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I'm noticing how often they attack exclusive same-sex attraction and how little they attack exclusive opposite-sex attraction. Almost like it's just homophobia and not an equal rights movement.

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I'd say it's more nuanced than pure homophobia. It's a combination of homophobia, the fact that most T are heterosexual (so they call themselves gay and act like incels when real gay people don't want them), and the fact that they're Twitter lunatics who have just enough lucidity to realize that attacking, what is it, 96% of the population or whatever number of overwhelming majority it is, has the potential to end badly for their cause.

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Old version: "you're a lesbian/gay man, but what if you meet a man/woman that has a great personality? You should be open to have sex with other people, just in case"

New version: "Why do you only care about genitals??!!! Trans people deserve sex bigot!!! reeeeeeee"

r/niceguys version: "but I'm such a great guy :( I deserve sex."

Incels: "women just go for Chads. I deserve sex."

Romantic relationships rely both on attraction to personality and physical attraction, it can't properly exist without both, which is why 99% of people don't sleep with every person that's near them. I know this is hard for trans/queer people to understand but you can be exclusively attracted to a certain sex AND still love the person! Crazy! Gay people aren't all creepy perverts wow!

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Damn, who would've guessed that the "old version" we grew up with was the least offensive version of homophobia and that it'll just get worse the more "progressive" society becomes...

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Yes, I want people for their genitalia/body. Big deal. People do that. Grow the fuck up.

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I love how they always jump to the conclusion that some people having hard limits for their romantic and sexual partners means that you can't care about anything else whatsoever. If I can only care about one thing, my attraction to people is then... a binary... hmmm... They love talking about the nuances of gender, but then throw out nuance the moment things come to attraction.

But like for real, I don't go out and fuck literally every person with a penis who'll let me, so how can you arrive to the conclusion that I only care about genitals?

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I mean, when you're in a sexual relationship... genitals are pretty goddamn important. Cuz, know what? If it's ENTIRELY a matter of liking their personality... then that's a friend, i.e., someone with whom you have a NON-sexual relationship. It's physical attraction that makes the difference. Which is based on someone's sexual characteristics: primary (genitals) and secondary (everything else related to either maleness or femaleness).

This also demonstrates once again why establishing bisexuality as a sexual orientation is essential, not only for bi people, but for gay people-- because it makes such bad-faith arguments against exclusive same-sex attraction a lot harder. "Oh, no, that'd be attraction to both sexes; only bisexuals experience that. I'm homosexual, so I don't, and in fact can't." Clarifying who we are simultaneously clarifies who you guys are: that you're defined not just by your same-sex attraction, but by your lack of opposite-sex attraction. Because if the latter didn't apply... you'd be bisexual. Which, as a sexual orientation, isn't something you can become; it's something that you either are, or are not.

Yeah, I know you shouldn't even have to say this... but such is the world we currently live in :(

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Yeah, if you're in a intimate relationship, genitals are a big deal.

You can like everything about your partner, and their genitals can be a turn off, no matter if homo hetero, or bi!

Too big, too small, riddled with warts, whatever!