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[M]en and woman are not subcategories of men and women. They are men and women.

This is the best summation I’ve heard. Thank you.

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No problem!

Why the [] around the M, though? Just curious, aha! :D

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Because she quoted you mid-sentence and capitalized the M, so if she doesn't do [] then she's technically misquoting you.

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Something that can actually have consequences, unlike misgendering

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It wasn’t capitalized in the quote I pulled because it was mid-sentence. The brackets are to capitalize and still quote it correctly.

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Ah, that makes sense! Sorry for the dumb question.

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Fucking hell, I'm saving this statement. It's perfect.

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Thank you! :)

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I really wish a group of neutrally aligned scientists would study why certain men and women wish to appropriate the labels of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual so badly. I know you mainly focused on people who are trans or date trans who appropriate these words, but there are also several IRL examples of women who call themselves lesbian but marry, are in love with, and enjoy having sex with one man, but insist he is the one exception and she is still a lesbian. (So in this situation the woman could be either bisexual or straight.)

There have been plenty of examples of IRL "political lesbians" in the past, IDK how trendy it is anymore. Sometimes I feel like in the rad-fem community there are certain straight women who really really hate men, and just to show everyone how much they hate men, they declare themselves lesbians and insert themselves into lesbian spaces, but it's like........... uncanny. Maybe actual lesbians can chime in on this, but these women feel even less "lesbian" to me than transbians do. (And to be clear, the lesbian level of a transbian is 0, but at least transbians are attracted to women.) They're just doing a performance art of being a lesbian, but I get the vibe that they do not find other women sexually attractive and would be like a deer in headlights if they came face-to-puss with an IRL vagina. They are just voluntary-celibate straight women pretending to be lesbian.

And I'm not going to derail this post into a "What about the Bi's????" wank-fest, because we've all heard of how many straight women pretend to be bi and kiss each other and just embarrass actual bisexuals. For straight people calling themselves bisexual to gain entry into the LGB T community used to be the go-to method, before calling themselves Queer/Pan became more trendy. There is no way to prove someone isn't bi, even if their last 100 partners have all been opposite sex, you're still obligated to give them the benefit of the doubt, and straight people, especially women, would take advantage of this way too much.

SO my question is, what is it about the LGB community that makes so many people lose their damned minds and try to infiltrate us? They don't even like the same sex so it makes no sense. It's like someone who doesn't like cookies trying to forcibly gain entry into the cookie lover's club by pretending to like cookies. Like.............. Why????????????

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Its because being considered LGBT became trendy, women being into other women is hot to males so straight girls will do it to turn on their male partners. Radfems who are pissed at straight dudes for often being awful partners pretend to be lesbians to escape what they think is inevitable shitty relationships with men. Also people know that gays and lesbians are oppressed and playing the victim is a very powerful force in today's society. Some people treat marginalized status as a "Get out of jail free" card when it comes to responsibility. We see this all the time when it comes to trans people. What I find interesting is that while being LGBT is considered trendy, actually being homosexual still isn't so most of the straight pretenders do so in a way so they won't ever have to have physical contact with the same sex. So they claim to be queer, or bi, or demisexual

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I hate how there’s almost an “oppression olympics” where you get some sort of brownie points for being some sort of minority. I’m a racial minority, first generation child, and gay but I don’t let that encompass my whole identity. I’ve had it worse than others and easier than others, that’s the rule of life. What should really matter is what good are you doing for yourself and the world, not mulling over how oppressed you are and how hard you have it.

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first generation child

what does this mean?

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A lot of them view it as a club for misfits where identity alone buys you friends and some level of protection. Some people truly are identity voids and devoid of their own personality and interests.

Also if you have issues and/or are a garbage can of a human being it can be easier to have a ready excuse for why you elicit bad reactions from people. “I don’t need to do anything to change. They’re just bigoted.”

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For straight women, my theory is how recent (maybe 2014 - present) liberalism and 4th wave feminism have idolized what would be more traditionally male relationship behavior in women.

Saying prostitution and casual relationships are empowering, exposing yourself is empowering, and so on. Women are conditioned to not trust their own judgement and are susceptible to social contagion. So it doesn't surprise me that many straight women pick up these behaviors that are meant to give an aura of empowerment but are really just a new, progressive way to make them more appealing to straight men.

