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Notice how most of the replies are like "im open to it" 🙄🙄🙄 Fucking liars.

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Fucking liars.


If these liars were as open as they claim to be, maybe Aideens wouldn't complain about being rejected in the frequency they do.

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While there is no shortage of gay men who unwittingly buy into the TRA bullshit because they still think of trans people as Mrs Madrigal from Tales of the City, I don’t believe most “gay” subs on Reddit are representative of them. Most are now modded by straight women larping so any dissenting voices are quickly banned.

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Exactly the same as with subs meant for females like TwoXChromosomes. They've been colonized by gender larpers, so no authentic, hard discussions can be had about where to draw the line where it's no longer acceptable for males with personal identity issues to have access to women's spaces.

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From what I understand, AGB is where all the true gay men go ... BECAUSE all the other Reddit subs are hug boxes. AGB as a sub allows the real perspective. Gay men are being confined and ousted, just like true lesbians were.

I don't think all gay men are based, but I do think that based gay men find their way to AGB.

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I have my doubts. I live in a gay mecca. Lots of trans supportive Instagram stories in my feed. Everyone is obviously full of shit. It's like when the gay community tries to be about body positivity but in reality it's the same muscular hot dudes getting all the attention. Not that I have a problem with that, I'm just annoyed with the performance of it all.

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How many masc 4 masc guys posting gym rat pix on Grindr would hook up with a tiny female with her breasts amputated? None. Gay dudes gotta stop the woke shit. A man over 30 with an average body stands very little chance with these same men posting trans garbage. No "old guys," no men of certain races, nobody who isn't muscular to a comic book level (and fair enough, you seek what you want) -- but at the same time saying TMAM. Stop lying.

Honesty is dead.

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This. This comment is so fucking based. So true.

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You're really underestimating the popularity and appeal of bear types.

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The popular bears are still hot men. I consider them in my original statement.

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Bears <3

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I'm not sure what the issue is that you're describing.

Is it that gay spaces are being taken over by hug-boxing TQ+, or is it that gay spaces are focused on physical attributes/features instead of something else?

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My annoyance is the gay community at large saying one thing and then doing another. So saying "trans men are men " and "I'd be open to dating a trans man" and of course they never do.

It's the same idea about gays who preach body positivity but at the end of the day everyone just wants the hot dudes.

I don't care the community is appearances based, it's because we're men. Male homosexuals who want to fuck other hot guys. Why do we have to keep putting on this false pretense about what really motivates us ?

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My annoyance is the gay community at large saying one thing and then doing another. So saying "trans men are men " and "I'd be open to dating a trans man" and of course they never do.

The problem is we don't know how much of it is hypocritical, inauthentic virtue signalling, where they tell themselves it's true but never actually expect it will happen to them and don't give it any real though, and how much of it is virtue signalling for fear of being otherwise ostracized from their social group knowing full well they'd never sleep with a heterosexual woman even if you paid them. I don't like the idea of lying and contributing to the public perception that gay men really have the hots for heterosexual women with identity issues, but it is what it is; the peer pressure is really strong, and it's undeniable TRAs have a lot of clout currently in mainstream LGBT. Though more pushback is exactly what we need to stop it...

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My annoyance is the gay community at large saying one thing and then doing another.

While it’s certainly not a uniquely gay issue some have made an Olympic sport of this. It’s a purity spiral of everyone trying to be more open-minded and inclusive than the next person until their brains have fallen out and the entire alphabet is forcibly attached to LGB.

Anyway, I have wanted to make a post like this for a while, about common hypocrisies we observe among LGB people. I would say I’ve observed gay women getting indignant at the dies of being presumed to be straight while simultaneously assuming every woman she meets is straight as a default unless proven otherwise.

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Exactly. The groups of gay men you see on the hugbox subs are carefully curated by TRA mods weeding out anybody who has the wrong opinions. So someone browsing a sub like gaybros is likely to think all gay men agree with the post - but it's only because the ones who don't have been banned.

