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Ok so by their own logic they believe they cannot help being trans and thats okay, but if someone isn’t attracted to them they need to make a change (spoiler alert, sexual orientation cannot be changed)

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Also by their own logic cis people could use this arguments against gay people. A cis man cannot control having a penis, so a lesbian should have sex them. A cis woman can't control having a vagina so a gay man should have sex with them. Trans people can't handle the fact that their genitals are identical to that of a cis person.

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Ever notice how the word 'preferred' in reference to pronouns is now considered 'transphobic' because it infers a 'choice' of usage, but it's OK for them to refer to sexual orientation as a 'genital preference'? We've gone full circle to LGB being considered a lifestyle choice.

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Yes but they can control not calling themselves lesbians but they won't do that. That would make too much sense...

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They can control having a dick, though... not that it would make them any more appealing.

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Ugh this shit is so revolting

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Okay yeah they can't control it just like lesbians can't control their sexual attraction... so how do we solve this problem? You go date people that actually could like you and don't bother the people that never will truly find you attractive. Amazing solution.

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Gay people have been doing this since the dawn of time, lol. Most people are straight, and gay people are aware of this. We move on, spend time looking for people who are same-sex attracted and open to dating. Then again, most people whether straight, gay, or bi don't bother or start whole debates about how people should be attracted to them; it's mostly just trans, nbs, and incels.

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This is what the other end of the incel-to-trans pipeline looks like