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My partner and I are hosting the first party in our new house next weekend. (We haven’t been able to have anyone over yet because of the ‘rona.) She’s at work today and I’m off. So, I’m doing a bunch of chores to make sure things look nice for everyone (e.g. mowing, putting together new patio furniture, washing the windows, etc.). I’ve completely sweat through my shirt, but it’s going to be so worth it when our friends are here.

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That sounds lovely, I hope it goes well!

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Thank you! ☺️

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Sounds good!

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Nice. Hope it goes well. What type of house do you have?

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Just a regular American suburban house. We aren’t super fancy. lol

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Is that true you americans have horrible commute just to live in bigger houses out of the city? Why do you hate apartments so much? lol

And when are you going to marry? Wish you an happy life.

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When I’m in my 30's and married, I plan to buy a house in a village or a small town. Close enough to amenities within walking distance, but small enough to have a tightly knit community. Ideally, I’d like to to build two tiny houses, one for me and the husband and one for guests. Though maybe I’d buy a two bedroom house and then build a tiny house for guests.

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Village life sounds really lovely. It’s a bummer very few American towns are set up like that. We chose a basic suburb because the cost for a nice, new 3 bedroom house is what an old 2 bedroom that needs a lot of work would cost in the city. We plan to build in the country when we retire though.

Try doing an air bnb in a tiny house the next time you’re on holiday to see if you like it! I have a friend who loved everything about them on paper, built one, and found that he hated it.

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In Ireland villages are still a thing. They have been losing their populations to the cities recently, however, many are moving back to villages because there are many benefits of living in a village. In a village, housing and mortgages are relatively cheap, you know most of the people in the village so you can depend on them more, you’re near a farm so you get to taste the produce first, and you have more land so you can grow vegetables in you garden. I plan to live in a city for a few years go get work experience, but after that I’m moving back to my hometown (of 25,000 people) or I’m moving to a village near my town or near the city. As long as public transport is frequent. I can’t do country living, I can’t drive because of my disability.

I will definitely try out a tiny house before I build, just in case it’s not for me.

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I come from little town too. That's gay death there. I envy your confidence you will manage to be married by 30. If I was lucky enough to get a wife, I would prefer town living too. Hate the city

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Yeah, it’s hard to find a man in a town or a village. All the gays moved to the city. The problem is, city living sucks. And the cosmopolitan culture of the gay community has done a lot of damage to the gay community. What I loved about Mykonos, Greece, was that it has 15,000 people living on the entire island, and lots of gay bars. It was small, but gay.

I get that gay people are 2-4% of the population, so it’s easier to find each other in the city. Plus, most of the jobs are moving there. And if you come from an anti-gay family, well, in city most of the people don’t know who you are, so it’s easier to be open about your orientation. Problem with city living is that everything is expensive, your house is small, you don’t have a garden to grow crops so you have to buy all of your own food, if your neighbours are noisy you have to deal with it, traffic is terrible, the police are brutal, crime is worse, most of the people don’t know who you are so you can’t rely on them, and woke culture is able to thrive. European cities aren’t as bad as North American cities, because European cities have an abundance of public transport and most of the buildings are old and beautiful. But as soon as I’ve met a man and we have settled down permanently, we’re moving to a village.

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I agree. One of the things I hate the most about homosexuality, it it that forced you to stay in bigger city just to have a chance of meeting. I've met some from smaller, towns, the woman I'm talking right now lives just in 25000 people town, but just luck. Introverted are better for smaller place. Younger years are better in the city. But from a certain poiint, town in way better. And yeah, at least european cities are safer and better organized than american ones. USA sounds like hell to me. Let's hope you can realize your village dream

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Thanks. Best of luck with the woman you’re talking to.

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Maybe I'm too hard-nosed, but my immediate thought was "rent that guest house out!"

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I’d be putting my second tiny home on AirBnB or alternatives. I watch Living Big in a Tiny House, good channel.

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That sounds so relaxing, have a great time.