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Gay men are attracted to the color blue, short hair, and boy activities.

Lesbians are attracted to the color pink, long hair, and girl activities, respectively.

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"Sex is real" is a TERF dogwhistle, but also everyone knows that sex is real and no one is arguing otherwise.

If you agree with what JK Rowling literally says, why attack her as a 'TERF' unless you just hate women?

If this guy is attracted to 'masculinity', is he also attracted to masculine women who identify as women? Or does his attraction have something to do with the signifiers of sex?

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If no one is saying sex isn’t real, why do TRAs flip their lid when anyone says “sex is real?”

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All I'm saying is the all the people who freak out when you mention the shape of the earth have something in common, and it isn't agreeing with you.

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Well either he is a bi dude who is lying about not being attracted women to score brownie points. Or he is a gay guy lying about being attracted to "masculinity" to score brownie points. The constant need to support whoever else is at the bottom of the totem pole is incredibly self destructive. Either way the guy is self righteously lying to elevate himself and that always is going endear ire to me.

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I tend to suspect most of them (especially those who haven't gone as far as to attempt to sleep with a trans person) are attracted to the secondary sex characteristics recreated by testosterone as opposed to being bi. They just look at pictures like he posted and go thats hot without having to ever do more.

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Virtue signalling really seems like a harmful affliction at this point.

"Reason be damned, I just want internet points!"

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So since you're a bisexual attracted to masculine people, whether male or female, then that means everyone else has to also be bisexual? What about gay men attracted to feminine men? What are they if they aren't attracted to women at all, masculine or feminine?

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I am of the opinion that men who have sex with men and then purport attraction to trans men, but not women, are not bisexuals but rather bullshitting gay men.

People lie out both sides of their mouth, in real life but especially online. He has never hovered anywhere near a vagina of any kind in his life. He thinks he looks cool and he doesn't have to back the claim up with any action, so why not lie?

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"Gender Addled Gays" good god, I hate these people. Biological sex is real, a true homosexual will not be attracted to someone of the opposite sex, no matter how well they pass. Get over it.

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Gay men being attracted to masculinity, and lesbians being attracted to femininity doesn't make sense. There are gay men that are attracted to feminine men, and lesbians that are attracted to masculine women. There are straight men attracted to masculine women, and straight women attracted to feminine men. By their logic a straight woman that is into feminine men would also be into women, but still be straight? Or would they be lesbian? I'm confused lol. (Edit: grammar).

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Gay men being attractive to masculinity, and lesbians being attractive to femininity doesn't make sense.

It's pure conversion therapy bullshit.

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Yes, it's reminiscent to how Rachel McKinnon, now Veronica Ivy (sounds like a porn-star name) stated that any sexuality other than pansexual is immoral because genital preference is immoral. I really think Queers and TRAs believe it isn't homophobic when they try to erase gay people, because they are also trying to erase straight people, and make everyone bi, pan, queer, omni, etc.

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Yeah even as someone that finds basically masculine/feminine women and masculine/feminine men attractive you can't act like there aren't different appeals for each one of those kinds of people. It's just delusion to argue sex characteristics don't matter. Like I find female intended clothing or at least styles both on women and men attractive but even down to how it fits on the body like the shoulders it is noticeable. Girls and guys can both cut their hair really short but aesthetically the appeal is going to be different for both.

If you are bi it's pretty plausible that you may be attracted to just femininity but at the end of the day being attracted to "femininity" still means you are attracted to two different sexes but who IDK wear pretty clothes, have no body hair whatever. The very important part the genital area still matters.

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As a lesbian, I'm only attracted to women, and I'm only attracted to feminine women. To me, these aren't really related because everyone has different interests; some straight men like tomboys, some gay men like bears, why does anyone like anything? However, sexual orientation is a natural unchangeable thing, whereas masculinity and femininity are more based on personality and what influenced you growing up, and most people's masculinity and femininity change over time. Masculinity and femininity change according to culture and time period, whereas homosexuality remains constant: same-sex attraction regardless of hairstyle or whatever. TRAs, on the other hand, really do not want to go down this road; if they want to keep their annoying NB allies, they can't say masculinity=men and femininity=women, or the entire idea of transgenderism will fall apart, particularly for gay trans men and transbians. The whole blue is for boys, and pink is for girls mentality is just really easy to poke holes in.

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I mean I will disagree in some regard. Sexual attraction is based on some instinctive physical triggers and some unicorn FtMs can pass to some degree and set off those triggers. The issue is that as soon as the shirt or pants come off it will freak me out in an uncanny valley sort of way.

Even if I were to overlook that physical ambiguity, the fact that the person is psychotically devoted to living in an alternate reality is a deal breaker.

So I can be sexually attracted up to a point but then the attraction falls off a cliff and yes the vast majority of FtMs will look nothing like the unicorns that they always present.

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I agree, they are attractive because your brain is assuming all the male parts are there. When the clothes come off then you can't not see they are women. Yet they act like it is weird that the vagina should change the attraction.

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So does this mean masc4masc is not problematic anymore, or just for when actual gay dudes are making personal ads.