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They're not attracted to YOU. Is that clear enough?

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It is both. Men with dicks. How hard is it to understand?

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The catch-22 of this is that as soon as gay men clearly communicate that they are into men with dicks and not women larping as men, all hell breaks loose. “Omg why are you so obsessed with trans people? You’re just a genital fetishist. Trans people don’t even want you. If you don’t want trans people you’re just a transphobe.”

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100%. This is nothing more than a trap.

I'm not saying you have to be attracted to trans men, but maybe we should explore the reasoning of why you're not

Nope. This is 100% a trap and we all know it's going to end up with me being transphobic for not wanting to fuck trans people. It's always the same story. It's classic foot-in-door technique.

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This too. It will never just end there. Also, the sheer gall of “examine why you aren’t attracted to me” is astounding. Imagine you’re walking through a park and Jehovah’s Witnesses approaches you. You’d nod politely to his spiel and then say, “no thanks I’m not interested.” That would be end of it. But, in TRA-land the Jehovah’s Witness member follows you around the park, demands you examine why you aren’t a Jehovah’s Witness, trashes your religious affiliation (or lack thereof), refuses to let you speak, calls you names, and tries to get you fired from your job.

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I'm not saying you have to be attracted to trans men, but maybe we should explore the reasoning of why you're not

Which of course "we" should NOT (cuz nunya beeswax, Aiden), and if "we" did? If gay men's reasoning really WERE to be "explored"? In exhaustive detail? Wouldn't it all be stuff on the order of: "your body is repellent to me", "don't know whether you're more creepy or pathetic", "cuz EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU screams 'woman!'"; "cuz I couldn't be attracted to you if there was a gun to my head"; "cuz you're a bunch of rapists"; and so on? Somehow I doubt that "transmen" are ready for these kinds of revelations.

Seriously, Gaydens: when someone says "I'm not interested"? The LAST thing you wanna know is their reasons! Unless you've got an ego made out of the same fuckin' stuff as Wolverine's claws. In other words, don't go asking questions unless you can handle the answer.

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Maybe we should explore the reasons why they can't take no for an answer.

But okay, since we want to explore reasons, here ya go:

You are ugly, your body is gross, your genitals are creepy and damaged by hormones, you have an unchecked mental illness which I am not willing or able to deal with, the emotional labor needed to constantly maintain your happiness is well above my pay-grade, you are selfish, you are needy, you have made it clear that if I were to be in a relationship with you, you would be the priority, and I would be your handmaiden, your sex-fantasies are based on fetishes and delusions, you are unpleasant to be around. I would rather be completely alone for the rest of my life with no human contact than to be around you. That's why I'm not attracted to you.

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[chef's kiss]

Yep: explores pretty much every nook & cranny of possible reasons! Really the only thing left would be going into detail about each and every physical feature that he finds revolting, and why. ("How do you gross me out, just in terms of your body? Let me count the ways...")

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They are clear. They said they are gay so no further clarification is required.

There are not two types of gay men either, only gay males, and straight females. These are not similar, but appear to be the cause of this persons confusion.

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Straight men exist! Straight men exist! Srsly you have a much higher chance finding a straight male partner leave the gays alone!

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Yes but straight men are inherently vapid, rude, and evil compared to virtuous uwu gay men who are just so fabulous all the time! /s

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Oh honey, have they never seen a group of drag queens all about to kill each other for some superficial reason?

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Idk, you have to wonder if they've ever interacted with a living being before...

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gays are pwecius beans cinammonrolls honeybuns uwu smol babies baby boys

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Tbh all the cute & polite guys I've ever known have been straight and that makes me sad. I mean I understand and Im not going out on a quest to "convert" them, but, it's a cruel ironic joke by the universe it seems

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But straight men are boring compared to UwU gay men UwU.

These Gaydens are always implying that gay men are a different species of men. But gay men ARE normal men who happen to be gay.

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Straight Men want fucking nothing to do with women anymore. A lot them tried of these entitled women like this woman. They don't have it in them anymore and why should they.

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“Any man who must say ‘I am a certified gay boy’ is not a ‘certified gay boy’ at all.” -George RR Martin (I think)

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It’s like when someone says “I identify as a gay man” you know there’s something going on.

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Ohhhh yes

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Gay men are not interested in your gender feels. your pussy or your arm skin flesh tube you may or may not have at the moment. Not a dude but how's that for communication sweetheart?

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Genitals are not everything,personality is very important in a relationship, but when it comes to the bedroom, what you have between you're legs is really all that matters. A woman could look more "manly" than actual gay guys but that wont matter to a gay man when she takes off her clothes and he see's a vag. Look at Buck angel, i've seen a few gay men call her "Sexy" but they also say they wouldn't sleep with her because she doesn't have a penis. i hope that now they are targeting gay men, this will peak more people in the lgb community.

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I'm a little bit surprised by her mode of dress. She does not look like a guy, at all.

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I’m attracted to men. And all men have dicks or used to have dicks. No man has ever had a vagina.

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Trans identifying people get all offended when we try to clearly communicate that men who identify as women are not literally women, and that women who identify as men are not literally men. And then they have the gall to gaslight about what same sex attraction is and project their communication issues onto us. Ugh.

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Of course being attracted to both is somehow impossible

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I've always said I'm only attracted to dicks and the rest of the man can fuck off.

But then again, I'm not a "cis gay man." I don't use made up words like "cis" and I don't identify with "gay". I am homosexual person.

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As with trans-identifying males, the trans-identifying females who are the most outraged about homosexual members of their target sex not being attracted to them always look unambiguously like their biological sex. There have never been laws preventing us from getting with you guys and being attracted to you. In fact, our parents would have celebrated it. Many of your parents are probably relieved by the fact that you’re not actually gay and that biological grandkids are still on the table.

To no one’s surprise, we’re just not attracted to members of the opposite sex, especially not those who fetishize our oppression and re-write our history.

And we will continue to be proof that you actually are not who you say you are, and that we, in fact, are.

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We used to shame people out of 8th grade syndrome. Now we encourage it well into adulthood.

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More classic homophobia dressed in a "progressive" bow. Gotta love how they seldom attack straight women for their dick "obsession" or straight men for their vagina "fetish."

Biological sex is a requisite for attraction but it is not sufficient. Obviously physical appearance, personality, etc., all come into play but the person must be the same sex for homosexual attraction to occur. Duh.

These people loathe homosexuality because it exposes their delusional gender ideology for what it is. Sex based attraction is reality and cannot be changed to accommodate your personality disorder.

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Exactly. The 98% of the world who is straight is allowed to have a penis/vagina "fetish" and no one is demanding they examine this. Only LGB must examine. Nonono. I need all the straight women to explain to me why they don't want to eat my vagina!