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Heterosexuals can't even comprehend of nonpenetrative sex being enjoyable. Mutual oral, frottage, and tribbing are lost on them.

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And they love to go from, "Genitals don't matter" to "How could you ever have sex with another man when vaginas are so much better in every way" almost in the same breath

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vaginas are so much better in every way

And they get angry when lesbians agree with this statement

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Because it all boils down to "how dare you be attracted to the same sex"

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Yeah, my husband and I have a pretty healthy sex life but we hardly do anal, and I don't really feel like I'm missing out on much. I do feel like these straight women transmen just don't understand anal because it's surely a different experience for women versus men. In my experience, it's not that all gay guys are into poop, it's just the price you pay for anal because it feels good most of the time.

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It's all association. Gay men associate anal with a clean butt.

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I mean for women non penetrative is way more orgasmic than penetrative. But we live in such phallocentric world.

Always found homophobic how gay male sexuality is reduced to anal as that was all about it. I mean, I don't think there is nothing wrong with doing anal, anything has right to do anything with their bodies and for male receiving anal makes more sense due to prostate, but it is wrong to think gay male sexuality is all about it or that a gay dude must to like anal by definition.

But this is not different than people thinking we lesbians need dildos. Or when I read that lesbians only can lose virginity by using a dildo. Aside from the fact virginity is a stupid concpt and that's not possible to lose something which doesn't exist, the invalidation of female on female sexuality based on high phallocentrism and sexism really did upset me. Now not anymore cause it isnt worth to get mad about over bs, but it is quite disgusting the level of phallocentrism in this world.

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As a superstraight let me assure you that is not a hard rule.

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Straight girls of /gaytransguys are once again perplexed as to why gay men like other men's asses and not their atrophied vaginas

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I keep thinking I'm peaked, but I remember I am on a mountain range. Should've brought more water :-(

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Better buckle up, no one's mapped out this mountain range before; we don't know how many peaks are left...

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It's only okay when kawaii manga boys do it.

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It's all association. Gay men picture a clean butt in their mind, and that's what they look forward to.

I hardly think straight men (or lesbians) picture vaginas in the various states that naturally occur, I'd imagine they think of a clean and wet pussy (without discharge or blood).

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Personally I would eat a pussy on period. I like the taste of blood.

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👀 thank you for sharing

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You're welcome, future father lmao

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Lesbians are so hardcore lmao. Love you ladies

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My username has nothing to do with actual fatherhood lmao but appreciate it regardless

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a few years ago there was a show called "Duck Dynasty" and one of the cast members made comments about gay men saying "why would you want another man's ass-hole when a vagina is much better" people lost it and wanted the show cancelled, yet when transmen basically say the same thing everyone either agrees or turns a blind eye. trans people love saying how oppressed they are yet they can get away with homophobic, misogynistic and racists comments and if you call them out you are accused of being a transphobic.

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By their logic, they and straight women are into piss, since they like to gobble the piss snake. How hard is it to understand gay men clean themselves before sex?

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Not surprising they generally miss the point. Who is attracted to the actual HOLE? Like... Yes... Obviously we all know that assholes are gross. This is why bottoms need to go over the top with hygiene and eating very specific diets or changing the specific time that they can even eat.

We deal with the gross aspect of the hole because we are instinctively attracted to a male phenotype.

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The point is they're gay you dumb bitch lmao bruh