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this is what i've been saying... they're not actually interested in consensual relationships of mutual attraction.

they objectify heterosexual and homosexual people as validation tools and sex/romance dispensers. and therefore they get offended when bisexuals actually express interest in them because it doesn't play into their fantasy. it's honestly sociopathic. meanwhile they're bitching on twitter and elsewhere about how no one will date trans people and hurling slurs at homosexuals. these people can go to hell for all i care.

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He wasn't even scorned. He just blew up because he didn't get the validation of having a straight dude want to suck dick. Entirely predictable.

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"Hell hath no fury like a transwoman wanted by a bisexual man"

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Fuck me, Bigot!


How dare you fuck me, F*****!

There's just no pleasing these people.

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Hilarious. That's confirm they're into people for validation. Bisexuals aren't validating of their delusion.

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Which is why these people hate bisexuals so much.

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Which is hilarious given how often we are expected to want them because we're bisexual.

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The doublethink is insane, it's hard to keep up

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Don't point your brain at crazy.

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Wow. So the fact that a bisexual might actually want to have sex with you is not good enough because a bisexual would want to have sex with other men, too? I didn't even see any implication that the bisexual man actually saw the other man as a man or woman, just that he was bisexual and has been with both men and women.

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Maybe trans identity is internalized homophobia guys, idk.

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Imagine being angry that someone accepts and wants you for who you are. Even after you tried to conceal it from him, which could have upset most people even if they were okay with dating a transwoman.

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The object of this game was to be rapey one way or another: Either by coercing consent, or by claiming false victimhood. Mission accomplished.

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Cognitive dissonance - it is his sexual orientation which is why he finds her sexuality appealing as another male!

If you limit your dating pool exclusively to those who can’t find you attractive, you will not get a lot of dates.

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The bisexual man has dodged a bullet.

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Yeah and this is exactly why I have no sympathy for the trans people whining about how hard it is to get dates as a trans person. You know there's all these transwomen who are rejecting straight women, gay men, and bisexuals who might actually want them in favor of chasing straight men and lesbians who will never want them. Same for transmen rejecting straight men, lesbians, and bisexuals in favor of chasing straight women and gay men. Like no shit you're going to have a hard time finding a date if you insist on chasing a group that categorically has no interest in you.

Also, the sheer hypocrisy of this fucker. Getting mad over this guy not wanting you "as a woman" when you're not wanting him solely because he's same sex attracted. Bitch IMMEDIATELY getting hostile when you think he might be gay and flipping out when he confirms he's bi. And the funny thing is that this dude didn't even really say anything to imply he thought this nutter wasn't a True and Honest Woman. Literally all he did was EXIST as a bisexual.

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I'm guessing the trans-identified male was really getting off thinking he was tricking the bi guy, and when the illusion was shattered, he realized he couldn't get any more sexual pleasure out of this and flipped out.

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Pretty much, because if the bi guy was straight, then the trans women is a woman. But since he's actually bi, then there's no fantasy material left and the trans woman is a dude. The fantasy was ruined an the trans person got angry. Kinda like the way that when you give narcan to someone overdosing on heroin, they can get very very upset with you for saving their life, but they don't see it that way. They were high and now they aren't, and you're responsible.

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Kinda like the way that when you give narcan to someone overdosing on heroin, they can get very very upset with you for saving their life, but they don't see it that way. They were high and now they aren't, and you're responsible.

Great metaphor.

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Between last night and now, I think I read that entire thing. I was enthralled by the candor.

Special mention:

There's more projection here than a fucking planetarium Jesus fuck

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Microfiction is really popular right now. I bet i could take that and submit it as "A One Evening Romance".

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