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They tried to silence r/GenderCritical, r/LGBdroptheT and all the other groups who disagree with their dogma. They failed to realize that there is one thing that people in liberal democracies detest: being told what to think and what to say. Transactivists overplayed their hand and now they are paying the price.

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And the reason it's going mainstream is entirely due to their own deranged behaviour. The delicious, juicy schadenfreude.

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I'm happy to see this report from ctv news a Network that like the cbc and global was bought by the prime Minister to spread his vision of truth. That said like chunkee said they played themselves out and are starting to wear their welcome out.

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This is a good thing and I'm happy to see it, however, there are many subcultures in Canada and elsewhere where lack of belief in gender ideology has been mainstream for years. Conservatives, minority ethnic groups, religious groups, etc.