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Askgaybros is the last holdout because of the pretext of the moderator where he just believes in "free speech" and that usually leads to the transexuals brigading and trolling. Every 3rd post is a transexual posting ridiculous things and then the more coordinated brigading where they try to bait people with "would you ever date a trans man?"

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Consider also that Reddit’s userbase skews younger and kids are absolutely being taught sexual orientation in a way where up is down. Does the younger generation actually know what gay, lesbian, bisexual, and straight are?

How many articles are there about men having sex with trans-identified males being totes straight? And how some lesbians have penises and can get other lesbians pregnant?
Or the feckless and delusional misandrist fake lesbian women in r/AL who claim they “love dicks, just not when they’re attached to men.” These are the people controlling the discourse about what the sexual orientations are and whining about gatekeeping and inclusivity. But where are the articles with headlines telling lesbian trans men that they’re totes straight and have transed away their gay and can now have heterosexual sex and relationships with women? Or headlines trying to convince lesbians that they’re straight or bisexual now their female partners identify as straight men? I guess that’s just a little too on the nose. They know there are more gay and bi men who would love to indulge their same-sex attraction while cloaking it with the label of heterosexuality and arming them with moral high ground to beat others over the head with should they question the shiny veneer or heterosexuality.

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Consider also that Reddit’s userbase skews younger and kids are absolutely being taught sexual orientation in a way where up is down. Does the younger generation actually know what gay, lesbian, bisexual, and straight are?


Last time I checked, most of these subs were mostly populated by middle-aged creeps trying to larp as kids in a very creepy fashion.

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Sorry to clarify I don’t mean the people in the hijacked LGBT and trans subs but rather the enablers, enforcers, and the mindless affirmers who think they’re closer to the issues than they are. The ones who think they’re allies in a battle for life and death. They are often young and female in my experience, or just young (since Reddit is overwhelmingly not female).

I really do feel like this group of people has a very different sense of what “gay” is and think of it more as an esoteric internal identity, a lifestyle, and/or a set of stereotypes and prescribed roles (e.g., this top/bottom nonsense among young lesbians). No wonder “homosexuality” sounds like a bad word to them. And it is inherently suspect when L G or B have criticism ld Q or T but ragging on and denigrating LGB is a TQ pastime.

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That sub is beyond a joke. I was permanently banned last year for saying gay men don't want pussy. I asked about my banning and the mod's message was, "Blatant transphobia will not be tolerated. Go be a bigot someplace else."

Homosexuality is inherently transphobic now, hehe. Well so be it. Can you imagine going back in time and telling gay men they will be banned from gay male spaces for saying gay men are not attracted to the female body? Lol, what a fucking mess we're in.

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Makes me so mad.... This is gaslighting an entire generation of gay youth and I'm supposed to just sit by and watch it happen?!

It shouldn't be a "hot take" to say gay people don't like people of the opposite sex, it's in the name 😭

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One of the Gaybros mods, DCLawdude, is a major TRA and a general asshole.

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Yeah he is a massive massive asshole, also mods GBCJ. He is the queen who will never date a FTM lest get his dick close to a vagina but he will virtue-signal and convince other gays to do what he wont

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It’s all because of mod infiltration. AGB is safe for now, but if they get a mod in there we are toast.

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Mod infiltration is key here. Ever wonder why subreddits that are pro anarchy or anti- police are all of a sudden pro-lockdowns, even though you need a government and a police force to implement lockdowns? Yeah, mods ban you from these subs if you speak out against lockdowns.

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Mod infiltration

Yep. This was how the TRAs gained control of the gay male group I used to belong to and imposed LGBTQIA++++ on all of us.

BTW, that group's website has really died. No one I used to know in real life posts there anymore.

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My sister is the only one I know who posts on Reddit. Naturally, she believes there are mire than two genders.

