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To play the devil’s advocate, there are gay men who are deeply closeted so they get married to women and occasionally have sex with them just to have babies or convince themselves to like it, hoping it would become an acquired taste. It’s a tragedy, but it does happen.

That being said, there are bisexual men out there who insist that they are gay, and they sleep with women. And some people genuinely believe that these obviously bisexual men are gay, because they see being gay as a personality, or think that simply being attracted to men is enough to make you gay, or they think that gay men are sexual deviants who would sleep with anything that moves. There was a miniseries called Bob and Rose, where a “gay” man falls in love with and marries a woman. Obviously he’s bisexual, but the character and the show in general insist that he’s still a gay man who “loves his wife for her personality” and some other bullshit. No. If a gay man truly loved a woman for her personality, they’d be best friends or he’d treat her like she’s his sister. If you’re bisexual, just come out and be done with it, and if you’re gay, then you have no desire for the opposite sex whatsoever.