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Liberal heterosexual celebrities come out as "queer" because being part of the ~ LGBT community ~ is now trendy. A quirky personality trait. Queer is wonderfully vague; they don't need to specify what exactly makes them "queer," and it's considered inappropriate to ask for clarification. How dare you! It's her identity! So, what is she? Bisexual? A lesbian? Trans? A gay man? (Remember, anything's possible in rainbow land!) No one will ever know. "Queer" is announced, added to the bio, and only ever used for woke points. The "queer" label soon gives them tremendous confidence to speak on all LGBT issues ("As a queer person, ..."), usually taking jabs at lesbians and gay men. These celebrities, typically het-partnered women (hello there, Jameela Jamil), are almost always massive TRAs. You see this exact same behaviour in regular everyday liberals, whether it's on Twitter or your LGBT university club.

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Oh yeah, it's such a meaningless label. You really have no idea what they even mean by it. It's crazy

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Yes this. Whenever I see someone self describe as queer I never assume it mean they are actually L, G, B or even T. Some are of course but most of the time, as you say, it's het coupled people who I assume find that fact about themselves too boring. It's such a reversal of LGB campaigning from a few decades ago where the goal was that your sexual orientation should be unremarkable and not say anything about you as a person. It's really not headed in the direction I thought it would. I often wonder where we would be now without the influence of internet and social media.

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You've articulated the problem better than I have been able to up to now! Thank you!

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I'm noticing that the new trend seems to be for everyone to define themselves as 'pansexual'. I saw an slideshow listing all the celebrities who call themselves 'pansexual'. Remember how JoJo Siwa, the 17 yr old Nikolodeon star who looks 12, recently came out as a lesbian? Nope, now she's 'pan'. How does she know this, you might ask? Has she even had a sexual relationship? There's something very skeezy going on in Hollywood where celebrities are no longer allowed to be gay or lesbian unless they're trans.

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That’s a fairly typical article:

It’s great and important that peoples who appear to all intents and purposes to be straight call themselves queer (unspecified meaning). Followed by dropping the words homophobia and transphobia and our dire mental health outcomes. And the solution is proposed - pronouns and the enforcement of gender norms - or third classing those who don’t fit them.

Is it just me that feels that straight people hinting that they might be a little bit spicy, and people refusing to actually come out as what they are does less than nothing for social acceptance of those of us who can’t play peekaboo with our sexual orientations.

Crack on with being straight and give the air time over to people who are not to discuss the issues which we face.

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Is it just me that feels that straight people hinting that they might be a little bit spicy, and people refusing to actually come out as what they are does less than nothing for social acceptance of those of us who can’t play peekaboo with our sexual orientations.

Nope, not just you. They treat it like a pretty bauble. "Ooh shiny! Look what I have."

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While there are nuggets of truth breaking through (like how coming out as gay is still a a Hollywood career death knell whereas coming out as “queer” or throwing around the word “queer” while living a visibly or functional heterosexual existence is a career boost), this whole conflation of sexual orientation and gender throughout the article makes the discussion rather meaningless.

Where are the young out and proud lesbians of Hollywood? That casts the article’s mention of Ellen/Elliot Page in a new light that is not being discussed. Nothing these celebrities are doing is helpful for me because it’s meaningless and confusing. There was a time when seeing celebrities like Ellen Page coming out as lesbians was at least a bit helpful.

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Keep in mind this is Costello press, so most of the things they write are bullshit and out of touch.

Edit: mixed up Murdoch press with Costello.

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Everyone has a tacit understanding that queer essentially means straight.

I have a personal theory that it's a way to acknowledge some same-attraction (which a lot of straight leftists secretly have a fear of, and are on a constant hunt to expose) while signalling obedience to these same homophobic liberals.

Basically, you're announcing "I'm not completely straight but I might as well be!" So brave.