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The fact you can specifically search for trans people, but not for normal people speaks volumes.

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Do they or do they not want the chasers to find them? It’s hard to tell anymore.

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The scary thing is, being first and foremost a business... they'll go where the money is. Meaning the most customers. And now, with all of this kweer/trans/gender-identity crap... they're in a position to tap into the straight market. Which they never were before. What's the less-than-10%-of-the-population gay male market next to that?

It just occurred to me: maybe this is why the LGB establishment has abandoned us and embraced the TQ+. Money. Not just from billionaire AGPs like Pritzker and Rothblatt (though I'm sure they're more than happy to lap that up); from straight people as a whole. The majority of the population. Our businesses, our organizations--they could never have such a vast customer/membership base with just us. But if they jump aboard the "gay = straight" bandwagon? Watch those sweet, sweet hetero dollars flood in. All it costs is our identity, our spaces, our voices... our fucking existence.

So angry as I type this. Fitting that I have Fall Out Boy's Novocaine on repeat, to express my feelings about these collaborators:

Because they took our love and they filled it up/Filled it up with Novocaine and now I’m just numb/Now I’m just numb/Don’t mind me, I’m just a son of a gun/So don’t stop, don't stop till your heart goes numb/Now I’m just numb/I don’t feel a thing for you

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I don't think a single part of their movement is coherent. It's whatever they want at the moment and fuck everything else even if it contradicts their past positions. It's basically how toddlers act.

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Lesbian is allowed but not gay? Lmao what is this joke...

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Lesbians should hop on the colonizer train and start making Grindr accts to look for other lesbians lmao might actually be able to find each other on there 😭

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I've said before it's not a bad idea. All the creepy chasers on there should scare away the transbians, or at least give them a taste of their own medicine.

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Where is the lie though..😭

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if grindr turned into that then it would be well worth the loss for gay men. We make a new one for us.

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I read that as "colonizr," which should be the new name for Grindr.

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Not surprising given that the one thing "lesbian" DOESN'T mean now is "adult human female attracted to other adult human females".

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Current queer rule says that you can be a gay man AND a lesbian. Because you could be attracted to nb people, feminine men, or just really identify with lesbian culture.

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I'll put homosexual right in the bio then, along with SUPER GAY

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Has someone not banned from Shittet posted a question about this to the bros of AGB?

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If you want to find a man go to You know I don’t do hook ups, but in rural spaces these apps are vital. It’s how I found friends and connected with other gay men.