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Hopefully it makes it through production.

I've noticed more broadcasting agencies and more reputable publications starting to poke their heads out and say "but what if all of this bullshit really is just bullshit?" in a few water-testing exercises recently.

They're setting up escape routes. They see the GI ship sinking, and they need to be able to say "Well we knew all along that they were wrong!". The cat's been getting out of the bag in a big way, and all but the most idiotic woque corporations are starting to run risk management on the trans cult.

Journalists that can smell the scandal and the remaining Doctors with integrity are more than likely going to lead the charge in the professional sphere. Phenomena like SuperStraight and movements like the LGB alliance are starting to gain more ground in the social sphere. I think we have reason to be hopeful - if things progress fast enough, then even the most airheaded leftist politicians won't try floating this shit anymore. It'd be career suicide, just like how up until recently it's been career suicide to question the gender cult.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics just stated that they will fight for "transgender children" state by state and in the courts and on the national stage. Obviously BOUGHT by Big Gender. So not sure how long it's going to take to get the corporations, organizations, etc., to back down.

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Big Gender can't buy them all out though, and one leak sinks a ship. The schism is there, and corporations are clearly in 2 minds about these things as opposed to practically all of them going all in, as it was even just a few months ago.

Further, this is a terrible move by the cult's part. People are already wary about this, and now they're going all in on the militant "activism" on the topic of children specifically. This is more likely than not going to peak a LOT of people - especially if they try to slam "hate" movements that have appeared in opposition that many people already know not to be hate movements.

Children's safeguarding is the big concern that people have - tras pushing to get those little boys pumped full of estrogen is not going to help their current PR issues.

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I do think that people are becoming more aware of the puberty blocker issue. I have had conversations with random strangers in the last few months in which they've brought blockers up, so I hope word is getting out.

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Wait really??? They're doing a segment on detransitioners on 60 minutes? That's amazing!!!

I know people who swear by that show! I'm going to have to see if I can talk to some people.

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My fear is they won't air the segment. It sounds like they're looking for people to interview so it's still in the pre-production stage. Most likely the Trans Lobby will shut it down, and it will be shelved. Maybe we should all write to 60 Minutes to say how eager we are to see the segment?

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Maybe we should all write to 60 Minutes to say how eager we are to see the segment?

Great idea! Any idea how we can do that?

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60 Minutes

524 West 57th St.

New York, NY 10019


PHONE: (212) 975-3247

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Someone high up at CBS (they own Showtime & the CW) pushes the trans agenda, which you can see in their programming. I'll be surprised if this makes it to air.

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60 minutes is iconic. I used to binge it. Great stuff!

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These people speak with such conviction about a documentary that precisely none of them have seen and that may well still be in production. It's incredibly depressing.

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Even beyond the scandal of transing kids, the very existence of detransitioners casts doubt on all trans people's claimed identities and rights. Their demands are a lot less convincing when any one of the trans people bullying their way into our spaces and dating pools, and insisting we accept that they are and always were real women/men, could detrans at any moment.

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My whole thing when they try to silence detransitioners or anyone who says things they disagree with is- it shouldn’t matter. It shouldn’t effect anything. If what tras push is right, true, and accurate, if it’s not rapey, homophobic, misogynistic, or even delusional, there should be no problem with people pointing out certain things. If anything, tras are helping everyone see these things they protest. I would never have heard of “super straight” had they not freaked out about it. I wouldn’t have even heard about the jkr stuff, I’m not a “Potter Head” and I didn’t particularly keep up with anything jkr says or does, they brought her tweets, and then her amazing letter, to my attention. They’re helping peak everyone lol. And now I know a show I don’t ever watch is going to possibly air an episode that I definitely want to watch.

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This exactly. I only found out about JKR and all the trans issues because the mods of r/popheads pinned a post calling her a T-RF. I had to google the word, then I googled JKR's tweets, and that lead me to peak within minutes. If they never complained, I'd probably still be blissfully ignorant. So, by all means, they should keep complaining!!! Let them show the world that they're basically kids having a tantrum.

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it's pretty much the Streisand effect, the more they try to censor people the more publicity it gets and the more peak.

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I hope the folks at @60Minutes know there’s a human toll to their irresponsibility.

Hystrionic personality disorder confirmed?

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I hope this documentary gets produced and distributed. I want to watch it.

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OK, now here's some gossip!

Jenny Boylan, heterosexual, married to a woman, father of 2, trans identified male, former co-chair of GLAAD, is claiming that HRC is "on it" regarding the 60 Minutes detrans documentary.

Wonder what "on it" means - is HRC going to try to shut the doco down?

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Why is a straight man the former co-chair of an LGB rights organization...

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Because these orgs are no longer about LBG rights - there's no money in that now. In 2019, Human Rights Campaign came out and stated that they were focusing on transgender issues.

The fact that T demands are incompatible w LGB rights seems not to matter to former gay rights orgs.

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I believe his co-chair was a bisexual woman married to a man.

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Well, still bisexual-- far cry from a straight man in a wig.

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The "spicy straights" have taken over LGBTQWTFBBQ++ organizations. Half the LGB and most of the "normal straights" don't know it. I wish this weren't reality, lol.

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Trans activists don't treat detransitioners as victims of medical malpractice, but the same way Scientologists treat ex-Scientologists.

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Ding ding ding. You can't leave the cult.

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You nailed it. That's EXACTLY it!

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You'd think at some point, trans activists could smell the hypocrisy just dripping off of them.

One on hand, they say that trans people are so marginalized and need a larger voice. On the other hand, detrans people are such a small fraction of trans people that journalists and others should focus on other people in the trans community.

I mean, why focus on a tiny percentage of people instead of focusing on the experiences of the vast majority? (Paraphrasing an actual comment said on the thread without a hint of irony or understanding)

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"for the same reason we would rather they focus on gay people rather than make a whole special about "ex-gays". Transphobia is just recycled homophobia."

I really wish the mainstream media would squash this false equivalence so people can get it through their heads that being gay and being trans are in no way the same.

Anyway, as a desister this makes me very happy and I will definitely be watching.

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The dishonest comparison made me realize... I've met or seen online countless desisters or detrans people but never an ex-gay. For how rare they pretend it is, that's interesting.

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That's an amazing observation! Good point.

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Apparently people who want to detransistion are the same as "ex-gays" from someone in the comments.

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Wow.... that's just insane.

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If the documentary does go ahead and air can somebody please record it (assuming they don't post it to an official YT channel like some similar shows do) for those of us outside the US