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Thanks to reluctant_commenter, everyone here knows I (FatBlackKat) was banned from ActuallyLesbian last week for a very simple comment that a moderator wanted me to clarify, but I'd blocked her awhile ago for annoying me. Moderators are the enforcers of censorship and make my skin crawl, no offense. 😉

I also got a 3-day suspension for "promoting hate" against white women in a TwoX post. The discussion in the comments was about emotional manipulation, and I posted a link to an article about white women using "strategic tears" to silence non-white women who call out white women.

Mind you, there is a FragileWhiteRedditor sub to call out white people on Reddit. Make it make sense.

Anyway, I continue to prove my point. There's lots of whining about the funny slang word for antagonistic white women, "Karen", and white women are using emotional manipulation to call other women misogynistic. This is what TRAs are also doing... not allowing "cis" minorities to call them out by accusing us of transphobia i.e. hate speech. The parallels are clear as day. White people are censoring their "enemies" from all sides. The biggest "victims" (crybabies) in the past year have been white straight people: transbians and Karens. 😂

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Sucks that you were banned from ActuallyL (also, you can taste the irony at this point). I was under the impression that they were slightly saner than AL owing to the fewer prostate-havers, but they seem just as eager to swing the ban hammer. I don't fully blame them for being wary of the Reddit overlords though. That platform needs to die.

As for your 3-day suspension, make it make sense indeed. If you can have a sub calling white people fragile in its own name, you should tolerate commenters linking to articles expressing the same general sentiment. I'll say, however, I'm on the opposing side of the Karen issue as a non-white non-Boomer. Just call them normal names and leave - no need to drag a perfectly lovely name into the mess. I'd say the more intolerable bitching has been about, well, the word "bitch"

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Leave people with names of Becky, Susan, and Karen alone. I agree!

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Do you want me to take the post down? Happy to if you'd prefer! I didn't even know it was you, dude, you named yourself in the comments.

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😄 hold up, no. I was giving you credit for bringing it here. Plus, a few of you good saidit folks messaged me to tell me to come here and I wanted to let everyone know who I am. Anonymity isn't my thing... I hate being incognito.

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Oh okay, cool! Just wanted to offer in case. :)

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Wooo. Got my second perma ban at the lgbt sub some days ago! I saw a post in r/all about how terrible and evil JKR was. There was an article i think which highlighted everything jkr wrote. I made a comment about how I don't really disagree with her and i got banned.

I've never even been to that sub before. That was my first and last interaction there