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“Same gender attracted” is the dumbest concept in the entire world and completely erases the concept of gay and lesbian physiology.

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Cisgender, or simply cis, is an adjective that describes a person whose gender identity aligns with the sex they were assigned at birth.

So, since I don't believe in gender that means I'm not cis and all the TRAs can stop calling me cis now, right?

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How about "cissy"?

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How is gender identity different of gender expression if you just said gender is a social constructions of norms, behaviors, and roles?

They expect the entire world to keep up with their religion when they can’t even do it themselves. :’D

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“Gender expression” exists as a term for two reasons: (1) so that lazy, narcissistic people can pretend to have a gender identity and claim to be “trans” without any semblance of a transition so they can just respond “gender identity is different from gender expression” and maintain some kind of moral high ground; and (2) to explain away sexism and homophobia because it’s obvious that discrimination and harassment cannot happen from strangers based on ideas in our heads that they have no way of knowing about, so they needed to come up with this bullshit to explain that.

Except what if I don’t think or intend any of my clothes or how I present myself physically to be an “expression of gender.” So what explains the harassment and discrimination now? Presumed gender expression and presumed gender identity, of course. Or maybe they would tell me that I’m expressing my gender whether or not I do so knowingly or intentionally because they always know my thoughts and feelings better than I do. 🙄

I would like to see a case where someone is accused of the latter and uses the defense that they make no presumptions about gender identity ever because they don’t believe in it as a concept. I would love to litigate that.

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Gender is now male female and non-binary, the other 70 genders seem to be tossed.

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And what even is "gender" anyway?

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Gender means bullshit

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"In my community, in the queer community, with a lot of trans and nonbinary people, we all frequently remind each other or remind ourselves. It's a sort of constant mindfulness where you are always catching up a little bit," they say.

"You might know someone for 10 years, and then they let you know their pronouns have changed. It's going to take you a little while to adjust, and that's fine. It's OK to make those mistakes and correct yourself, and it's OK to gently correct someone else."

How does anyone think that that's an appropriate way to go through life? "It's so difficult to keep track of all of my friend's different pronouns and sometimes they change them on me so I'm always getting it wrong and walking on eggshells around everyone, but it's totally okay! At least I'm respecting everyone and wasted a lot of excess mental energy in the process!"

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It's absurd how much they expect the rest of society to shoulder their burdens and essentially suffer the constant, exhausting, ever-changing set of demands on language and denial of objective reality.

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Notice the "queer community" doesn't include gays and lesbians. What does gender identity and transness have to do with being same-sex attracted?! Nothing, except homophobia pushes alot of gay and straight people to transition...

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Yep, these people have been using gays and lesbians for years to work their nonsense into public consciousness and now they're finally at the forefront. "LGBT" is associated with pronouns, genders, and supporting the transing of children. They bad mouth gays and lesbians constantly but the truth is they still need us/our history to bolster their narrative and presence. They just love comparing their "struggles" to the gay rights movement.

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And considering so many people have some kind of mental health issue, especially ones to do with executive functioning issues, I'd say it's pretty damn ableist to expect people to expend their limited mental energy (or spoons in woque terms) to make your smug little ass euphoric for a few seconds.

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You know what they're like?

Prima donnas (and primo uomos)... except without any talent!

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this whole concept of "affirming" "identities" seems like such a miserable way to live. constantly focused on your self-perception and how others interpret it. what kind of psychological prison........ ok, no more identities. from now on we just exist and relate to each other as normal fucking people

also, I don't know what it is with these people and hideous aesthetics, but that art is ugly

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But how else can people feel special?

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Maybe they could try getting a personality?

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Psst, don't ruin it for them but they think being gay is a personality.

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What I find interesting about illustrations in woke media is that a majority of people (if not all, in some cases) drawn are people of colour. Is that to say that only people of colour are into this gender woo woo, or that they've become the majority?

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It's because ~diversity~

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Diversity apparently doesn't include white people because they're not diverse enough, even if they're a sexual minority and/or disabled.

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Not even close. "people of color" are the main ones offended that white males are bringing in real struggles of oppression & what their ancestors went through, & comparing it to someone not being able to get sexual/romantic interest. It's insulting to them. These individuals who "identify" as something they're not & having mainstream media & money behind them is happening, because these are predominantly white males identifying as trans if you go behind the curtains. They use "people of color" as a mascot, but behind close doors it's predominantly white males into the "gender woo woo".

If "people of color" were truly the predominantly ones "identifying" with this nonsense, I guarantee mainstream media would not push it nowhere near as hard, or fund it. Simply put, people of color are mascots for this nonsense, but talk to them & peek behind the scenes, it's predominantly white males complaining about not being able to "identify" with what they're feeling at the moment.

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Beyond the Gender Blather, this article is not accurate. Maybe because NPR gets money from the Gender Lobby (I just saw mention of NPR's monetary ties to Arcus, but, sadly, didn't bookmark it)

Intersex people are not a third sex: they have a Disorder of Sexual Development, and are either male or female. In fact, their intersex condition is tied to whether they are male or female.

Intersex associations and individuals have repeatedly asked that their conditions NOT be used by lgbTQA+ to encourage the entirely false belief that sex is a spectrum, or that there is a third sex made up of the intersex.

And yet, over and over we see "reputable" media organizations use the existence of the intersex as "proof" that gender ideology is based on biology.