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Banned from r/harrypotter for saying that JKR's new book doesn't have any transphobia for portraying a man in a dress to kill women. Reason the pathetic mods gave that I was defending her transphobia, and they permanently banned me. Fuck their echo chamber that stays relevant because of her work, but at the same time they don't even want to allow any discussion in her favour.

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I’ve gotten to the point where I want to drop kick people who flip out over Troubled Blood without actually having read it.

For those who haven’t read it, here is all the “transphobia” in the 900+ page book: 1. A serial killer named Dennis Creed is known to have worn a wig and women’s coat when he abducted one woman. This was to disguise himself, not to cross dress. 2. It’s noted at one point that Creed would steal women’s underwear as a youth so he could masturbate in them. It should be noted that Creed was based on Jerry Brudhos and this was a nod to Brudhos’ doing that with women’s shoes. 3. Creed keeps his victims’ jewelry stashed away under a floorboard as trophies. When the prosecution mentions this at his trial, Creed’s defense is that he cross dresses sometimes. Everyone knows it’s bullshit because Creed’s smirking when he says it and he photographed the victims extensively while they still had on the jewelry. 4. When Strike (the main character) confronts Creed in prison Creed states that he would pretend to be gay and act effeminate so women would drop their guard around him and make it easier for him to abduct them.

Unless discussing antisocial behaviors, sexual paraphilia, or predatory behavior is now transphobic, there is nothing transphobic in the book.

Anyways, sorry you got banned. But, yes, fuck people who want to profit in some way off JKR’s work but want to throw her under the bus.

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So basically...these people are somewhat self aware that they're autogynephiles(ex. MEN in a dress with a fetish) and don't want to be called out, so they call it transphobic hahah. That's precious.

I might read that book now! Sounds interesting.

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Essentially, yes. Rowling doesn’t mention trans people anywhere in the book. People who’ve read it and are mad seem to believe that a character who’s a misogynistic sociopath with weird fetishes is a stand in for trans people. Frankly, that says more about TRAs than it does Rowling.

The series is actually really good! The first two are kind of classic whodunnits, but the third takes a much darker and psychological turn. You can definitely read them on their own, but there’s a lot of character development if you go through in order.

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Discussions doesn't seem to exist anymore on Reddit. I remembered they just used to downvote unpopular opinions down to oblivion, now they report, remove, ban, then perma bann users for hurting their feelings.

I like with saidit, that there's no down vote option, because downvotes límits discussion. The original purpose of down votes on reddit, supposedly was for off topic comments I heard, not disagreements.

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Not banned yet, but I blocked the moderators of a sub after I received a "final warning" for my unpopular opinions. I hate echo chambers.

The mods there remove any posts/comments that may offend others. I really hate that rule. Walking on eggshells so fragile people won't crack is ridiculous.

Also, I just received a warning from Reddit.

Rule Violation: Warning for Promoting Hate

We’ve been alerted that you’ve violated Reddit’s rule against promoting hate in the following content.

This is what was reported/removed...

Male fragility. Men feel entitled to accommodations in general. They're twice as bad if they're white since there's also white fragility.

How in the fuck is that "promoting hate"???

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I mean your comment was cringe as fuck but not ban worthy. Still, if you’d said it about any other demographic you would’ve been booted before you could even finish the comment

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Oh boy..

ukpolitics for homophobia... For saying you can't fix homosexuality with conversion therapy. Was actually banned for transphobia, but the mod wasn't allowed to ban me for that so he made up the homophobia BS.

Feminism, for pointing out transwomen sex offend at the same rate as other men on a debate about women's safety re sex offences.

Feminism again on a different account for posting sexual assault offending poll data. Apparently # not all men.

FDS for posting something transphobic... on another sub.

Gendercritical (Reddit) for posting a debunk of the 'no such thing as brain sex' crap by Joel and Fine that they posted on a loop.

Gendercynical for asking what evidence they had transwomen offended at a lower rate than men. They failed to provide any data at all, just posted a lot of irrelevant waffle about police harrasment. When I posted hard data, they deleted the whole thread. LOL. A fond memory.

A bunch of bans from assorted subs just for posting on the Donald, even though I was debunking a lot of their crap and not agreeing with them. And I wasn't posting on the subs that banned me.

Iv been banned by drewiepoodle from a bunch of pro trans subs for posting the MRI studies that showed transwomen didn't have feminised brains. As a raging AGP case this triggers the fuck out of him. As a side note he will delete these studies on r/science if he sees them.

Psychology... for disagreeing with mrsamsa, a raging nutcase who argues in circles and never provides any sources. Just says 'I'm right' and accuses everyone who disagrees with him of science denialism, or pseudoscience. Then bans them. This twat was insisting Caster Semenya didn't have internal testes.. when the it was actually being stated by the IIAF? that he does.

Circlebroke (site wide shadowban) for getting into an argument with a mod. I pointed out he'd screwed up a point about an IQ study, it was about kids not adults. He got pissy, wouldn't back down, and threw a fit when I found a write up of the study that showed it was in kids. Bye bye account.

Other shadowban of a different account possibly because it used s copyrighted name.

And that's just the ones I can recall off the top of my head.

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Too many to count at this point... If I don't get banned it is downvote to hell for anything slightly off the basic response. Even in pregnancy and mom subs. Pisses me off! LGB subs have been long gone except a few. Who knows how long they can hang on...

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Got banned from everyone's favourite sub, AL. Saw a 'cis' lesbian karmawhoring and posting ALs favourite 'fuck terfs! TWAW!' BS.

Then I got banned for pointing out that posting the same content thrice a day was maybeee a bit redundant. Apparently that makes me a transphobe. That was also when i peaked

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Lol you got banned for that? That's ridiculous. Even just saying the content is redundant?

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Yep. Got around 70+ downvotes before i got banned lmao. Apparently sending the exact same posts multiple times a day is to 'uplift the poor twans women uwu'

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Wow. That is like hivemind think. Sorry you were banned! Glad to have you here :)

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Ah thank you, i enjoy it here :)

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Off-topic, but: your flair made my day :)

Now I can't help but think about changing mine... "Pussy/dick aficionado"? "Pussy/dick sommelier"? ("ah, this one has a fine bouquet... it was a good year...")

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Haha thanks, i like to think my flair is true for me :)