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I generally keep my mouth shut on social media. Can't afford someone going nuclear and contacting work or something. I am trying to think of something to post for June 28 which is when the Stonewall riots happened. Something positive commemorating Storme and not acknowledging revisionist myths surrounding the event. Amplify the positive, I'm trying.

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Same boat. Gotta play the game !

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With my "JK Rowling was right" mask.

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Ask if there is an LGB group for same-sex attracted people not involving T. "This seems to be primarily a T group. Can someone recommend an LGB group?"

Then watch them pile on there are transbians and all that shit. So what if they ban you if they weren't serving your needs in the first place.

I will NOT play nice with the mentally ill, esp those who want to erase my existence. Isn't that what T accuse the world of doing to their little sexual fetish group? Erasing women and homosexuals is fine by them though.

Sex is real. Gender isn't. Say no to gender.

We need a campaign like that.

Call me a "gender-denier" -- bring it on.

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I've started referring to myself as a gender atheist when people bring up this stuff, I don't believe in any religions, this new-age woke gender cult is no different.

I really like the "Say no to gender."!

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I stay as far away from Pride as possible.

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regarding social media, i generally keep it pretty neutral and share "consider both sides of the story" pieces. i shared the 60 minutes piece that was generally pro-"trans healthcare" but included a few interviews with detransitioners, because a lot of people are just unaware detransitioners exist. i also shared Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's new essay. so i'll do things like that occasionally, with the hopes that people will look deeper into the issue and realize things are not all as they seem. i always get likes from normie straight people on my posts so i'd say that although there are still people are getting sucked into TQ+ bullshit, there's also many who are quietly waking up to the fact that there is at least another side to this mess of a story. but no i'm not gonna go full "lesbians don't like dick" on facebook lol, TRAs love doxxing and contacting employers and they have a lot of clout right now.

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I have my own little techniques. I always say non-trans instead of cis, birth sex instead of gender assigned at birth, sex instead of gender, etc.

That usually catches the attention of the typical TRA on the prowl for wrong-thinkers. So then they call me a 'transphobe', I ask them to elaborate, they can't so they get all angry

And then it's all there for onlookers to see our conversation. And it's up to them to decide who is the more reasonable one

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Hahaha, that sounds like a great idea. I especially agree with using "non-trans"... how else would a person define "cis"? If a TRA defined "cis" as "completely comfortable with their gender" then I would put out that many/most "cis" people are not. But then that might invite further debate.

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Well, wouldn't many trans people supposedly be 100% comfortable as the opposite gender? And since we know absolutely that a trans person is 100% the gender they identify as, then it must be the case that they are completely comfortable with the gender they "are" because they are supposedly the gender they identify as.

Oh wait, you can't make such pathetic definitions for shit and expect any logical application to work properly

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All I can do is cringe under a rock. I wish I had a way of discreetly telling people that "LGBT" just means "T" nowadays, because if speaking outwardly about it doesn't get me banned, it gets me dogpiled (usually with the Stonewall Retcon).

About the only recourse I can think of would be to "play dirty", do things like exemplifying the worst of them using sockpuppets. But not only would that blow up in your face if you're caught, it would also give ammo to the "this never happens!" crowd by letting them claim that every trans person who makes them look bad is just a sockpuppet/plant.

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I think it's a lot easier for me because of where I live, but I'm open about opposing most trans legislation and not using their pronouns. I can explain AGP to the uninitiated and explain why homophobia drives gender identification. I'll also point out that gender identity and sexual orientation aren't the same thing.

If anything, I have to spend more time defending gender non-conformity to the people around me than I do having to convince them transwomen are men. To many people I know, men looking like women is a problem in itself.

I got away with not using someone's pronouns at work last year by pointing out that you don't use pronouns to someone's face and that acknowledging that someone is female is not, in itself, an insult.

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I think it's a lot easier for me because of where I live, but I'm open about opposing most trans legislation and not using their pronouns. I can explain AGP to the uninitiated and explain why homophobia drives gender identification. I'll also point out that gender identity and sexual orientation aren't the same thing.

Wow, that's awesome.

