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I now only fondly remember the few years, in the last decade, when it seemed like being gay was going to be safer, it was easier for people to come out, and we had some rights we hadn't had before; I was thrilled for people in their teens and twenties getting to come of age in a much better environment. And then...this. I feel for you. I'm not looking but I imagine I'd find a lot of this as well. I see what some of my friends are doing (to themselves).

And I really don't know what's up with the blue / pink / whatever hair dying—and I live in a city where plenty of that has gone on for many years—suddenly becoming a TQ+ uniform, but it's to the point where I almost want to advise my serious, mature friends to quit coloring their hair that way for a bit, lest they a cult-joiner.

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There are just too many werdos in the world. And since being homosexual wasn't trendy anymore and isn't even possible to make yourself attracted to same sex. They've invented this bullshit to feel special.

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being homosexual wasn't trendy anymore

Someone need to say that to transbians, so they switch to something else.

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They clearly can't, they're mentally sick with their fetish

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exactly that !! at one point so many people were like I might be bi-curious and now I'm gay etc.. now a lot of these people are saying oh yeah I thought I was gay but I'm actually trans... ummm what?

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Maybe this is what happens when you fight for decades to make something safe that finally becomes safe for teenagers. Lots of peer pressure and trend-chasing. Wanna bet that earlier generations would have done something similar if it had been safe enough for us to be this open? Having to hide all the time and be afraid of being attacked, becoming homeless, getting an incurable disease, or losing your job does force one to grow up a lot faster.

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When you say 'cis', it means you're buying in their ideology. That's their terminology, you shouldn't use it.

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I completely agree with this. By using these terminologies we're normalizing them and that's exactly what they want.

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"cis gender-queered non binary"

What the fuck does that mean?

This may sound really weird, but I'm so scared for the gay community. So, so, scared.

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I'm always scared of human stupidity, and USA importing their bullshit everywhere

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"cis gender-queered non binary"

They're mostly straight chics, or "bi" people who only date the opposite sex. Maybe a straight/bi dude who likes to paint his nails now and again.

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The US Center for Disease Control (the CDC) released a study in January 2019 that found that close to 2% of US high school students now identify as transgender.

So in a high school of 2000, that's 40 students (if my math is correct)

Did you know 40 transgender students in high school? How many of these 40 students are actually gay, jumping on the gender craze?

So much of this gender movement is actually Gay Conversion Therapy...

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I'm in my 50's. In all my years of being in the lgb/t community, i met a total of I think 4 transsexuals. 2 mtf/2 ftm. And I came out in college, in the late 80's. It's ridiculous.

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Gender play is a fad for the kids right now, especially young lesbians who get ignored as lesbians but celebrated as trans"men".

But unlike other fads like being a punk and shaving your head and piercing whatever, in some US states "transgender" kids can almost immediately access puberty blockers, which, contrary to trans activists propaganda, often have bad, irreversible side effects.

Also in the US, "gender identity conversion" bans have been made into law in some states, which make it almost impossible for a parent, teacher, counselor, doctor, to stop an under-18 child from "transitioning."

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Yes I know. It's completely ridiculous. So many beautiful young gays and lesbians destroying their body for literally no reason at all.

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Oh, there's a reason gay and lesbian kids are being pushed to transition - $$$$

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Not just $$. The people pushing this shit are using greed to try and stamp out homosexuality.

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There are two gay men who are huge funders of Trans, Inc., Jon Stryker and Tim Gill.

They are both clearly intelligent men, so how they can't see that trans activism is "spaying away the gay" is beyond me, but maybe, gay men, if you let Stryker and Gill know, maybe they'll listen. So, gay men contact them - Stryker and Gill have organizations - CONTACT THEM.

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That is because previously there were only little minority of them. And transsexuals are on average against this gender ideology:

There were 4900 transsexuals few years ago, and now there at least half a million of transgenders in UK and few millions non-binary. And all is because it is so easy to become transgender now - it require 2 things, just saying "I am opposite sex" or doing anything against sexist stereotypes, that is not "supposed to be done by man (or woman)". That easy.

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50's also, maybe met 3 transsexuals, MTF.

It's incredibly rare.

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Man, I feel you. When I was in college around 2014, I tried to join a GSA club thinking I might meet other lesbians or gay men with similar interests as me, but when I got there it was literally all trans and pansexual girls. I didn't meet a single other gay person.

Seems like it's even worse now. My only advice is to try and meet other gay men through hobby clubs. Most actual homosexuals don't go to GSA type clubs anymore. Good luck!

