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"sorry but it seems like you’re basically just saying trans men aren’t real men which, yes, is transphobic."

They're not men at all, they're female. Trans activism is inherently at odds with homosexuality. Some are willing to lie and call you "he" out of politeness but when you demand that gay men see you as an actual male? Include you in their dating pool? Nope. That's when the politeness gets dropped and the obvious is pointed out. Under their terms, homosexuality will always be hateful or "phobic" because it's a pin in their "biological sex doesn't matter" balloon.

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Under their terms, homosexuality will always be hateful or "phobic" because it's a pin in their "biological sex doesn't matter" balloon.

I keep asking this question, regarding this statement. If homosexuality puts a pin in their "biological sex doesn't matter" balloon, what do they think of heterosexuality? Does it not also "put a pin in their balloon"? I'm curious as to why not attack heterosexuals so vehemently as they seem to be attacking the LGB portion within their own so called "community". I genuinely ask this as a heterosexual male, who's curious for answers. Is it just "vanilla" heterosexuals looking for a special definition, because being straight is too "boring"? People with serious mental issues? I'm really curious.

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They don't attack heterosexuals because:

1 - A lot of new-age transgenders and genderspecials are heterosexuals. It has the effect of gay people being the target of the casual coercive "not accepting girldick and boipussy is transphobic y'know :)" more so than straight people. And, from my observations, homosexual transgender people tend to have their heads screwed on more so than the heterosexual ones.

2 - They can't. The vast majority of people are heterosexuals. If they go after them, then they will just lose all their credibility and respect. But, they can bully homosexuals easily because our communities are somewhat insular (and irrelevant), so the wider population has zero idea of what goes on. Additionally, performing under the banner of "inclusiveness" and "acceptance" gives people further reason to not suspect that anything is awry.

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Essentially, I think there's two reasons why LG people are more hit by that. The first is that commonly LGB-people are grouped with the transgender population. The second becomes clearer, when one considers that sexual orientation for transgender people is roughly one third opposite-gender, bisexual and same-gender each, which (since there is vastly less LGB-people than straight people) means that the ratio is highly skewed towards LGB-people being confronted by transgender people wanting to date them.

(Note: I'm working on a spreadsheet regarding the latter reason, but I'm still missing what ratio of transgender people include/exclude bisexuals - whichmy preliminary back-of-the-envelope calculations have shown has a significant effect on the results)

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If refusing to date women makes me a "transphobe" then I will proudly be a transphobe. When the law is wrong, I will be a proud outlaw. When the culture is wrong, I will be proud in my defiance of it.

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Here's what somebody who is not very sophisticated about this topic (i.e. my husband) had to say about it: "Why don't they make a special category for transgender people to compete in sports?" Me: "Because that would be saying that transwomen aren't real womean". Husband: "But they AREN'T real women, they're men!" Ah, my sweet summer child...

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So innocent, I wish I could go back to those days...

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I think your husband is everyman/woman on this topic. That line of thinking makes total sense until you look into the topic and realise a) these people are insane and b) common sense like that could get you fired from your job.

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The transphobes do not define homosexuality

Always the genderspecials who feel they should be the ultimate authority on what words mean

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Reddit Admins would likely permanently suspend the mods for not censoring "transphobia" and then let TRA mods take over via the redditrequest subreddit. I've seen the AHS crew publicly discussing taking over subs that way.

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If that happens the sub might as well just be closed. I know there are good trans people out there and it’s not fair to demonise them, but that doesn’t change the fact that every. single. fucking. time a subreddit gets a majority-trans mod team, they ruin the community’s spirit, ban all discussion that upsets them and turn it into yet another circlejerk about how ‘valid’ and magical they think they are.

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Indeed, but keep in mind... there are legit ("cis") LGB folks on Reddit who are TRAs, and they want trans-friendly mods/spaces. I mean, it's really no different from straight "allies" moderating LGB spaces and banning homophobes except this is straight "queers" moderating LGB spaces and banning "transphobes" 🙃

Also, there's only one mod of askgaybros. If the sub is brigaded, and he can't handle it, it'll fall into the wrong hands.

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there are legit ("cis") LGB folks on Reddit who are TRAs, and they want trans-friendly mods/spaces.

I really wonder how many of these "cis LGB" trans rights supporters are actually straight people buying into the "LGB is a fun lifestyle!" type of benevolent homophobia, as opposed to being actually same-sex-attracted...

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I think your suspicion has a lot of merit. For the same reason that trans take over and moderate all online communities. Their "LGBT" identity exists almost entirely or entirely online, and it becomes a hobby for them. A second life. Almost like playing the SIMS or something like that. It's the exact opposite of a "lived experience." It has been a long time since I've visited r/LBL and I think I will continue to stay away for a while for my mental health, but I have had the impression there that for a non-negligible amount of those women, their lesbian self-identification is like an online hobby, which is why their words don't match their actions. I remember I was called "privileged" for leaving a very good life, my husband, moving out, separating our assets, losing my (his) family, and living openly as a lesbian. In what way is that privileged? They're the ones getting all the perks of the white picket fence life, not being discriminated against or harassed, often with biological children, etc. As if I don't understand how difficult it is to come out late in life. I know how difficult it is. I did it. But they deemed it easy for me and difficult for them. They doth protest too much. Yea, it might be a protracted and difficult process, but when you don't really even seem to want to leave but make a hobby out of complaining about your situation, I start to not trust you.

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I honestly also wouldn't date a trans men. I'm into penis and I've seen a lot of trans penises to decide that's just not my thing. I also want a partner who can ejaculate and trans men can't really do that.

There you go; A transman who wouldn't date another transman, and their reasons for it. Sounds familiar and pretty "transphobic", but it's amazing how much deference this heterosexual is getting in a Gay Male sub!

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The faster, the better. These delusional gays supporting this could use the eye-opener.

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I don't think it will last til the end of the year honestly. The TRAs hate it too much. TrueGayMen is kaput now, so more popular targets like AGB are probably not far behind.

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archive link:

The OP's account is 4 days old, brigading:

Does anyone have any guesses for how much longer AGB will last before getting censored/removed by Reddit? I know it's a big sub, but I'm still surprised that it's still up...

(edited to add 2nd link)

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Op has admitted it's a parody virtue signal. Sure brought out a lot of TRAs though. Probably laughing at the all the gilding they're getting for a joke.

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Oh gotcha lol. Yeah there's a lot of gilding!

edit: Are you really sure about that...? A lot of other commenters supporting OP don't seem to be joking. E.g.:

Several trans women have berated me for not wanting to fuck them even though I’m very openly a gay man and a bottom.

...honey, you’re a woman. What? Please stop trying to guilt me into having sex. It’s same energy as straight girls trying to fuck their gay friends “because it doesn’t count.”

edit: He/she admits it's a parody here, but I really don't think this was made with the intent of pointing out the creepiness/homophobia of women demanding gay men to have sex with them. I think this person was just trying to stir shit up.

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He/she admits it's a parody here, but I really don't think this was made with the intent of pointing out the creepiness/homophobia of women demanding gay men to have sex with them. I think this person was just trying to stir shit up.

It's difficult to gauge their true intentions from a fresh account, but I wouldn't be too surprised if they were just there to stir things up in general. I mean, the op made comments on the very same page in support of JK Rowling, which visibly ticked off exactly the type of person who would've agreed with their trans-inclusive post.

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They've been trying to get AGB removed really hard for a long time. I think they've still got some fight left in em.