If anything, I have to spend more time defending gender non-conformity to the people around me than I do having to convince them transwomen are men. To many people I know, men looking like women is a problem in itself.

Wow, that's not awesome. Good luck with talking to people!

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Moments ago I was just referred to as an “LGBTQ person” in the singular at work. 🤮 So I’m apparently doing a pretty fucking bad job at it.

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I'm older, of an era and place in which lesbians often proudly called themselves "dykes." If I were you, I would respond very sweetly, "I'm not an LGBTQ person, I'm a DYKE."

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I’ve unfortunately come to have distaste for “reclaiming” the word. It’s usually used as a slur against more masculine lesbians, which I am not. My girlfriend doesn’t like the word because it has been used against her a lot in her life including within the last year, whereas it really doesn’t get wielded against me. And for people who call themselves that proudly, I’ve come to associate it with MtFs and political lesbians (basically, non-lesbians).

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It's too bad that the word is a slur now / cannibalized by trans-identified males. Dyke is such an effective, strong word. The womyn I knew back then were all about being dykes, or rather, DYKES, whether they were femme or butch or...

It's just so friggin' sad that society is going backwards in regards to gay rights and gay PRIDE, not the F-ing freak show/Alphabet Soup parades that pass for "PRIDE" now, but lesbians proudly proclaiming and celebrating their homosexuality.

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I'm not really able to be open about it so what I do is pretending to be on "their side" while also showing a bit of critical thought process and nuance especially to new people. I will barely mention the T and just comment on some stuff I consider too obnoxious and that way people even agree.

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I'm in the same boat, and I do this, too. Even getting people to think a little bit about the topic is a win, I think.

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This is a great question. :)

I guess here's what I've been doing:

  • Suss out friends/acquaintances' opinions about the transgender movement and about LGB people - I try to probe my IRL friends and acquaintances a little to see how they felt about LGB-adjacent and T-adjacent topics. I wanted to do this originally because I was hoping to find a few people I could confide in a bit, and to some extent, I have (a win) but I've come to realize that it's also a valuable exercise in watching out for my own safety. A couple people I've talked to made remarks supportive of physical aggression towards anyone who is not staunchly pro-T-- and I'm talking about straight people here, they aren't even trans!

  • Read a lot about LGB and detrans experiences - It feels like there's so much good material out there to read that I can't keep up!

  • Sharing articles - If I see a news article or essay, I try to post it to this sub.

  • Reading about other movements similar to the TQ+ movement - The TQ+ movement operates off of this sick sort of "hierarchy of oppression" where you supposedly have more value the more "oppressed" you are; identifying as transgender is on top of the pyramid. I've been trying to read about similar "pyramids of oppression" found in other demographic groups such as people with disabilities, neurodiverse people, race, etc. I kind of wonder if it might be helpful to take a much broader look at the whole issue; Queer Theory is just one of several popular frameworks. And it seems like there might be a bunch of other demographic groups currently under siege in the way we are, particularly, other invisible minority groups. (If anyone has reading suggestions, feel free to let me know!)

I'm not sure what else to do but curious to see what other people are doing.

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I crossed out "transgender" as a sex or gender option on the new patient form at my gynecologist and wrote in "biological sex is dimorphic in humans" (something like that).

Then I asked the gynecologist if she really thought that humans could change sex.

Then I told her that most children being sucked into the transgender fad are actually gay, and that lesbians, gays and bisexuals have formed organizations in part in order to save gay children from transitioning and becoming expensive and wretched lifetime medical experiments when they could have been happy and healthy gay adults instead.

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How did she respond?

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She said that the office put "transgender" on the new patient form to make transgenders feel included, but of course she knew that biological sex was dimorphic.

To be fair, she was one of the best doctors I've been to - an obviously very intelligent woman - and, as I was spewing facts and figures about how mostly homosexual minors are the ones being sucked into the fad of transitioning, and giving her the details of how disastrous it was to their mental, emotional and physical well-being, I could tell she was processing it.

