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The only reason "genital preference" is even a thing is because THEY have been working so hard to erase "sexual orientation". Like, THEY are the ones who came up with that phrase in the first place. But now we're in the wrong for using it.

No amount of acquiescence is ever enough.

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Just wait until they figure out when we say "preference" we're using kid gloves.

It's a requirement.

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Yes the idea of even saying "genital preference" is allowing their crazy framing to be assumed correct.

Like i consider myself to be gay but the presence of a dick doesn't define attraction. I don't want a MtF either. Number 1 it just seems like those people exist in an uncanny valley of what a human should look like and number 2 I'm not willing to get that close to people whose entire mental state could collapse at the drop of a pronoun. I would rather date a woman and be closeted.

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You can never, ever please these people, so don’t even try.

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TRAs invent a term. TRAs get mad when people use said term.

I saw something the other day of a changing room that was labeled for AFABs only and the TRAs got mad at it. Do you want people to use your terms or not?

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I'm sure they were mad because they believe that there is no reason why sex should EVER be relevant in daily life. "Your 'assigned sex' is between you and your doctor" yeah newsflash it's obvious like 99% of the time to everyone else who sees you out in the world, too. And sex is a protected characteristic in many countries, however much trans rights activists work to deny or hide that fact.

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"Curious how their preference is always for cis genitals"

Whoever woulda guessed most people want partner's with functioning genitalia for sexual and romantic relationships?!

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Thanks for the daily reminder why we shouldn't bother trying to be an 'ally' to these people.

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Curious how their preference is always for cis genitals

Maybe because "trans" genitals are always either an extremely poor simulacrum of "cis" genitals or else they don't match the secondary sex characteristics, which also happen to be a poor simulacrum of the real thing.

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Indeed, they should be saying "sexual orientation" instead. Also, sounds like a pool party is in order!

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Gender zealots invented the term "genital preference". Normal people don't think about insane shit like that.

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Wow thin ice huh? Well then lucky for them one of my favorite intellivision games is called thin ice. I'd rather lose the support of the narcissist community then my sense of identity. So they can go to hell. Except they'd never reach the shores as the gates are protected by cacodemons

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Why do they believe the only difference between males & females are genitals? They never bring up secondary sexual characteristics that separate males & females.

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That's ok. My support for trans delusion weighs in at 0. So that thin ice you're worried about will be doing just fine👌