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According to the woke narrative, gay men are supposedly the most privileged members of the LGBT.

Reality Check:

Countries that criminalize homosexuality: 70

Countries that criminalize transgenderism: 15

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I find it insane that TRAs managed to convince people that trans people but especially trans women are the most oppressed minority group... and then you scratch your head as you see that in a shithole I live in, you can become trans with no problem (aside from some issues with changing ID but it's still possible with some law bending) while I can't marry a person of the same sex no matter what even law bending is impossible.

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In the end, it's about the power of gender roles, the things we used to be fighting against.

Two men who profess their love for one another are violating prescribed gender roles, and they are punished as "gender traitors." (Atwood was right on that count.) Men who switch sides and call themselves women are seen as less of a threat.

Masculinity is still intensely policed for any sign of weakness.

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This must be due to transphobic bias. After all, we all know that cis gay men are the most privileged kweers and stunningbrave transwomen can't even leave the house without being beaten and murdered.

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The excuse I always hear when these statistics are shown is that transwomen are attacked more than gay men but are too scared to go to the police so the statistics are wrong... because gay men sure do love going to the police to report hate crimes.

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do love going to the police to report hate crimes

Especially in places where being homosexual means death.

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Good lord! When I can see it visually represented like this ... like, I knew it was still bad, but my heart hurts so much for my gay brothers :(

I know correlation is not causation, but I do find it pretty interesting how trans hate crimes all of a sudden spiked while gay male hate crimes leveled out. My opinion is that it's because most trans hate crimes are ACTUALLY gay male hate crimes. "Gay panic" has become "trans panic" in those cases, because trans is the new narrative being pushed so heavily while biological sex/sexual orientation is being disregarded.

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The trans spike begins at the time when gender woo woo exploded in popularity, it's not really a surprise to me.

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It's important to note here that FBI Hate Crime data did not include Gender Identity as a category until 2013, which is why the Bar Graph only tallies hate crime incidents that occurred between 2013 and 2018

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Notice how "anti-GNC" also began wobbling around then too?

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All these alphabet idiots have tried so badly to create this false narrative that gay men don't experience much discrimination. I've witnessed plenty of radfems/gender critical women try it, too. Anti-gay sentiments almost always refer exclusively to gay men. When you listen to homophobes, 9/10 they're banging on about the repulsiveness of two men, how anal sex between "faggots" is "disgusting," "against nature," etc.

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Anti GNC will most likely fall under anti gay though, at least for guys. People who give me shit for being feminine do so because they view it as one and the same as being gay, or "looking gay"

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Yeah and it also applies to 100% straight 100% male individuals who don't appear manly enough to the attacker.

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Fantastic post!

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well of course, the amount of violence and oppression trans people face isn't even close to what gay/lesbian people have to deal with. they have pretty much every social benefit and if you say anything about them people get pissed

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This does not surprise me unfortunately. I live in the first country where gay marriage was legalized and gay men still get beat up pretty regularly here. Two men holding hands are also guaranteed to get hateful comments.

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According to Williams Institute, 0.3% of Americans identify as transgender, 1.8% as bisexual, 1.7% as gay/lesbian. So that means there are 5.6 times the number of gays compared to trans.

In the graph it seems that there were around 500 crimes against transgender people in this time period. 500 × 5.6 = 2800. Even then it's way less crimes than what gay people suffer.

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I do hope LGB Alliance is monitoring this group -- there are facts that come up that could be of critical help to them.

I sent them a private message on their Facebook group with a link to the graphs that show Ts are not the most oppressed group with regard to violence.