But then I mentioned that the Biden administration had just changed Title IX back to what Obama had changed it to, i.e., changed the definition of "sex" in Title IX to include "gender identity." This will mean that any US boy at an institution that accepts federal funds (or it might be any school) can self-ID as a female and enter girls' locker rooms/participate in girls' sports, etc.

The minute I criticized Gender Joe Biden, she snapped and said (I'm paraphrasing) "This office is free of politics" and then continued the examination as if I hadn't said a word.

As someone who remembers when Americans could DISCUSS the NUANCES of politics, and often come to some agreements, I am so sick of both sides marching in lockstep with their parties and never stopping to think critically about something as important as turning biology on its head to the detriment of impressionable GAY kids.

Especially when this movement to turn GAY kids into eunuchs is being push under the guise of supporting GAY rights.

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The minute I criticized Gender Joe Biden, she snapped and said (I'm paraphrasing) "This office is free of politics"

A lot of what is holding us back is media conditioning. I do mean conditioning in the literal sense. Democrats are above reproach and unreachable.

I can also see a doctor developing an allergy to discussing politics in her office after how politicized medicine became during Covid.

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A lot of what is holding us back is media conditioning. I do mean conditioning in the literal sense. Democrats are above reproach and unreachable.

Oh absolutely. If I didn’t come face to face with the girldick squad, I would be stuck in the morass too. It’s not going to make me a Republican but it’s sure as hell going to get me to think critically about how I’ve come to the political positions I have and whether or not my interests are being represented by the people who I’ve voted for and claim to support my interests.

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I would have believed the gynecologist that the office was free of politics had there not been WOKE signs displayed all over it. (I don't know if you're American, but, in the last few years, many Americans have put yard signs up that proclaim how tolerant they are - I call them WOKE signs.)

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So she had a kneejerk fear of criticizing Biden. Not at all unusual.

I know exactly which signs you're talking about!

Where I'm from, we say "the bigger the Bible the bigger the sin." I think of that everytime I pass a comfortable two story house with one of those signs out front...

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Yes, sometimes people who bang on the loudest about their own virtue who are the biggest offenders. We had a neighbor growing up who donated huge amounts to the church, but I was convinced he was a pedophile.

The people in my neighborhood with the WOKE signs seem to be genuinely good people, however, note how the gender lobby has stuck their propaganda right into the middle of some of the yard signs?

Just like the gender lobby used LGB as sword and shield, they are now Trojan Horsing BLM, etc., to normalize their own outrageous demands.

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I think there's a specific reason BLM and trans get lumped together in propaganda.

BLM is every bit as ass backwards about race as the gender movement is about women's rights and sexuality. The rioting destroyed black neighborhoods and has directly led to the highest year-to-year murder rate increase ever recorded in the U.S., almost exclusively of black men killing each other. NPR wants to blame the pandemic. It wasn't the fucking pandemic. It is fallout from the wave of terrorism that their listeners were funding with charitable donations. Violence begets violence. It will take years for the black community to recover from this and many young people will be killed or have their lives ruined.

Do nice upper middle class people care? No.

They are insulated from the destruction. Financing and promoting these domestic terrorists makes them feel like good people. They don't want to know the truth.

I highly recommend investigative reporter Andy Ngo's book about Antifa if you'd like an alternative source on last year's rioting. It's a solid introduction to the roots of their national network in Portland and also goes into how they receive positive media coverage and why. Ngo has built himself up as a muckraker of progressive Democrats, he's conservative (and gay!) so you'll not like his opinions but his information is the best you'll find anywhere.

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I don't really understand why we celebrate Pride here in the Netherlands. Gay sex has been legal since 1811. We legalized gay marriage in 2001, America didn't even fully legalized gay sex until 2003.

Pride just seems like such an Americanism and American culture coming to dominate. I just don't participate in Pride and I don't understand why anyone here does. Especially when they go full in on it acting like Stonewall was some pivotal event for their own rights. Having to hear people who were born and grew up here tell me to learn my history and thank trans women of color for my rights is so aggravating. No, fuck off, you learn your history and thank Napoleon for his legal code that legalized homosexuality.

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I wish other countries would just shut the door to American cultural exports. They are almost never a net positive.

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I do what I can to spread the word about this place