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Did we forget most male feminists turn out to be rapists? They only pretended to be feminists to get close to women and get their guard down.

Male feminists are like Jewish nazis: inherently suspicious.

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That’s my suspicion of male feminists as well.

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Any links or examples of this phenomenon? Curious.

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Was the condescension really necessary there, dude?

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But as you apparently just came out of a coma

I was curious and wanted to learn. You're not going to persuade many people, let alone TRAs, if that's the tone you take with someone who's actually asking in good faith.

Thanks for the links.

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Fun fact: some say that his sudden transition had alot to do with ContraPoints coming out as a 'transbian', with it reflecting some sort of strange obsession he has with him.

This got even some people on /tttt/ to speculate like crazy about a supposed falling out between the two, with PT receiving the lovely 'Agpbigail' nickname. lmao!

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He was also an out of work actor in a pandemic that shut down all theatres. It's greatly boosted his channel and patreon. One minute no one had heard of him the next he's getting interviewed by the BBC. Amazing what a name change and a bit of lippy can do. Seems like the British version of Clymer.

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with it reflecting some sort of strange obsession he has with him

Yeah, he even mimics Contrapoints' video style, dude is hella unoriginal. At least if they are AGP then be original. r/WitchesVsPatriachy even had/has his video pinned on their sidebar

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Someone pointed to a ContraPoints video kind of subtweeting if you will Philosophy Tube dude, like a Single White Female situation. "I don't even know her". Which is too funny. They're both male creeps pretending to be women. Philosophy Tube must be the most pretentious asshole person I've ever seen. Neither of these people deserve anyone's respect, they're deluded failed guys with penises trying to dragoon viewers into their fantasies that they are women. They're attention whores in drag. Laugh at them.

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There's also an established pattern of male feminists being sexual abusers. I think trans identity follows along the same vein. Pathological sexual issues and issues with women

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It's like the Feminist label is just a cover for their true personalities.

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why do some hyper-woke men think that they need to be a grotesque caricature of a woman to be a feminist?

It's more about the clout that anything else I think. So many male feminists are shady and have ulterior motives. And now 'Abi' calls himself the Princess Of TERF Island. It's nothing to do with being an ally and everything to do with his image, his reputation, his fame, his clout, and his oppression.

Coming out as a trans woman is like their form of asserting dominance. Trans women's word is gospel.

Oh yeah this is the prick that compared having access to abortions "which are permanent" to puberty blockers "which are reservable" in his coming out manifesto.

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A child is also permanent, in a much more material way than having an abortion is. You can always have another kid, but once the kid's here, it's cruel and a crime to just kill it. It's here for the long run, even if it's profoundly disabled.

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Coming out as a trans woman is like their form of asserting dominance.

Totally. This is the grift of all critical theories but with AGP trans it is particularly hate-fueled and not simply a case of opportunism.

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Those kinds of people tend to have a lot of insecurities or self hatred being a man. That or they have some unironic sexist beliefs about women and think it would be easier to get through life as one.

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Male feminists are generally sexual predators. That's why they trans once people find out.

You change your name and appearance then you're golden. No one can call you by your "dead name" for fear of being harassed and you're basically immune to critcism.

A hundred bux says there's some very molested skeletons in this dude's closet.

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I dunno who that YouTube-r is ... did he previously identify as gay or bi? Is he now identifying as a lesbian?

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He came out as bisexual in 2019 and in January 2021 came out as trans, he says that the work of trans philosophers helped him to find his gender identity

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trans philosophers

It's rare that I hate two words next to each other as much as these.

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Normally, I hate it when gay or bisexual men announce they identify as women, because the dating pool for gay men is small enough. But given that it’s someone like Philosophy Tube, I don’t mind the loss at all. But it does bother me that he is perpetuating a myth that hundreds of millions of people have fallen for, that you can change your sex.

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Thank you! Needed some verification about his relevance for LGB, appreciate it!

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Don't forget Jim Sterling :/

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He's literally just a Contrapoints rip-off. Even as a guy, his style was a complete copy of Contra. I wasn't surprised when he decided to transition.

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I wasn't surprised either lol

His videos since 2019 were just copypoasted Contrapoints video with the lack of "transfemine UwU charm", now I guess his videos would have stunning and brave trans charm as well lmao

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As a male ive always considered male feminists to be abusers looking for easy access to women. These days feminism is distinctly anti male in rhetoric so the only guys signing up for it are doing it for reasons beyond supporting feminism.

Before the feminists here start jumping down my throat, i 100% back equality for men and women regardless of race or sexual orientation. Feminism is wokeness that that doesnt promote equality. Same thing goes for BLM and antifa. The answer to how we got here with the T is wokeness in all its forms. Wokeness is the slippery slope. As our resident racist "daddycummies" will attest, wokeness doesnt go far enough. They want all white people subjugated under "the oppressed." The goal of wokeness was never equality. It has always been the destruction of western society.

None of what I said means that many of societies problems that wokeness accurately pinpoints dont exist. What im saying is wokeness is just another problem. The solution is to love each other. Any idea that focuses anger on a segment of society (be that men, women, or any race) is never going to solve anything.

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