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Is that 4th wave feminism or just 3rd wave liberal feminism?

In any case, I like this analysis because it does seem like everything that is sold to women as empowering and a choice directly benefits men as a class or at least plays up to their desires. I hate that sex positivity has just become synonymous with this, commodification of the female body.

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3rd wave liberal feminism is cancer and opposite of original feminism was about. It's more like an ideology pleasing men , sexist stereotypes and sexual objectification, called feminism.

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It can't be really be called feminism, if it is not about women, but about men and everyone else. So I'd say 3rd wave haven't yet even started.

Majority of NB women are pretty young, tho. I'd say 10 years ago they would be Emo, 30 years ago they would be "witches", etc.

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4th wave started the heavy incorporation of social media for feminist activism, which makes any social contagion worse imo. I think dissociation with physical identity is more prevalent now because of it, and believing a fabricated identity is far easier. My reasoning is you can't replicate what's happening now without social media.

It could easily be 3rd wave also, I'm just speculating more than anything.

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I guess I have just been associating 4th wave with “4th Wave Now.” But totally agree that this environment is not possible without social media. Trans activism 100% relies on social media because if we had to see the majority of these people in person to witness their activism, well it would be abundantly clear that they don’t have the lady/man brains trapped in the wrong body, and are a gaggle of LARPers, fetishists, trenders, and deeply mentally ill people. When they can hide behind social media, they get to only use their “best” most sympathetic examples as the face of their movement. But even then they sometimes get it wrong (e.g. with Lindsay Hecox). I think this has also been devastating for transsexuals who would otherwise be steering this movement.

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God, why aren't all bisexual people like you? Thanks for your sanity, I really appreciate it and I'm sorry for the stupid bi's that make a bad reputation out of bisexual people

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Because in the age of instagrams and tiktoks, kids don't get supervised enough by their parents so they grow up to be raging narcissists with no personalities. And the easiest way to get a personality and a lot of attention for them is to suddenly become a special gender or queer or gay.

Notice that almost none of those wankers have actual hobbies or read books. The creative lot are usually the furries who all make utter shite drawings and think they are artists for some reason.

As proof id refer to music youth culture. Every single generation since what Elvis? had their own music genres, life styles and fashion statements. This is the first time ever there is no music or fashion. It's all about fucking genders.

None of these people think or understand anything they are saying or doing. If they hear a word they google it and read the 2 lines of the dictionary or wiki on top of the page and suddenly they think they know what humanism or marxism means.

They are all boring , ignorant, narcissistic spoiled brats.

I'm not bitter i swear ... >_>

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Political lesbians got men problem and try to sleep with women. They're also the type of bisexuals who says they won't date men, but are fine with transwomen. Clearly a problem with men

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In best case they are bisexuals, some of them are straight. I actually was dating with one, it was instant turn off for me, but I decided to experimen, and I felt from her side almost disgust to women's body, everything in her was saying "I am doing this only because men are even worse".

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I really wish a group of neutrally aligned scientists would study why certain men and women wish to appropriate the labels of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual so badly.

For me the most interesting case is non-binary/genderfluid people. With transpeople, as much as I disagree with them calling themselves gay/lesbian, I can see their logic: if they identify as man and their partner is man, they conclude that they're gay (even if their bodies are opposite sex and they still perform straight sex).

But someone who doesn't identify as either gender simply can't be gay/lesbian. These are labels for men who are attracted exclusively to men, and women who are attracted exclusively to women. Even in their gender logic, these would be labels for people who identify as men/women, so non-binary/genderfluid people can't fit it since they don't identify as either.

In theory, following their views on gender, they'd all be straight. A couple of a (male) non-binary person and a cis guy would be a straight couple. Yet, these couples always call themselves gay. I've never seen a non-binary/genderfluid person calling themselves straight. They're always bi/pan or, often, gay/lesbian.

For some reason, taking the label of gay/lesbian is a central part of their identity, even though it contradicts to their gender identity and their views on gender which are also so important to them. And even though they keep talking about how labels are fluid, they really can't accept having this label of gay/lesbian being taken away from them.

