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All anyone needs to do is Google pictures of the riots. It's mostly white people and several black people mixed in, which makes sense because it represents the approximate racial makeup of NY at the time.

It's not to elevate whites, it's just funny that they can't comprehend that the actual historical event doesn't follow their pyramid of race based virtue.

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It's just sad at this point how they keep beating this dead horse.

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But are they using the horse’s correct pronouns while they beat it?

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These people don't read books. Like, books on LGB history with real scholarship? Forget it. They just absorb propaganda on social media like sponges. And of course they love the false narratives where they're the heroes, and (white) gay men are the villains, because the trans movement is seriously homophobic.

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"You only have rights in the western world because of black trans women!!1"

This nasty dude can fuck off with his US centric horseshit. No, black trans "women" in the US weren't responsible for lgb rights in the west. Dude is pretending that lgb rights movements in other western countries didn't exist. No, it was all trans, trans, trans. Absolutely disgusting.

The transing of lgb history gets worse and worse. Now trans people saved all western lgb people.

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All hails the trans. ALL HAILS TRANS

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Homosexuality was legalized in much of western Europe before Malcom was even born. But Americans being egocentric assholes isn't anything new.

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Fuck you. Sincerely.

How would you like it if I took some flaming asshole from your country, then used him to judge you and all your fellow countrypeople? I try very hard not to do that, both IRL and online, because it's intellectually lazy as hell. But if that's how you roll, hey, I guess it's good to know.

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It's not just one asshole though, is it? That attitude of pretending they are 'number one' at everything and gifted all that's good to the rest of the world is endemic to their culture.

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I've lived here all my life and I have yet to meet a fellow American who thinks like that, but you do you. Not even very old, very patriotic people. Instead, like people in every other country, we're too busy complaining about it. YES, you can find some blathering idiot who will spew nonsense, but they've usually not traveled farther than their backyards, and they're greatly outnumbered by more realistic folk. I would advise getting off the internet, particularly Reddit.

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I'm American, and you're right that there are a lot of people like that. I have been around a lot of rednecks and they love America because "we're the only free country" and other such ridiculous nonsense.

Even the "realistic" ones still believe some myths like that America saved the world from the Nazis in WWII instead of Russia.

It's hard to say whether they are the majority, but they're a significant portion. And reluctant_commenter is right that the media only focuses on happenings inside the U.S. Just put an unlabeled world map in front of the average American (including me), ask them to label the countries, and watch them embarrass themselves.

We are a really massive and powerful country so there's a lot going on and it's easy for news outlets to focus exclusively on what is going in the U.S., other than very occasionally mentioning something one of our rivals like China or Russia is doing.

I mean, just look at the names of the public broadcasting services in a few English-speaking countries:

Britain: BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation

Canada: CBC - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

U.S. - PBS - Public Broadcasting Service

And it's really common for Americans to not have traveled "outside their backyards"; they're not some rare breed. It's more common in the ghettos in the cities (and these people tend to hate the U.S., but also tend to hate other countries even more), where some people have never even traveled around the whole city, much less outside it, but this is also a thing for rednecks in small towns who only occasionally go to larger towns for things like malls.

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We hang around different kinds of people, then. So be it.

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Lol. It's not like I hang around a bunch of rednecks because I love them. I have been around rednecks, ghetto people (a lot), and more average middle class people in small towns and larger cities. They're just normal Americans so yeah I've "hung around" them, but nowadays I wouldn't consider any of them my friends.

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Just commenting as an American to say... I would at least characterize American media as being very navel-gazey. One of the most frustrating examples of this that I've encountered recently is the articles that characterize the recent wave of US states limiting or banning child transition as being "just another conservative scheme to divide us all." Such a characterization completely ignores the fact that Keira Bell's case in the UK caused a huge ripple effect across the world in many countries that led to new legislation and organization guidances limiting or recommending against child transition.

We're not all assholes, though, lol.

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Yeah, and a neutral news publication doesn't exist.

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Right, LGB are "all the letters"! All the letters that are needed.

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Dont need to try, literally 0 of my rights come from “black trans women”. How many of them sit on the supreme court? How many signed the dec of independence or constitution? How many ratified the bill of rights?

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Try having rights without black trans women then

Already ahead of ya, dude.

Well, in US at least, in this context. So how about you move your whiny ass, take the initiative and stand for LGB rights from the rest of the world like your "black TW heroes" supposedly did in America, before you, you narcissistic leech?

Or will you just let "white cisgender" people do it instead (like in many countries they already did, before or after US), proving that they very much don't need you?

And don't talk like YOU need to be praised, just cuz you also happen to LARP as a woman. You did fuck all, just like those "TWs" you clearly don't know the history of.

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lets pretend, for a moment, that that's true: I would give it back if I could.

I'm serious, that was the biggest takeaway I had from reading Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold. As a young single person, the lesbian bars of the 50s and 60s and actual community would be of much greater use to me than the right to marry.

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Gonna have to disagree; I like having equal rights and not being discriminated against. But Malcolm Michaels Jr. ("Marsha") was a self-identified gay man, anyway.

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He was a gay guy who was a crossdressor/drag queen

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It's UNBELIEVABLE how often Stormé DeLarverie is written out of that night.

Known as the Rosa Parks of the gay community, one never hears of her.

I'm so sick and tired of hearing about Marsha and Silvia too.

I'm sick of hearing about LGBT b/c it's ALL about trans/queer/enby straight weirdos, not normal people.