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Bisexuals like this are very harmful to the bi community because fucking no one likes the uppity, holier-than-thou attitude of the hearts not parts bullshit.

We get it, you like both, you're not fucking special. Go be in your bi circles if you want to talk about both. Don't go into gay male spaces and try to shame them for not liking both.

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Yes, this is binormativity in action. Bisexuals need to accept that at least 95% of people are orientated only towards one sex.

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Is this a thing bisexuals do, or is it a thing regressive TQ+ crazies do?
It's like lecturing gay men to stop fucking children just because a lot of child molesters are gay. Don't equate the commonalities to be the problem.

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No one ever said all bisexuals. If you don't do this, good for you. However, these people are bi, and it's important to acknowledge that. A "gay man" who likes men and "trans men" (women) is bi.

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I’ve seen some good commentary from SSA-leaning bis on this. The attraction to the same-sex is straightforward, and ever present and works the same as homosexual attraction. but the opposite-sex attraction only pops up when certain qualifications are met, only happens under specific circumstances, and is triggered by attraction to other aspects of the person’s body all as part of the whole. This literally describes the “I like dick + trans men” crowd perfectly. Dumbasses just don’t know what SSA-leaning bisexuality looks like.

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I'm one of them and that's 100% correct.

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Oh sorry I didn’t mean to preach to the choir. I just feel bad for SSA-leaning bi’s who know they’re bi because no one is aware of their experience so there is little community or self awareness from other bisexuals too busy identifying as gay or queer or whatever and pissing off homosexuals in the process. I really think homosexuals and SSA-leaning bisexuals as a group could get along so much better because we share so much in common like the potential is there but until ppl understand and accept the meaning of basic words I don’t see how that’s possible unfortunately.

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Haha you're good I'm just backing you up.

until ppl understand and accept the meaning of basic words

I can't wait for that day.

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The attraction to the same-sex is straightforward, and ever present and works the same as homosexual attraction. but the opposite-sex attraction only pops up when certain qualifications are met

Also me. (Except you know, original parts and accessories.)

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Can't blame him for loving pussy, but not on gay bros, very lack of respect

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I'd like to think that's a troll. I would never go on a lesbian sub gushing about amazing, wonderful dick yum yum yum! Oooooh so good mmmm penis, right lesbians? I'm so bi! That's right, ladies, bisexual! Next time you think of bisexuals remember me!

Especially since no one who would sleep with a transman is going to openly admit they have a vagina.

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I think it's a troll post even though it's not a troll account. User is a TRA based on other posts and has almost never posted on that sub before.

Why specifically post that on AGB when you're not a participant?

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Yeah, I think you're right. It's ragebait.

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I doubt it's a troll, the account is 8 years old and has 900k karma

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Yikes, its legit.

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"How do you kill that which has no life?"

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At least he’s acknowledging he’s bisexual. But bisexual men normally come on r/askgaybros to talk about dick and other gay stuff. This particular man is either delusional or ignorant of mono-sexual orientations.

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I just scanned the post history. The only other post on askgaybros I could find dealt with having sex with a pregnant woman (On AGB?). There was some older post on gaybros, but he's hardly ever participated on either subreddit or any gay-themed sub.

He seems to be a nurse and is a bit of a TRA and a big defender of transing children.

So there's definitely something odd about his suddenly appearing on askgaybros with TWO posts about having sex involving vaginas. My suspicion would be that even thought it appears to be a legit account, he's trying to stir shit up using what may be a fake story.

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Confirmed as an axe-grinding TRA; Acting all innocent.

It's JuS A sImPLe qUeSTIOn guizE😇

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This could also be true. These fake stories are all written in similar styles too

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It's def not for everybody, but I guess I've always been a bit hetero-curious. Was surprised how much I like it.

It's good that a nurse recognizes transmen as women.

It's bad that he's posting that there.

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Now that he’s craving pussy or whatever how long until he starts fucking masculine GNC women who don’t even identify as trans. My guess is not very long I mean he was “hetero curious” (bisexual) to begin with and has a preference for masculine presentation. Give it time folxxx

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Oh, I think the ship has long sailed on the hetero thing. This is pure malevolent instigation and he deserves to be incinerated for it.

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Why does he post it on askgaybros? Propaganda of course. "You can learn to love pussy too!"

Of course sexuality don't work like that, but how would a bi man desperate to signal his own wokeness know that?

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Aye because we know what gay men really crave is fanny.

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this is how the power dynamics work within gay/lesbian spaces and why we need barriers. it's not that these people are evil but we really have to start asserting our dignity. I mean, in his eyes it's not so wrong to talk about homosexuality in "heterosexual spaces"...because the whole country is heterosexual. So why cant he do it in "gay spaces"? And i looked at his account, he's not a troll. They keep pushing and pushing and pushing and then run off to bisexual subs to call us evil bigots, slander us and remove whatever empathy heterosexuals have for us when it comes to homophobia because this is presented as, "look at how they hate heterosexuals because they dont like me pushing conversion therapy in their spaces".

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SSA-leaning bisexuals do exist and sometimes don’t accept their bisexuality until later on in life so this could have been an appropriate post about a bi man accepting his bisexuality if it was posted in a bisexual men’s sub and phrased like “just realized I love pussy after X years of thinking I was gay, any other bi guys go through this?” but instead we have... whatever the fuck is going on here.

I mean, at least he admits he’s bi.

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I need a drink.

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The vote tallies on each comment give me life.

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Everytime somone posts a reddit link here, thesilentchief goes to the thread to warn them.

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This behaviour from some bi men towards gay men is not hugely uncommon, but I have never fully understood the motivation.

The whole world caters to heterosexual sex, it is normalised and celebrated, yet they choose to discuss it in the miniscule space reserved for those who are not heterosexual. Why?

I went to a forum dedicated to heterosexuals sex and started talking about how "cock is driving me wild", I would expect a negative response, I am off topic, and talking about the literal opposite of what the people in the forum are there to talk about. So why do some bi guys do this? I assume it is internalised homophobia or biophobia - that the space is "too gay" and that is some how perceived as a threat, is it that they feel the space should cater for all aspects of their sexuality (despite being marked gay) and so post explicitly not gay stuff? I am uncertain ?

It seems weird that we can apparently only talk about how gay we might be in one direction.

I mean yeah dude! Gay only goes in one direction ...

Also - Hello again Silentchief, you browse here as often as I do!