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LOL. "I was a completely gender-conforming girl, so no one realized I was trans".

There really are no rules any more.

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I didn't understand I was trans for so long because I didn't identify with images of traditional cis masculinity (was repulsed by it even). But it's because I was actually such a little homo lol

Such as being the first kid in elementary school to wear make up, having a huge stuffed teddy collection, being fascinated with Golden Hollywood and black and white films, had a slight lisp, loved homoerotic movies and stories, etc. etc

aka "I was a typical boy-crazy feminine girl, which proves I'm such a silly homofag lol because that's what being a gay man is all about XDDD"

All these delusional and homophobic heterosexual girls are in for a rude awakening when they hit their 30s and can no longer sustain their ~sexy and cute trans mlm~ cosplays and realize they took testosterone and got hysterectomies and double mastectomies over an internet meme.

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Ahaha these Aidens aren't even tom boys I'm dying.

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my room was covered in posters of cute celebrity boys that I meticulously cut out of magazines. that and the choreographed dancing I would make up for fun.

I couldn't even put up band posters on a corkboard without my mother ripping them down. These girls really show their ass in knowing absolutely nothing about what being a teenage boy is like, let alone a gay teenage boy.

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there's a lot things I did as a kid that were so gay but because I was designated as a little girl, they went under the radar

Such as being the first kid in elementary school to wear make up

Gay men here, were you wearing makeup to school at the age of 10?

being fascinated with Golden Hollywood and black and white films

You know who else loves those? Straight women.

I loved fashion as a kid. I would have fashion shows and draw designs in little books.

You know who else does that? Pretty much every straight little girl.

Comparing genitals in a very touchy way with a friend (guy).

Sounds more like a victim of child sexual abuse.

I also really liked cooking and baking with my mom and my sister.

You know who else does that? Girls! Yeah. Honest. It's NOT a sign you are a gay man trapped in a woman's body. It's just a thing a lot of girls do. Boys can do it too. Boys can do it and be straight too. Shocking, isn't it.

loving cute animals, loving disney movies, doing ballet

THIS is why they think they are gay men in women's bodies???? Yes, IF they were born MALE and did these things, some people might have thought they could be gay males. But they were FEMALES doing these things. HOW is that proof you are a gay male in a female body????

And the one who had the crush on the boy who turned out to be gay -- yeah, could it be because he was not as likely to say sexually aggressive things to a girl than the straight guys would have? Could it be because he liked to talk? Could it be because maybe he didn't try to get her attention by bullying her? No. The reason had to be because she is also a gay male.

These are all 12 year olds, aren't they?

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The one who had a crush on a gay guy when she was a kid is 35 years old according to another post... and is obsessed with kpop. 1

The one who loves cute animals, Disney movies, and ballet is 31 (or 32 since their age was given 6 months ago). 2

The one who brought up her touching the genitals of another kid doesn't list her age, but her photo makes her look like she's in her early to mid 20s.

But yeah, they aren't pre-teen or even teen girls posting there. These are fully grown adult women.

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Lol some of them are starting to show signs of regret. One of them posted about testosterone making her obese and how bad this makes her feel. They really do think "T" is some miracle drug that will solve all their problems.

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These women are mentally ill, a lot of them are reacting to a toxic environment where their needs aren't met and they don't have the skillset or awareness to tackle their problems head on 🤷‍♀️

Just because this is so widespread doesn't change what it is. It has metastisized into a social problem but it's a million little tragedies all playing out in the same way.

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As a gay youth, i didnt do any of this. There were things that gave “hints” that I was gay, but these are just stereotypical girl things mixed with really stupid and camp stereotypes of gay men.

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They think all gay men are feminine like the highly annoying James Charles, so much for breaking the gender binary like they said, and getting away from harmful stereotypes.

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It's so offensive.

It's like when people think all women like shopping, getting their hair/nails done, want to get married and have babies.

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Such as being the first kid in elementary school to wear make up, having a huge stuffed teddy collection, being fascinated with Golden Hollywood and black and white films, had a slight lisp, loved homoerotic movies and stories, etc. etc.

Gay man here.

Let's see . . . I never wear or wore makeup, other than eyeliner a handful of times, but it was the early 1980s and punk was in. I never had a big stuffed animal collection. I never had a particular fascination with Classic Hollywood b&w films. Never had a lisp.

It occurs to me that all this is on the level of the strategies that a professional psychic or astrologer would use to demonstrate their powers and make the gullible think that person has magical insights when, in reality, it's all things that might be true of any number of people with nothing in common.

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Loving cute animals = gay man

Sure. Mmmk. Guess Im a gay man? So is my four year old. And my husband. And- well let’s just say I know a lot more gay men than I thought I did.

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had a slight lisp

Go fuck yourself with a cactus sweaty. That's very gay too, I hear. .

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It's like listening to a 14 year old's stream of consciousness navel gazing the first time they try pot or shrooms... Except they are that kid who can have anything he wants from that Twighlight Zone episode, and the adults are smiling in terror and playing along for fear of losing their jobs or worse if they question any of it.

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These are tiresome stereotypes of gay men.

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Straight-A student, perfect behavior, always reading, always crafting, always baking: a big generic nerd, basically.

loving cute animals

TIL my brother is gay. Wonder if his wife knows. Should I tell her?

But seriously, most of this is just typical girl behavior/interests, how the fuck does any of this mean they are really gay men inside?

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Their way of seeing gay men looks exactly like bottom gay men from yaoi. It's cutesy, and flowery, and feminine...

But those stories are written by straight women who make a living off of bad men's anatomy (some of them even draw the prostate on the wrong side) and autonomy. Additionally in a country completely uninformed about gay people.

And then girls from around the world suck it up and think this garbage is how it's like to be a gay man - stereotypes; Love it how TM want respect from gay men but their lives revolve around the lack of it for the other party.

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What are "gay things" anyway? The only things that make a man gay is falling in love with men and wanting to have sex with men. Everything else is just window dressing.

The fact that they mistake gay for "being feminine and liking cute stuff" tells me all I need to know about their level of experience with actual gay men. Sure, both can be true for a gay man, but they are not what make him gay.

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Reality has surpassed satire…

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We are living in clown world. 🎪🌎

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LMAO what those idiots do not know is that the majority of us gay and bisexual men are not the way they believe we are with outdated homophobic stereotypes...

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I'll put this to the women... how many of these did you do? I didn't get into old movies until I was older and I was not allowed to wear makeup 🚫 I think I snuck makeup to school the first time when I was maybe 14?

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being the first kid in elementary school to wear make up

I don't think anyone in my elementary school wore makeup.

having a huge stuffed teddy collection

Not huge, but I had some

being fascinated with Golden Hollywood and black and white films


had a slight lisp


loved homoerotic movies and stories

Starting around age 13 I think, yes, definitely