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Happy banniversary to my same-sex-attracted brothers and sisters! This is a great sub. It's comforting to know that despite the banning, the censorship and the gaslighting, there are still people who aren't buying this nonsense.

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I love this community ❤️ thanks to everyone and the mods!

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Remember to spread the word on reddit. We're still only a fraction of the size we used to be.

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Happy banniversary! I love this place so much, I need to have a sane-space where people don't pretend they're attracted to a gender feeling that doesn't exists. Thank you all for resisting against this dominant TQ+ narrative and speaking your mind!

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Happy banniversary! Y'all make the internet bearable 🧡

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When is the anniversary of the founding of the group though? Is must be close to three years...

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Do you mean the original r/DropTheT sub?

November 6, 2015 ... almost 6 years now!

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Wow! I joined the last one... was there one before? I know there was a mod who left who was really nasty about trans people. Wanted a hate sub I think.

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Are you thinking about u/electronicoffee? He wasn't a mod of the original DTT sub nor ours.

He was one of the main reasons I asked Reddit to allow me to take over r/DropTheT. I didn't like his targeting and animosity towards anything TQ+ and felt it was making the sub and our purpose look spammy and hateful. He eventually got banned from r/LGBDropTheT too.

We allowed the sub he made, r/DropTheTea, in our sidebar so people understood there was somewhere else to go if they wanted that kind of interaction ... but yeah, he was NEVER a mod with us.

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Happy Banniversary, everyone! Thanks to the mods for their hard work managing these subs and posters who keep them active and engaging.

Like stars, those pushing social constructs like gender identity have to expend copious amounts of energy to keep it imposing and dominant, but like gravity, the reality of sex and sexual orientation will win in the end.

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🎊🎉🥳 CEL-E-BRATION TIME C'MON 🎵 (can ya tell that I just learned how to use emojis on SaidIt?)

But seriously, merci beaucoup to everyone here (except the trolls), mods and members alike, for creating this oasis of sanity and keeping it alive. I feel like I'm hiding out with you guys during the Zombie Apocalypse, boarding up the windows, sleeping in shifts, trying to remain uninfected, and warding off attacks by the Horde. And hoping we all survive to see a damn cure for this thing!

💋 to you all (couldn't find the "hug" emoji) 💗💜💙

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These kinds of threads are the perfect place for celebrations and funzies, and you know what, emoji-spam your heart out!

Hug emoji: 🤗

Also, on a serious note ... it does warm my heart that you're finding something good here and a place where you're welcomed and safe.

Awwww, man ... 🤗 🤗 🤗 🤗 🤗 💋

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These kinds of threads are the perfect place for celebrations and funzies, and you know what, emoji-spam your heart out!

YAY! ◦°˚(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦ 🙌🍾🥂🎈ヽ〳 ՞ ᗜ ՞ 〵ง

Also, on a serious note ... it does warm my heart that you're finding something good here and a place where you're welcomed and safe.

🙏❤️💜💖🙏 (emojis are esp. helpful when you're all verklempt! :) )

Awwww, man ... 🤗 🤗 🤗 🤗 🤗 💋

And right back at ya! 🤗 🤗 🤗 🤗 🤗 💋 with extra MWAH 💋💋💋💋 and hell... why not more hugs, too? OLD SCHOOL!: XOXOXOXO :)

Hey, is it getting dusty in here all of a sudden... ? Someone must be cutting onions...? I'M NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYING 💧

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For anyone who isn't comfortable with this kind of positive feel-good stuff, and would prefer to rage against the machine

Hahaha, different strokes I guess.

Thank you mods for all your hard work in keeping this community running. I know for myself, having access to a place where I can talk to other LGB people and not be shamed for my natural sexual orientation, and also my anger and frustration with the modern "LGBTQ+" movement that is itself so filled with homophobia, has made a world of positive difference for me, provided me a resource and place of support I never would've had otherwise, and helped me come to accept myself.

Love talking to all you people on here. :)

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Thank you to everyone for all the sanity in a world going crazy.

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You're all so EVIL, and I love you for it. Mwah!