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It's been headed this way for a while. Many ordinary gay men have fled LGBTQIAAA+++ campus organizations because they're now run by the blue/pink haired crowd.

I'm glad I'm in my fifties at this point in my life because far fewer people in my generation buy into this shit.

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I guess you can also feel the difference if you're in your mid-20's comparing to teens. This thing if pretty new. Even people who were teens a few years ago, weren't effected.

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Amen brother. Amen. I would fucking hate to be college aged in today's fucked up world. For many reasons honestly. I think Gen X'ers were the last of the remotely lucky in society.

The world the youth have inherited is a fucked up place both by their own hand and the cards dealt to them. Lose, lose imho.

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The gender bullsbhit has taken over, clearly.

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This is a good way to get involved. Start a local LGB alliance chapter, or maybe just a club for same-sex-attracted people.

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Sounds like a good way to get expelled.

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And getting expelled for starting a gay club would be excellent grounds for a discrimination lawsuit.

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Not in the current climate.

"It's not a gay club because it won't allow gay transmen," would be interpreted similarly to, "It's not a gay club because it won't allow gay black or Jewish men."

In other words, in the current climate, people wouldn't interpret it as disallowing a gay club; they'd interpret as disallowing a Nazi club that happens to be run by a gay guy.

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I'm not talking about the court of public opinion, I'm talking about an actual court of law here.

A club that was only for same-sex-attracted people could attract pushback from the TQ+ crowd, but an expulsion on that basis would be ripe for a lawsuit, in the same way that an expulsion based on a clearly false rape accusation would be ripe for a lawsuit.

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court of law has been pretty consistent with preventing the exclusion of trans men and women.

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this is exactly my experience, lmfao. i'm clinging to hope that the actual gay people are just also fed up with the on-campus "lgbt" community and no longer going to the events

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Yeah all the lgbt+ groups are full of people who are role playing as gay for fun.

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There have always been more straight people than gay, lesbian, and bisexual people.

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Good. Very good. Because it makes me think that it's just a phase.

Remember the hippies? All college students were about flower-power and drugs and save the whales. As if suddenly everyone cared so much about peace, drugs and the environment (HINT: they didn't, but they were just wanting to outrage the older generation while feeling they belonged to a group with their peers and feeling they're special and different).

Remember when heavy metal was trendy and teenagers were all goth and emo and punk and listened to "Satanic" lyrics? Outraging the old generation, feeling like they belong to a group with their peers, and feeling they're different and special.

And a few years from now, we will say.... remember 2020, when everyone was queer and genderfluid and crossdressing? Yeah.

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Except it'll be a whole generation of lesbians and gay men who have been sterilized and mutilated their bodies... I miss emo and scene, atleast all we had were some cringy pictures and worst case some scars from cutting.

How people can't see that this is just another toxic teen subculture that's spreading and infecting kids with serious long-term consequences is baffling and has really made me more weary of others and their critical thinking skills

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Most of these people do not mutilate their bodies. They just wear lipstick and call themselves women, or just cut their hair short and call themselves men. Hence why it's a trend, like hippies or punks.

As for the consequences to the acceptance of homosexual people: this is true. We all know, by now, the trans lobby is homophobia + mysoginy in disguise.

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I can...relate to this.

I strongly prefer women to men but the ones I have encountered are either straight(lucky me...) Or pretty much the college type you described.

I tried to go for dating apps too's not my scene. I am old fashion "meet someone at a bar" type.

But now I am good, found my SO who used to be my neighbour and now have a kid with him.

Not sure how old you are or your interests, but have you tried maybe the bar scene? Or see if there are maybe LGBAlliance in your city OUTSIDE of your college campus? Hell, you might even find some guys at work! I found a couple of bisexual women but they were unavailable hah. Though, I know there is America expression "Don't shit where you eat" careful.

I noticed that college kids are...not very...I'll just say most some live in a fantasy land, like my younger brother. So, maybe try to find someone outside college who understand TRA is NOT real life. Tra is fantasy.

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I reread my comment and hope I do not come across as kibitzer since ultimately I ended up in straight relationship. So, I do not know how it is like anymore for the same-sex dating world and do not want to invalidate your experiences.

All I can say is that I could relate when I was in dating field before my SO, it was difficult to find a woman in my generation who were not into the TRA thing or to find women who was available(single) or not straight.

Regardless, I wish you luck nbailey73 and hope you can find somebody who loves, understands, and values you. That is the best.