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These huggers need to put their money where their mouth is. Otherwise their replies are only gonna lead her to more heartache when she’s faced with real gay reality.

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The problem with most gay subreddits is that they have at least one TRA or TRA-sympathetic mod. Gaybros has one, as do AskGayMen and AskGaybrosOver30.

All you need is one TRA mod with the power to ban users or remove content, and it changes the whole tone. People fall into line to avoid conflict.

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Exactly. Brian_Kinney, DCLawdude, etc. If you even hint at the fact that you don't consider FTMs gay men or PiV sex gay sex, bam banned. And you don't get a jury of your peers to appeal that ban to, the decision is taken by one single asshole and that's that.

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    We suggest using the following terminology instead: trans-identified (fe)male, trans (wo)man, trans natal (fe)male, trans people, FTM / MTF

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    We can say “Trans Identified Male/Female” but abbreviating that exact phrase isn’t allowed? Seems silly.

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    The fuck's a "trans natal (fe)male"?

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    Do you happen to remember that person's username? I'm curious.

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    boy, was that a depressing read! I try to avoid shit that I know is going to upset me and like a fool I clicked on the link... What a downer - a sub ostensibly for gay men is full of virtue-signalling hand-maidens and their trans "boy"friends, and on Reddit of all places! 🤣 Sorry, I'm finding the whole situation with (some) other gay men hard to deal with and so must resort to humour... I prefer to go on thinking that we all feel like we do on this sub and the majority of guys on AGB - what's wrong with a bit of an echo chamber if it allows us to feel okay about ourselves? Exposing myself to this TRA bullshit and the general alphabet soup fuck-storm isn't good for my mental health...

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    Every other space for gay men doesn't have gay men there.

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    Yep. Now, I don’t like AGB because of how hostile that subreddit is to people who express opinions that go against most neoliberal narratives, but I have to respect the subreddit for standing up for gay people who don’t want to date transgenders. It’s sad that this subreddit is the only gay-related subreddit where the mod, and the majority of its users, understand these basic concepts of consent and sexual orientation. All of the other LGB-related subs on Reddit are cucked. And these same idiots wonder why Hungary just passed a new law yesterday against LGBT propaganda towards teenagers.

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    I seriously wonder how many gay men are forcing themselves to have unpleasant sex with females because of this, how many are bisexual men just calling themselves gay, and how many are virtue signaling gay men who are just lying and would never actually put their money where their mouth is.

    Regardless, lesbians and gays who aren’t interested in lying or forcing ourselves into unwanted sexual situations need our own places because I can’t relate to these people at all.

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    "Imagine thinking AGB is based lmao what a bunch of delusional gaycels"

    Oh, you wanna talk about delusional, huh? 😏 "You need to be open to hetero sex for me to respect you" seems pretty out there to me.

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    Look who's talking lol

    These twats love to project, don't they?

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    They do, the lack of self-awareness is wild!

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    GarlVinlandSaga = Thesilentchief. Love how he's reading every post and then warning people. Dudes obsessed ! Lol

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    I just looked up their reddit profile out of morbid curiousity, I'd be surprised if they were an actual dude and not another fujoshi. They're claiming that agb is a " TERF radicalization chamber now" on account of the bros turning down Aiden's strap on. 🙄

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    It's a dude. He had an old account he deleted. Responds to almost every comment in any AGB trans related posts. He's actually admitted in the past he has no interest in trans men, but is obviously a social justice warrior. Feel like his obsession with us , is a case of the lady Doth protests too much.

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    Ah, so just a regular hypocrite. He'll probably be on the receiving end of trans-identified rage eventually, for being noncompliant himself.

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    The worst part of this IMO is that hundreds of young gay men will end up traumatised by forcing themselves to have sex with "transmen" due to these charlatans and pied pipers. How can they look at these people and think, yeah she totally acts/looks like a gay man 🤣