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I've noticed you always do such great analysis! I always love your answers lol! Thumbs up :P

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Oh, I'm sorry for not delving deeper into it! You are right in saying that people like this exist, I've just seen the majority come specifically from the trans community, so those are the people I thought I'd comment on. Thank you for the insight!

And yes, I, too, wish I had an answer as to why people want to worm their way into our community so badly. It's not like we have a higher social status than anyone else lol.

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SO my question is, what is it about the LGB community that makes so many people lose their damned minds and try to infiltrate us? They don't even like the same sex so it makes no sense. It's like someone who doesn't like cookies trying to forcibly gain entry into the cookie lover's club by pretending to like cookies. Like.............. Why????????????

I, too, keep asking myself this question! Especially since the combo of being both destructive and inexplicable is the very definition of distressing.

Here's the best that I've been able to come up with:

First, I think that-- like the trans/gender-woo disaster as a whole-- this is probably the result of not just one, but multiple factors. (See the U.S. opioid epidemic, as documented in Sam Quinones' book "Dreamland", for another thoroughly-dispiriting example.) So, re: everything from all the other commentators: what they said!

Second, to bring my own contributions to the table:

  • Identity politics: you are what you "identify" as... regardless of anything else (like, oh, I dunno, WHETHER YOU MEET THE FUCKING DEFINITION). Or "feelz > reelz", in other words. (I suspect that this is a subtype of the general rationality = ick/emotion-trumps-everything attitude that's been on the rise among lefties for some time now; see also: anti-vax.) Which makes it entirely possible for a man or straight woman to be "lesbian", women to be "gay men", etc. But of course this only helps explain the "how", not the "why". Which in turn leads to:
  • Het Is Ew: somehow, this attitude seems to have become weirdly-prevalent among lefty/liberal/progressive straight people. As in I've seen 'em actually apologizing for their straightness on some SJW-y sites. The feeling seems to be that, unless you're SSA, you're insufficiently "woke". As well as kinda sexless (unlike us big ol' LGB pervs). All of which is not unrelated to the gay-trendiness factor, of course, but I think that this specific manifestation is slightly different: less fun/frivolous, more insecure/guilty.
  • confusing accoutrements with essence: mistaking the trappings of LGB for the thing itself. So having a blue undercut = "gay"... even though you're exclusively attracted to the opposite sex. Simply take on the stuff associated with LGB culture and you are LGB... somehow. No idea where THIS idiocy came from-- identity politics? rampant commodification/commercialization/merchandising? omnipresent media? (with its trafficking in simplification/shorthand, notably stereotypes)-- but it's certainly here now.
  • straight entitlement: much like the more familiar male entitlement-- heterosexuals' privilege (due to overwhelming-majority status and cultural dominance), including their obliviousness to it. Which allows them to casually appropriate our sexuality without bothering to think of the implications, such as what that might mean for us. And, moreover, do so in a way that emphasizes outrageousness/freakiness, since this is an adventure for them, and their own sexuality has a built-in assumption of safety (being accepted, indeed the default) that ours does not. To us, that's the normalcy we strive for; to them-- since they take normalcy for granted-- it's just boring.

These are some of the things that occur to me re: WTF, straight people???, anyway.

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Well said. It's sad that we have to keep saying that, but we will keep saying that.

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I think it's horrible that this is one of the few places where we can say the truth without being silenced or being labeled as a terrible person, for how long will it be like this?, in the past I thought I was wrong for not buying into "their" beliefs and that I was being "close-minded" when I was just being rational

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Preach brother!

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Excellent post. Thank you.

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There is no such thing as a trans gay person.

Trans gay person = homosexual male who identifies as trans. Trans lesbian = homosexual female who identifies as trans. People who engage in body modification or those who have submitted false information about their sex into the public record are still the sex they've always been, and if they're exclusively interested in other people of that same sex, they're homosexual.

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Ah, yes. This is indeed true. I didn't take this into account whilst making this post, my apologies.

An example of the thing I was trying to get across is: A straight male who has transitioned and identifies as 'lesbian' is not a lesbian. They are straight.

Hope that clears things up lmao.