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Love you too Julien! 🤗

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XOXO being sent your way, my fellow T-dropper 💗

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Have mercy, I remember coming home from work, and seeing this sub, and r/RightwingLGBT banned.

My heart fell.

Some very lively and thoughtful conversions were had on both, vanished forever.

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Same here! I was at work all day, and came home to find out we were gone :(

I miss r/RightwingLGBT too, that was one of my favorite subs. That sub and their users actually helped keep me sane during our first Great BrigadeTM. There is s/RightwingLGBT here on SaidIt, but since site userbase is so small, it's not really active.

If you ever want to go down memory lane and peruse old r/LGBDropTheT, the amazing and spectacular u/trainingbluejay created a website and scraped together as many archives as possible!

Speaking of ... u/trainingbluejay, if I find a dead link and managed to locate an archive to share to update it ... what's the best way to reach you to provide it? Here on SaidIt, create an account on, etc?

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Hey, that's terrific about the archives, thank you.

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You miss it because you're a racist f@ggot.

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Noice. Leaving this one as a receipt.

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This is a great sub. I really appreciate that only half the posts are /u/Chunkeeguy obsessing over trans people on Reddit, and the rest are just people crying about how lonely and miserable they are because they can't stop obsessing over trans people existing.

This is a positive place ❤️

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It's been great having you around too, we've really enjoyed having to manually review every single one of your hostile comments before banning you for being a troll.

Thanks for shitting up the place though, it really does well for the reputation of TRAs and improving our own views.


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It's like they love us so much they just want to prove on a daily basis how right we are to not want them in our community. <3

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They can't resist. There's no self-control or moderation or insight at all.

I visit some offensive and downright hostile subs and forums. I don't like knowing it's out there, but pretending it doesn't exist isn't gonna change that. So I'd rather hear what others have to say and see if I can understand where they're coming from, even if I don't agree with their view.

When I've had a drink or 5, sometimes I get the urge to respond and engage.

But before I hit submit/save on my drunken blabbering, I ask myself, "is this going to make a difference at all? Am I just drunk enough to think that my opinion matters to them? They don't want me here, and didn't ask for debate or the input of the other side. Maybe I should hold off and look at this again tomorrow when sober-me is awake".

99% of the time, sober-me is glad I waited, and I cancel my reply. Because I realize that all I would be doing is stirring the pot, and that doesn't change minds or influence anyone. All it does is make me look bad, and slowly ruin the credibility of whoever or whatever I'm representing.

TRAs don't do that. There is no impulse control. In all likelihood, most of them are teens, physically or mentally due to arrested development. Humans need puberty for (among other things) our brains to develop certain pathways and networks, and they're eating blockers like pez. Young adults who did go through puberty still aren't going to have strong skills since they aren't getting any practice, and instead are being hugboxed and dumbed down.

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Temp ban? She(?)'s still going.

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The original account, and then the second account that was made later, were banned. Permanently.

Not sure why you're asking about "temp"? I never said anything about that. If you reviewed the ModLog (which is publicly available), it shows that the ban was permanent.

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Ah, guess I didn't see the second account/the usernames were so similar I thought it was one, so she didn't seem banned to me. That's interesting, how do you view the ModLog?

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how do you view the ModLog?

It's linked in the sidebar, in the box with all the mod names and how to contact us as a group.

It's called "moderation log":

EDIT: screenshot:

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Oh we can never forget trans people exist, they remind us about their status as most marginalized of all time. I can’t wait for September to arrive so I can celebrate trans appreciation month #4. I plan to center them all that month.

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Aw thanks sis 🥰

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Indeed. A much more positive place than the numerous pedophile & predator filled "trans" subs that target countless vulnerable children. Brainwashing Convincing them into undergoing irreversible surgeries and HRT so they can "feel" like the identity they've been lead to believe they are. 🧡

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Maybe you should focus your hate on the ones who are providing him with all that content.

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Ah, yeah... we're the ones who are obsessed...

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Sorry I missed this thread on the day, but: Cheers. Thank you for quickly giving us a place to regroup.