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Yes, actually, I have survived an alien invasion. An alien invasion of my life and goals and successes by mother dearest. Thank god I am finally out of her home once again 😌 freedom is sweet but at the same time I feel like a pressure cooker ready to explode with all the accumulated steam

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I feel you. I had to stay at my mother's for a few weeks while some work was being done on my house and I'm finally able to go back home today after a tense few weeks. Mothers can be great but they're sometimes a nightmare to be around.

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Father's Day in my country, so I bought my dad a card and some chocolate sweets. My siblings and I also bought him takeaway dinner.

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Hope it's okay to post this here. Does anyone have any idea why I can't view Imgur posts linked here? When I click on them it takes me to the site and all I get is a blank grey page.

I've tried going to the Imgur homepage which works as normal but it's the same there if I try to click on a thumbnail. I've opened an account to see if it makes a difference being signed in but it hasn't. I've tried messing around with settings on my browser (Safari) and tried using a VPN.

I've run out of ideas now. TIA

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I've been running into this problem lately whenever I access the site from an non-US IP. Can you try setting your VPN to somewhere in the states and see if that helps?

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Thanks for the suggestion but it hasn't worked unfortunately.

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Finally found a workaround that does work. In case it helps anyone else I found a discussion on reddit that suggests adding .jpg at the end of the url. That's worked so far on the couple I've tried.

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On a related note, sometime in the last couple of weeks (/.vn /.ph) seems to have added a captcha. I imagine they are dealing with a fair bit of targeting given all the stuff they save and won't delete.

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I notice that they do that most often under 2 conditions:

1) If I've been mass-archiving things back-to-back (like 5 or 6 articles within seconds of each other)
2) When they have THOUSANDS of items in the queue to be archived (I JUST went to archive something, and it's registering at number 12,642 in the queue)

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I really wonder if they can handle all the increased traffic and archiving demands they're going to the get as more and more history is at risk from being scrubbed from the net due to being politically inconvenient. Because I'm not seeing many alternatives other than waybackmachine and they're compromised(they pick and choose what to keep).

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I have consistently run into the CAPTCHA since first noticing it, even if I only archive one thing in a few days' time, but it stopped making me solve puzzles after the first few, at least. But, whatever it takes to keep them online is fine by me.

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I'm ok with a captcha, too. It's probably the case that they're being attacked by censorious agents, but it may also be the case that this is a reaction to a genuine increase in archival demand.

I wouldn't be too surprised considering how popular it's getting to edit older articles, definitions, and wiki pages because they are 'inconvenient', and remove comments/posts on social media for wrongthink. Internet archival is a need that is increasingly hard to satisfy, at least the way it's done now.

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I have the app on my phone and it works fine.

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Struggling to find a garden hose sprayer that does not suck. Between internal valves leaking and the 58 settings--of which I only use one or two--getting clogged up with hard water deposits.

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Anyone else enjoy riding electric bikes or some other personal electric commuting device? I've recently started using one. I've been big on biking since I was very young, but my area is extremely hilly and so I would always expend most of my energy furiously pedaling out of the immediate neighborhood long before I even got to the flatter places where I could really cruise at the higher speeds that I wanted to. I'm too lazy and inconsistent with workout routines to maintain the leg strength/endurance necessary for any serious biking, so electric really saved me in that sense so I can finally have some fun riding within my locality whenever I'm in the mood.

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I know they make some electric assist bikes. You've still got to pedal, but there's a button to push for the electric boost. For hills, maybe?

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Took a brain break for a couple of weeks, might be a bit scarce a while longer, dealing with a homophobic predator offline. Getting them separated from their pool of fresh targets is gonna take a while. Apparently they think it's fun to target bisexual women for relationships and then shit all over them. Not quite like any other creep I've ever encountered. So consequently, in numerous conversations privately about this, I have heard feedback that quite a few people I know have observed that right-wing homophobic men actually do target bisexual women for sport by pretending to be interested in them for relationships. Including concealing the extremity of their political / anti-LGBT views in order to get sex or emotional attachment.

Apparently this is actually a thing in the world.

Sorry to bum out this thread, but that's why I'm quiet right now...there is only so much repulsive behavior I can contemplate at one time.