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"TERF" doesn't even mean what it means anymore, to them. It's just anyone who disagrees with their view. That's why "TERF is a slur".

The original context was me responding how progressive gay men gatekeep male homosexual experience from other gays (like how woke gays say that you aren't gay if you don't watch drag race etc) to which a straight man asked me why do gay men bully bisexual men.

Don't respond, or if you do, don't even acknowledge the new question. That's their game. They throw a curveball at you and you start talking about something else, and then they ask about something else, etc etc. Just keep responding within the initial Q&A, and ask them why they are changing the subject. Don't respond to their reasons, just keep bringing it back to the original Q&A.

I know it sucks. I'm bi, and I feel all the negativity that gets slung at bi people, even when I'm not a part of the conversation. But we can't let it sidetrack us.

Don't deviate just because they did. Show them for what they are. Let them scream TERF and homophobic slurs over and over, let them choke on their own rage and harassment, and reveal their agenda to the world.

You don't need to drag your own voice down by engaging with bad-faith arguments. They're just gish-galloping leading to sea-lioning. Non-LGB are finally beginning to listen and see the truth because they're being targeted too.

The tides are changing.

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Good advice.

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Yeap, this. Hence my flair.

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You mean the people who say women can have dicks and men can have vaginas have failed to preserve the original meaning of their favorite anti gender heretic slur?!

I'm a TERF, you're a TERF, everyone who acknowledges reality is a TERF. I wonder why that term seems to have had more sticking power than "transphobe". It's kind of interesting from a linguistic perspective.

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I think we need a link for that fight...

I realized terf was meaningless when they started to describe ideas as "terfy"

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According to TRA’s the term still applies, just the F stands for something else

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Makes sense.

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Good on the other men for standing up for you and downvoting that coomer. Where is that subreddit? I’d like to join it.

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(like how woke gays say that you arent gay if you don't watch drag race etc)

What the heck?

These idiots are so small minded, and have zero critical thinking skills.

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TERF fascist

Pretty much anytime someone calls someone else a fascist or a Nazi these days, you know they're full of shit.

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The sad irony of this is that they are very close to being fascists while pretending to be on the left because they want to benefit from leftist social welfare programs but at the same time that they are useless to society they want to dictate social norms to everyone else.

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I've been called a TERF more than once. I've been banned for it. I'm a male, and I disagree with a lot of radical feminist positions (e.g. pornography).

"TERF" doesn't mean anything beyond "person whose opinions I hate" to these people. It's part of the bigger problem they have of their words not having actual definitions, just emotional connotation.

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You're basically a pre-op trans woman in their eyes anyway.