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We have every right to use a word we've reclaimed

Excuse me, WTF?

What did you reclaim exactly? You're a straight women who are larping as a gay men, you didn't reclaim shit.

You have no idea how is life growing up as a gay men, you do not have access to this experience, stop pretending you do.

You know what will happen if hardcore homophobia comes back? You're going to take the danger off your hair, quit your larping, and go on to live as the straight women you are.

You're not 'brave', never have been.

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You know what will happen if hardcore homophobia comes back? You're going to take the danger off your hair, quit your larping, and go on to live as the straight women you are.

Exactly. LGB people can't identify out of being same sex attracted. This is the best way to figure out if someone's an identity tourist, unfortunately.

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But you can't call them out on it until everything falls through, and then they can always say that they thought they were X or Y, but turns out...

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That's very true. We lose out even in that situation.

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Wait a minute, since when were mentally ill heterosexual women called f-slurs?

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Honestly, even if they were ever called that, and even if somehow they did have some sort of right to reclaim it, screaming it in someone's face while obviously angry and trying to hurt and insult that person is not reclaiming it. Even if an actual gay man did that it wouldn't be reclaiming it! The entire philosophy behind reclaiming slurs is to defuse the negative connotations of the word. That can't happen when you're using it in exactly the same way it always has been.

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Well said. A gay man shouting the f-slur in an obnoxious way is annoying at best.

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So... you're allowed to declare you're whatever you please but other people aren't allowed to say "please stop, I don't like being called that"?

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Oh no, she got called a she! Clearly this is worse than homophobia!

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This is the one who ended up assaulting a bunch of younger gay teenagers in that gay club and calling them the F-slur. Thankfully, she got doxxed and instead of relishing her sadism, she's now playing the victim card. But before that, she was mocking, trying to humiliate and being gleeful in her homophobia. I followed her tweets. So, you definitely do need to fight fire with lava with these people.

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Choosing to have it worse means you never had it worse.

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If you ladies had any idea of what the fuck gay male culture is like then you wouldn’t even demand to not be called “she”. The gay men I’m friends with still call each other “she” and “girl”. We’re all in our late 20s/early 30s so it’s not like some ancient thing.

You just want to appropriate aspects of gay culture you like (like being called slurs since they VaLiDaTE you) but push away the aspects you don’t like. And at the same time, you want to be treated exactly the same while also having special rules that only apply to you. That’s not how this shit works!

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I think part of this that would really trigger them is that when gays use these words they are usually razzing each other... Also include phrases like "oh she thought..." Or "bitch please" so that type of sarcasm or whatever is definitely a minor form of hostility which we usually laugh off and give it back... But to someone like this they take any hostility as a major aggression and then it's combined with the "unforgivable" act of "misgendering" they are really going to lose it.

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I was wondering about the girl and her thing among gay men, seems like they won’t be able to do it going forward.

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I definitely think younger gay men will stop this. Calling someone the wrong pronouns is akin to violence to them. The facetious way gay men do it, is probably a thing of the past 😥

I've seen them historically go back to trans the dead by saying they were referring to each other as "queens" which is a reference to female identity.

I could scream .

Can't wait for someone to ask why so many trans women in the past referred to each other by their chosen name of Mary? 🤪🤣

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"The homophobia you f*ggots faced(killed just for existing) doesn't even COMPARE to the TRANSPHOBIA!!!(no one will sleep with us 🥺) we've faced"

Fr tho, we need a new definition we can apply to these weirdos cuz clown doesn't even begin to come close anymore.

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They can’t help themselves with using slurs, can they?

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They want to not only just have their cake but eat it too.

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Axis? Like, the Nazis and the Japanese?

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I came to ask the same thing. I've never seen that one.

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Such weird grammar. I have a decent decoder ring but it still fails many times lol...

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I was wondering how old her friends were.

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I'm confused about the term "transmasc". Does it mean they identify with masculinity?

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I'm guessing it's people who want the social clout of being trans but can't be bothered to put in any effort to look the part.

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Or have any lasting effects if the tide turns and they eventually go back to being straight woman, which they will.

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Idk if many of the true believers actually think that deeply into it. I just see them as being lazy lol...

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I'd say it's definitely more laziness, but there might be those who are completely aware that it's an act and they don't have to do much to get woke points, or at least go to the extremes some go to.

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I guess they just trans by dressing and acting "masculine", which to them means wearing pants, getting a short haircut and being a rude s***head in this case.

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She sounds like a fucking homophobe. Damn heteros need to stfu and leave us alone

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Wait a minute, since Axis? Axis Powers? Is that what she means, or am I missing something?

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axis is a gay club. this turned out to be a long internet journey. Her friends betrayed her because she apparently bullies them so they revealed that she has a pattern of instigating fights with gays and harasses them, then calls them transphobic when they reciprocate.

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Ooh it's that chick. Yeah, I remember her.