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I didn't want to date them because their personalities were utterly repellent. I can be attracted to masculine women, and I can be attracted to effeminate men, but if they are the sort that will conform to some kind of self-delusional dysfunction because it happens to be fashionable right now, there's no future, and therefore, no point. Maybe I'm just old. I require STABILITY in my dysfunction. I'm much happier with someone who actually is a bit weird, but in a way that compliments my weirdness, instead of overwhelming it.

(Much better than some trendy Portland hipster who stole their motto from Austin, a place that actually is pretty weird. Pity it's surrounded by Texass. Oh gods I hate Portland so much, how much does Kate Brown's carbon footprint cost us all so she can commute to and from Salem and the Unicorns Forest every day? That bitch...)

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