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Right, because women don't like sex, only cuddling. And men apparently only like sex and no cuddling.

What fucking decade are we in? 1950s?

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Ugh ugh ugh. Ooogah wah wah grunt. Uh uh uh guh? Horn horn? Awagah. No cud el.


I've taken my butterfly pills. I no longer have to communicate in my native tongue, "grunting male horny." I can finally see women as people!

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Disgusting. The user is also posting about being a mommy.

Please share with s/ItsAFetish also, they'll appreciate it.

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Will do 👍

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When I’m horny, I want to fuck not cuddle and talk about butterflies. None of the women I’ve been with have wanted “fluffier, warmer, gentler” emotional bonding time. They’ve wanted to fuck. Really don’t know what OP is on about.

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OP (Reddit, not jay-day) is on drugs. Same mentality as an addict. It's just that the drugs are human hormones instead of meth or coke or whatever.

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I've dated very feminine girls and they acted just as much like dogs in heat as me.

Stop generalizing based on stereotypes, you creepy fuck.

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Ultimately guy is acting kinda creepy about women but part of the reason is the dude has some obvious self internalized misandry he needs to address.

Men are on aggregate probably more driven by pure physical attraction and sex than women but that doesn't mean women don't lust heavily over others or are incapable of reducing people down to an object. Also guy acts like most men in physical relationships only desire to just coom and that is it. Most guys I find tend to want a lot more intimacy/romance beyond just fucking someone.

Dude it's okay to get turned on and understand guys on average have higher sex drives. Just don't act like a creep. You trying to be a woman hasn't helped you in that regard. You still are reducing people down to some weird tribalistic identity group. How is that not just as dehumanizing?

Edit: Going through his post history literally posted this

I am a trans girl and there was this meme that lesbian sex is so much more magical and alive and lovely. I got euphoria just from SEEING that picture! Because it confirmed the things I wished from lesbian love making. AND AS OF LAST FRIDAY I CAN CONFIRM IT'S ALL TRUE

This you idiot is actual fetishization and objectification. Hilariously in your desire to not being an evil yucky patriarchal objectifying male that is literally how you are behaving.

Honestly there are a lot of people like this in the trans community. All these self hating losers need to gain some actual self esteem about who they are and get away from slash fiction. It's the same shit you see from really overly obsessive female BL fans who think gay sex is so much hotter and wholesome than straight sex. It's just sex guys okay....has more to do with who you are having sex with than anything else. You are getting your ideas way too much from overly idealized fiction specifically porn where every time you have sex you end up with an ahegao face.

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Wow, the comments are crazy! I like sex in itself, but those woman who say that emotional bonding or gentleness is "stupid" are really inhumane. I would never have sex with a woman who says she needs no "Butterflies" or any kind of feeling. Actually, never in my life could I respect her. You can have wild sex...actually, real sex is only possible if you can connect to your partner and express some form of care for her. Laughing on that is just dumb and animalistic.