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but framing it as something connected to their transness seems baseless.

Oh, but it is.

It's connected to everything being trans stands for today. The entitlement to spaces and people, that's being spread; The promise of being able to fuck lesbians/gay men, just like in those pornos you transitioned for; The validation of autogynephilia, or straight up denying its existence and saying transitioning because of porn is a-okay; Allowing self-ID of any kind and promising its upmost respect, no matter how ridiculous it is; Or saying that mental issues will be cured once they transition.

If those things aren't going as ✨cute uwu transbians like meeee~✨ on the internet promised, those people get angry, and then forceful. Those people weren't mentally okay before, and now they're even worse with those deluded minds. You're the problem, but keep calling yourself the purest people in this world. Whenever or not you know, that's not exactly the healthiest mindset either...

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Any straight man who calls himself a lesbian and demands access to lesbians is predatory. Which is the majority of trans women.

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And it's just made up transphobia that nearly 50 per cent of transwomen in prisons are there for sex crimes.

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They are almost 3 times as likely to be sex offenders than regular men, but apparently women shouldn't be concerned about it.

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A friend of mine had a string of three or four bad relationships with trans women that included abuse and assault. I haven't heard all the details but the overviews sounded pretty bad for at least a couple of them.

(My friend's picker was also broken at the time, but that's beside the point.)

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It's crazy how things have come full circle. 5 years ago progressives were always like #believewomen and now if a man is transgender or black progressives considered it bigoted to believe the woman

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Feminism is preferring to believe the woman who has a penis

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Believe all women! Unless they are raped by a man in a dress! Then...Burn the Witch!

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Context: is from a convo about "On those constant genital preference threads on Actuallesbians and similar subs."

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"On those constant genital preference threads on Actuallesbians and similar subs."


I swear, they complain more about "genital preferences" than there being actual, real lesbians talking about it.

Lesbians aren't even on those subs anymore (and reddit kisses their asses 24/7) and they still talk like they're in constant danger.

I've never seen sadder people than them.

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Just imagine if they said this about any other group, "those women lied about being assaulted," or "POC lie about being assaulted." TRAs and sjws always yell "believe the victim" unless the victim is a lesbian or gay man that was assaulted by a trans or nb person. THEN they're malicious and obviously lying to hurt the poor trans community!

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To be fair, TRAs get away with racism and misogyny quite a lot.

But what can you do, when they win a gold medal in Oppression Olympics every year, which now grants them the ability to do whatever...

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I can smell the DARVO from here.