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I've sent r/LGBT mods a message, to shame them for their decision to ban a gay man* who dared to voice his opinion on demisexuality being a sexual orientation. Once my arguments became unbearable, they've muted me and asked their pedo friends in admin team to get me a warning.


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Oh I am late to the party but I got banned in one day at XX. Those women and "women" are so pathetic. A bunch of whiners. Some people were telling it like it is and they banned me for defending women who have real issues.

The post was basically some (probably) white girl complaining about catcalls (all they ever experience apparently) and her intense paranoia. If you think half the population want to rape and kill you maybe seek some therapy.

But I'm the crazy one... Sure.

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Got banned from AskFeminists for saying feminism should be for females.