They’re already being told they’re entitled to respect and kindness.

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As they say on Reddit, username checks out.

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The only freak here is the insane man who thinks lesbians find him attractive.

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These people think they are entitled to define what other people see and believe. Reality is a bitch.

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Why just cis lesbians?

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Because this man only wants to sleep with cis lesbians. Asking other men if they find him attractive is worthless since he doesn't want to get into their pants

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Oh, but that would mean that he recognizes them as men, right? These NON-"cis lesbians"? Whatever happened to TWAW? And, more to the point, if HE'S a lesbian... isn't he obligated to validate their girldicks, then? Or else face charges of transphobia and that dreaded "genital fetishism"?

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No no, you don't understand, he's a trans woman and therefore has trans rights so he can choose who he dates and finds attractive unlike us cis lesbian freaks who don't have rights.

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You cis lesbian "freaks" that still happen to be the only lesbians anyone is attracted to. This is just the childish "He likes you so he's mean to you" bullshit they tell children getting picked on, except now these boys have grown up to think this is how you're supposed to flirt: be a terrible person.

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It was a rhetorical question.

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The homophobic straight dude's mask slips and shows how he really feels about the group he's trying to identify into. 😂😂