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I am sorry in advance if I worded anything wrong,


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never ever been attracted to a guy even 6 months into my hormone therapy

He’s out here implying that we’re lesbians because we have a hormone imbalance. Which, you know, I’ve heard from homophobes my entire life. (It really begs the question of, if that’s all it is, couldn’t we just get a shot and be straight? Oh, that doesn’t work and never has? Imagine that.)

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He's also trying to come off as "nice" even though he's asking lesbians if they like dick, just like every creepy man that can't take no for an answer. I also like how he's pursuing cis lesbians and not his valid translesbians. But God forbid if real lesbians want to be with other real lesbians, the trans community would have a panic attack 🙄

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Absolutely. I’m willing to bet a lot of money that every single woman on this sub has encountered a guy like this. He’s so very nice until he hears the word “no.” Then, you can practically watch the switch flip as the guy he really is makes an appearance.

The fact that he’s posing this question only to lesbians because he’s clearly not interested in transbians is a massive red flag. He is he so narcissistic, he can’t take five seconds to reflect on the logical reality of the situation. (“Well I only like women and I don’t want a transbian, so clearly lesbians who only like women won’t want one either.”)

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Absolutely. I’m willing to bet a lot of money that every single woman on this sub has encountered a guy like this.

Yes. I cannot imagine how much worse it is for lesbians encountering this garbage.

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I'm not one of these "Oh if you don't have sex with me you're not a real lesbian" kinda gals, I just wish to be accepted for my choice and who i am in life

"Ok, let's compromise, you'll agree I'm a lesbian, let me into your lives and pretend to consider me a dating option. In return I won't actively try to force you into having sex with me, although I might hassle you for sex and then get aggressive when you turn me down. Also when the more aggressive transbians do try to rape you I'll take their side and call you names for resisting. Deal <3?"

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r/actual man asks r/actual real lesbians if they like men

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I know and accept that many people have a preference as to what their partner has down below and it's never something I would make anyone feel guilty about

There it is yet again: they paint themselves as not being demanding by saying they accept 'genital preferences,' but the implication of that framing is that it's not acceptable to reject trans people who've had SRS.

Most gay men and lesbians are attracted to the whole same-sex person; even if surgically-constructed genitals were perfect it wouldn't be enough. TRAs just don't get that, it doesn't fit into their worldview.

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I haven't seen or met a trans person that 100% passes; on their social media pages, they heavily photoshop themselves, angle themselves in a certain manner, heavy filters, and lighting. However, if you've ever seen a transwoman/transman irl or trans celebrity in interviews when they don't have control over the camera, they're just a man in a dress or a woman with a beard. Even if they get a ton of surgeries they don't look like women, they just look like a man with a shaved-down eyebrow bone, or a weird jaw. Transmen can hide a lot with a beard, but their hips, eye-shape, voices, small frame just gives off woman, also a lot of transmen don't have nipples so that's a big tell.

Basically every trans woman ever:

Basically every trans man ever:

Also don't forget the constant need for validation, mood swings, being self absorbed, delusional, and how they believe society needs to change everything for them. Honestly I believe the people that push TWAW, TMAM, date them or you a bigot, haven't met them irl, if they did they wouldn't believe that anymore.

[–]chazzstrong 19 insightful - 1 fun19 insightful - 0 fun20 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child) is just beyond sad what Ellen did to herself.

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She has a net worth of $12 million, but can't find a proper tailor, I'm guess she was trying to make her shoulders seem bigger? Every picture she just looks malnourished, she's making herself sick, destroyed her marriage, and is ruining her body and for what?

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Trans men and trans women together in the same photo is the real money shot that breaks the illusion. Especially when real men and women are also in the same photo to provide a sense of scale. And especially when it’s not an extreme close-up but something that shows the full length of the body in a natural setting.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 6

Despite the fact that trans visibility is high in the media today and there are plenty of group photos of each of trans men and trans women, it‘s remarkably hard to find them together, especially in a legit group photo. The easiest way is to search for couple shots but even they’ve self-selected.

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God, if I ever encounter a "transbian" I need to reject I'll just say "I'm not transphobic, you're just ugly". Maybe that'll validate them 🥰