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They've really deluded themselves into believing the entire world doesn't see someone with a penis and think "that's a man." I know being trans requires some amount of delusion but they need to dial it back a bit.

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Maybe he's not delusional at all. Maybe the chaos and bewilderment he causes is part of the excitement. Like a mixture of AGP and trolling.

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Pretty much most people around the world would either have him killed for being a "degenerate" or put in some re-education camp. Religious dogmatic nations in Africa/ME are not going to tolerate you nor would even some secular states like China. Iran might but you better like dudes or being celibate for the rest of your life. No idea actually how the people they force into transition end up though the point is to weed out gay people.

You only got a few spots of the world where some people would entertain you compared to the rest which would consider you just a freak, outcast/prostitute or a eunuch.

Plus even in the tolerant West it's more related to I don't want to upset x or I am worried about getting in trouble with x. Everyone understands basic biology we just pretend not to because we are "kind" over here.

I just wonder what is going on in this dude's head. The world is not California you idiot.